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 Project Dogwaffle:
   Howler 2020

Clever & Fast Digital Painting, 3D rendering & Animation

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Do you like to paint? Howler and Artist 2020 come with lot of new brushes.


A lot of things are new - see what's new at

Never heard of Project Dogwaffle, PD Artist or PD Howler? Things to keep in mind:
More about features here and here: the Dogwaffle Main Features List

Images of Howler 2020

Artwork created, composited with or enhanced by Howler 2020.



Here are just some of the new features coming to PD Howler 2020:

- see more of what's new at

Gradient Brush

gradient brush

More readable text

Pardon our dust - There's much more to come. We're working on it.

But why wait?

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the Free Demo / Trial of PD Howler 2020

You can try it out for free.

Now based on build 55:  


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Size: 123,147,235 bytes (117 MiB)
CRC32: DA6B8084
CRC64: 72EE91F37062F630
SHA256: 8C05D885FC0CF46626984A9F6CFC31B57DBCADC1EC91586475260EF9E824CFE6
BLAKE2sp: 2B180E6E6EA6A3B1852A1F95E1FD8BF0E813729096E2142A8BF0B00ACD78F596

News and What's New

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Here are various bits and pieces of interest related to Howler 2020 and related topics.

newsletter #159

Recent newsletters where we mentioned PD Howler (and/or PD Artist) 2020

Newsletter #159 - Back to School already? Howler 2020 to the Rescue!

Newsletter #160 - PD Artist 2020 is here, and build #37

Newsletter #161 - Labor Day Weekend

So... What's else exactly is New in Howler 2020?

If there is just one thing to mention, to single out:  Brushes!

But there's also so much more. Here are some recent developments as we crank through the new builds:

Here is a log of some of the internal notes shared with the beta team, through recent builds, as we go along with implementing new features, fixes and cool tools and brushes. As you may notice, a lot of focus is on brushes and new media.

Build 40 (hopefully) addresses 2 critical bugs.

Build 41 is here -  fixes the storing from the undo browser. When you're in the undo stack you can store an image from there, it should now be added as expected in the stored images stack. This is important if you want to recover a prior stored image from the history (undo) stack but have since changed the size. You can send t to stored copy, then restore it as a new image from there.

Release build 42

Release build 43

Here's a video showing it:

build 44

build 45


Build 46 - aka Howler 2020.1  (December 2019)

improved Light
            diffusion filter

Build 47 - April 2020 - read about it too: the May 2020 Newsletter #168: May-onaise

We also have a short video showing this detail:

Sample images in the newsletter

Build 49 - (unreleased intermediate build)

It's not a big update, but it's feeling pretty good when painting on 4k.  We tried to make it faster for painting big images.

No more lag when painting on big images, for the most part, or very minor.
It was due to our realtime compression of undos. It was using 2 threads, but nowadays most entry-level PCs have quadcore or better, so we increased the number of threads. If you want to do some serious painting, you'll want some serious gear. Get off that 10-year old core 2 duo :-)

Well, we did a quick video on it. On YouTube here.

Also, there was an issue when deleting some of the default subfolders in the Medias folder. Looks like we fixed it. You might see the folder problem improved.  No more crash, we think, based on our testing. 

Build 50 - May 2020 -

Build 49 improved the compression of undo images with extra multithreading.
This build 50 improves the counterpart, namely decompression of the saved undo images. You can now scrub even faster through the undo image stack:

faster decompression of undo images in
              preview from history stack

Build 53 - Late May 2020 - Memorial Day weekend

Miscellaneous improvements.

We've worked on the Particle Modeler somewhat.

particle modeler with sprites

We've added a collection of Sprites to the Particle Modeler of PD Howler. (not available in PD Artist - it's in the Animated filters category)
The sprites are in PNG format, you can add your own. The ones included initially are from Particle Pack 1.1 by Kenney Vleugels at  -  big thanks to Kenney and other contributors.

sprites by
(click the image to view larger)

License details:

Particle Pack (1.1)

    by Kenney Vleugels (

    Additional credit for creating filter templates:
    Indigo Ray, Craig Nisbet, Zoltan Erdokovy, Heliagon, ThreeDee, Killst4r and Tim2501


    License (Creative Commons Zero, CC0)

    You may use these assets in personal and commercial projects.
    Credit (Kenney or would be nice but is not mandatory.



    Follow on Twitter for updates: @KenneyNL (

Video intro to the Sprites added in Particle Modeler - on YouTube:


Build 55 - Mid-June 2020

No new features, just some audio-related development we did of the rock shooting game, with added sound effects.  We haven't worked out the attribution for the various sound effects yet, so that's something we cannot ship yet.
We do maintain documentation for the API, but haven't documented the new features yet.

A new Demo version was released from build 55.

As a reminder:
We also have a playlist with a bunch of video tutorials here on YouTube:

Getting Started VBDrawing Tutorial

Plus we also have a LUA scripting interface, to make your filters, or run some Lua filters from the Gimp

Hold the Presses! we have another update!

Howler 13 is now at release build 56!

What's new in build 56? A few things, mostly internal, but one big thing" Stored Images are no longer kept in memory. They won't waste your precious RAM, so you can focus on better, larger images. PLUS, they're kept on disk in the Temp folder so if there's a power loss, a crash or other incident causing Howler to go down, your stored images won't be lost, they'll still be on disk and you can recover them when restarting Howler.

Here's a brief video intro:


Got it? downloaded it? Verify that your download is authentic and complete:

Most recent releases:   

Name: Howler_2020_0056.exe

Size: 127,804,152 bytes (121 MiB)
CRC32: 2B522FBD
CRC64: 367CA2AA8AA26643
SHA256: 9DE0B6AD4569650C402FCFC1C6D0C19ACC637EE96D62669C24D4F7F83C22C538
SHA1: CF3CB345B603C2486654B799BF3735D0CBBCD073
BLAKE2sp: 8DB926B0820415E12DCF8312897B48D671F9B3CB17F35C7A6D88320C7D0F81DA


Name: Howler_2020_0053.exe

Size: 127663351 bytes (121 MiB)
CRC32: 54AE205C
CRC64: B119CA44FABB23B6
SHA256: 1ADC8104643F3A7C800CCD1CDF78CD0652E78DCCD6974C6A9DF6176CEC444E1C
SHA1: 06D416B7A469FA5C73B0334C4E563B2E8A633812
BLAKE2sp: AD37FAFF8ADBF7C3770BED61F8894F6814624D731A0617E4002592101F967F90


Name: Howler_2020_0047.exe

Size: 122990740 bytes (117 MiB)
CRC32: 800CCA39
CRC64: 743D246A9DAC862C
SHA256: 6117701A442FB132F76BC5D0446668D564336578DF79E974C1A1005D1548D25F
SHA1: 2217FDF83531E2AA47E3E5C1A6C15DC65215F934
BLAKE2sp: 326509E9949C1C121F546640251C855448875FC8655FC25CD1F01691B9440038


 Name: Artist_2020_0047.exe

Size: 122987360 bytes (117 MiB)
CRC64: 42A58191955B6E7B
SHA256: 714D1DB21608E7D65EAB99618A3445B00A6FF4B365D07D14DAC12C8BB7154085
BLAKE2sp: 98EE090C76503A5CF6A884495C28B5DB3F7DF991429AAA24934F5C69135FCB1B


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