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 Project Dogwaffle 2019:

LITE edition

Clever & Fast Digital Painting, 3D rendering & Animation

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What is the LITE edition?

It's a light version, not heavy. It is less loaded. It doesn't have everything that the full product offers.

The LITE edition can be found in various promotions, such as Shareware on Sale, cover mount CDs with magazines, and other websites.

There are a few things missing in the Lite version that you wll get when you decide to upgrade to the full latest version.


Here are some differences. Just some. There may be more.

If this is good enough for your needs, stay with this version. You're welcome.

If you can afford to upgrade, please do it. We need to eat. We need to feed our neurons, so we can come up with even more new great features. And boy do we have a few neat things on its way.

The Lite edition also has fewer assets, such as brush images, stickers, 3D trees...

Differences at the Menus

PD Howler 2019 LITE edition (build 41)
PD Howler 2019 FULL edition (build 42)

File Menu:

Basic File handling

Many more options to import or export and work with batch processing

  • Import an image file directly to stored copy. reat time savings for your workflow
  • Browse and load many formats
  • Batch browse and process (e.g. rename or convert many image files)

Image Menu:

  • Channels... Channel separation
  • Fill and feature replacement, includes a new Feature Removal Fill option (with Poisson algorithm)
  • Color transforms
  • Gamma
  • Frame your work (to then print and present it with a nice fake wooden or metal frame :-)

Brush Menu:

  • Many extra brush tools:
  • Resample the (custom) brush
  • Premultiply correction
  • Make brush seamless
  • Add a drop shadow to the brush image
  • BrushFX - tons of special FX brushes, flares, ...
  • Patterns (rocks, moss, grass,...)
  • Animated brushes - including toolsto load image sequences and AVI files to the brush
  • Timeline editor for the animbrush
  • convert an array of image cells (sprites) to an animbrush

Filter Menu:

  • Many more filters.

Animation menu:

  • so many more tools to work with animations

View Menu:

Help Menu:

Splash screen

Upgrade options

>>>> Direct from developer >> will direct you to