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Project Dogwaffle:
   Howler 2022

Fast Digital Painting, 3D landscape Rendering and tools for Video  & Animation

Note: This was the 2022 (v15) release series - Newer versions are available! see 2023 and now also 2024

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 background sky: free sky photo by Aisa on


Howler 2022 is now available - here you can see the details about each or most of the new, recent builds below.

We will also have a cheaper 'Artist' edition. If you don't see it yet, it means we haven't built / released it yet. We make PD Howler first. PD Artist then occasionally is released too, as a subset of Howler. Artist is cheaper, but don't get me wrong: PD Howler is very affordably priced already too, considering all that it offers. But there are a few things you might never use, nor want to pay for. If you don't do animation or multi-frame rendering, if you won't ever work with video - check PD Artist.

Not sure which one to pick? Compare the two:  PD Howler vs. PD Artist - what's the difference?

What kinds of animation can Howler do?

- frame-by-frame (you draw them)
- assisted frame-by-trame (with shortcuts courtesy of the Frame painter and similar tools)
- brush keyframer
- animation of a number of parameters in a 3D landscape rendering (camera, Sun, terrain, lighting,...)

Here's an example:


Project Dogwaffle (PD) is first and foremost a digital painting program. But it also does much more.

Never heard of Project Dogwaffle? or PD Artist or PD Howler, PD Particles??

What's (arguably) not so good? (there's always one or two achilles heels, right?)

All in all, Howler is howling fast. Heavily optimized and designed on low end systems, due mostly to starving-artist budget realities, you'll likely find that runs very smoothly on your desktop or laptop Windows PC too. This software does not require high-end gaming systems, though it's nice to have a dream machine:

More about features here and here: the Dogwaffle Main Features List

Howler vs. Artist - what are the Differences?


Images that were created (rendered and/or painted) with PD Howler 2022

Need more examples? A mix of painted and rendered creations from many places:

More images coming soon... stay tuned.

Media Browser, Brushes, Paint tools...

new look of the
            brushes in the media browser

Creating and rendering 3D landscapes from elevation maps (PLUS: animation)

sunriserendering with
          a photo custom skyvisual
          improvements in the media browserjust a few seconds with organic-effects brushes and
          gradient and lens flares

Click here - View the animated version of the sunrise in our YouTube pdhowler channel

Howler is a paint program

- you can see many more examples in earlier releases and the WOW slideshow

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Below are some of the new features coming to PD Howler 2022:

Reminder: What was new in the prior releases?

This is Howler 2022 (v15) |
Howler 2021(v14) | Howler 2020(v13) | 2019(v12) | v11 | v10 |
A significant milestone with 3D Designer: v9.5 (and the first on Steam -- v9.6


Captain's Log - The Latest Developments, the News:

What's New in PD Howler 2022? (much of which also applies to PD Artist 2022)

Here are various bits and pieces of interesting developments, new features, improvements, bug fixes,... related to Howler 2022. 

We call it the captain's log:


It's been quiet for a while, as we had a few events and other projects.

If you like to read, look for Dan's latest stories at, Silver Squirrel and more.  Specifically:
there you'll see information on such things as Trial downloads, as well as the stories, by joining as a sponsor on Patreon. Become a Patron.

Or straight over here for all books from Silver Squirrel to the newest, Infernotopia: A Wolf Story

We also had a few of life's challenges, mishaps with broken equipment, stolen equipment, and more stolen equipment, but also helping hands with replacing broken equipment. It's been gratifying and encouraging to see the support.

A big thank you and shoutout to ParticleFX!  More on this later.

It took a while but we're now able to make new builds of the software.

Here are some recent builds:

Most Recent update:

Note: most recent updates shown here are pre-release development for Howler 2023.
The final release for Howler 2022 was build 48

April 21 2022

A couple of notes at this point and moving into the future...
1) Howler 2023 will be the first version to require Advanced Vector Extension (AVX) registers for some features in addition to SSE2.
2) As of Howler 2023, the ability to turn off GPU acceleration is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

April 13 2022

April 5 2022

March 12th 2022 ...

March 11th 2022 build 53

March 9th 2022 build 52

March 4th, 2022

Feb 11th, 2022 - Note: this is the last and final build released for Howler 2022

Build 48

Feb 6th, 2022

Jan 31st, 2022
Build 47

Jan 29th, 2022
Build 46

Jan 27th, 2022
Build 44

Jan 27th, 2022
Build 43

A fix for this will come in a future build.

Jan 22, 2022

Jan 14th, 2022
Build ... (?)

R&D: Work on Howler for the last several months has been primarily research and development. Hopefully we'll be seeing the fruit of that labor soon.

Oct 23th, 2021
Build 39

Oct 14th, 2021
Build 38

After a 3 months (ish) pause in development, we have a new build. Here's what's new:

July 12th, 2021
Build... ??

July 8th, 2021
Build... 0033, AKA Howler 2022.1 - here's an intro video on our youtube channel

July 6th, 2021

July 3rd, 2021
Build... 0031

July 2nd, 2021
Build... 0030

June 26th, 2021
Build... 0030

June 25th, 2021
Build... 0029

June 25th, 2021
Build... 0028

June 10th, 2021

June 8th, 2021       

build ...

May 25th, 2021       

build 22

May 17th, 2021       

build ...

May 3rd, 2021
build 17

Apr 30th, 2021
build 15

Apr 29th, 2021
build ...

Apr 28th, 2021
build 14

Mar Apr 27th, 2021
build 12

Apr 26th, 2021
build ...

Apr 24th, 2021
build ...

Mar Apr 21th, 2021
build ...

Mar Apr 20th, 2021
build ...

Mar Apr 20th, 2021
build 2022-007

Mar Apr 19th, 2021
build 2022-006

Mar Apr 18th, 2021
build 2022-003

Apr 12th, 2021
build beta 002

Apr 9th, 2021
build beta 001

Mar 28th, 2021
build beta 000

Late May 2021: This marks the start of a new development cycle.  Features in the previous build (such as multiple frequencies CLAHE) may or may not be rolled into this, or released later.

 Welcome to the birth of Howler 2022. With any luck we might release it in July 2021

If you're struggling with your discretionary spending budget and Howler 2022 is out of range, why not consider Howler 2021 to start with that, and consider upgrading to Howler 2022 later?



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the Free Demo / Trial version of PD Howler 2022

Ready to try it for free? download and install this free demo version:

download and run to install: Howler_2022_0025_Demo.exe
Size: 128,062,400 bytes (122 MB)
CRC64: D339A5C613836240
SHA256: B0B7AD4B30E6CEA96CECE5EB9503BD8C597FD1CFD2B5E65748F75F11E833BDB9
SHA1: 364956BF1FE58BD7A57DBD6038D29856D58AF1CD
BLAKE2sp: 7075E3255BDEC73715278D8A265E98B2AB07E122447EE0962360D8D81406955E



Docs & Help - the Documentation - taking your first steps like a baby(dinosaur)

As a 1-man show, resources are a bit, shall we say, limited... there is not a tremendous amount of time available to do thorough documentation, keeping it updated with the many changes and new features, the user guides, reference manuals, etc... and we rely more on video tutorials on youtube.

But, there are also various guides, and with the help of some supporters we also are happy to show some translations. Here are English, French and Spanish documentation, and a few other options, to learn more about using Dogwaffle.

If you can write in German, Italian, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, ... any other language, please help spread the word and joys of waffling.

We have 1000+ free tutorial videos at youtube. (pdhowler channel and also the older staigerman channel).

We have a bunch of testimonials in the Dogwaffler of the moment (DOTM) and some with tutorials.

We still offer a tutorial CD for getting started with Dogwaffle. It is a bit old but will bring back memories and wjoys of discovery.

Start here:







Latest versions - Checksums

Got it? downloaded it? Verify that your download is authentic and complete. Make sure it's legit and hasn't been tampered with.

Simply Right-click the icon of the program installer file, and find CRC SHA information to compare with these:

Below you see the expected checksums. If you see a different value on your copy of the file, your copy is corrupted or may have been tampered with. (perhaps containing a virus)

Name: Howler_2022_0039.exe     (build 39)
Size: 127448504 bytes (121 MiB)
CRC32: 24408F66
CRC64: F671B78414A7B76B
SHA256: B970A08DAE3E1F0E419CD8E29E0493DE42AF8EAFDB12AE786A5D6B4BCE64E85B
SHA1: 6AFA8D6425C261BE15A56DE4AAA456949215B4F7
BLAKE2sp: 74C36362E9EC9CD35268CA54430165C161B6A85D9F72898B5EFFB2601BE96188

Name: Howler_2022_1_0033.exe
Size: 127269419 bytes (121 MiB)
CRC32: 2D2923A1
CRC64: C27EF9299C5806A2
SHA256: A423A142192C8DE1108F89D105354C2A28BF964E3A04CC13023A778C1A460A8A
SHA1: 1E3BF14A9F6DB76453A3BD56D2E296F1F5F4272B
BLAKE2sp: 23E896A11DC1B9983B4310634131BC65EDF1119F75D6588977395C28614DF18C

Name: Howler_2022_0029.exe

Size: 128068361 bytes (122 MiB)
CRC32: 0A83A7A4
CRC64: 4ED842D183C60BDB
SHA256: 088D94D7BB4AF40AF8D740F451BBE34634A2987521424DBB1F4E924185278E77
SHA1: 99AAE3FF212E1507630EE1ACAD8C129DB9ABCF26
BLAKE2sp: BED09D554CB9FF56B247DB9DE80F2E0A0B0F30DA7FCE9F58BDB084C4B6725941


        [ COMING SOON - not yet available at this time ]

        what is PD Artist?


(Note: PD Artist gets released less frequently and has fewer features. If you want the best of the best (of the very best(!)), then get PD Howler.

Howler vs. Artist - what is the Difference?



People are usually silent or very noisy ;-)

See a few examples of what they do with PD Howler and even lesser versions of Dogwaffle or early PD Pro -
- Dogwafflers of the Moment


Newsletters - the coverage of Howler 2022 in our Newsletters HERE