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Project Dogwaffle:
PD Howler 2023   (v16)
(describes PD Artist too)

Fast Digital Painting, 3D landscape Rendering and tools for Video  & Animation

This was the 2023 series of releases! Now look for more in the 2024 series

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There are two 'flavors' or editions available:

What is the Howler edition?
The Howler edition has everything that you can find in PD: Project Dogwaffle essentially is PD Howler. Or you could say PD Howler is the incarnation of Project Dogwaffle. It started simply as Project Dogwaffle 20+ years ago. Some release of version 3.x became known as PD Pro. It carried that distinction through more reelases, namely v4 and v5.... Later though, around version 6 we released it as PD Howler and added a lower-cost option, the Artist edition, for those who don't do animation or video.

Read everything about
Howler here.

So what is the Artist edition?

We also have a lower cost 'Artist' edition. We make PD Howler first. PD Artist then occasionally is released too, as a subset of Howler. Artist is cheaper, but don't get me wrong: PD Howler is very affordably priced too, considering all that it offers. But there are a few things you might never need, nor want to pay for. So if you don't do animations or multi-frame rendering nor work on video clips, if you won't ever work with video - check PD Artist.
Compare Artist vs. Howler editions


Project Dogwaffle (PD) is first and foremost a digital painting program. But it also does much more.

You never heard of Project Dogwaffle before? ... nor PD Artist or PD Howler, PD Particles??

What's (arguably) not so good? (there's always one or two achilles heels, right?)

In short, if you don't have a need for complex layers or haven't used them much, you may not even notice.

Why call it Howler?
All in all, Howler is howling fast. Heavily optimized and designed on low end systems, due mostly to starving-artist budget realities, you'll likely find that runs very smoothly on your desktop or laptop Windows PC too. This software does not require high-end gaming systems, though it's nice to have a dream machine:

About AVX: if you run Windows on a very old processor such as Intel Core 2 Duo, it may not have support for AVX. But, it may hopefully have SSE2. For PD Howler, we now offer a version that that's built for such older processors, as it uses SSE2 instead of depending on the faster AVX.

More about features here and here: the Dogwaffle Main Features List

Howler vs. Artist - what are the Differences?


Images & Videos

Images created (rendered and/or painted) with PD Howler 2023

Reminder: It started as a Paint program. See earlier versions for more screenshots too

New Sky Filter >>> click here for more info on the new sky filter, including sample animations

Tools for Working with 3D

Tools for Better Painting Experiences

Gamut masking on
            color wheel

Clouds (new Sky filter with volumetric clouds that cast shadows on other clouds!)


Textures & Patterns:

Landscape Rendering with Puppypay

(learn more about 3D Designer and Puppyray for Landscapes)


screenshot 03screenshot 04


Rendering in PuppyRay

Painting in Howler

Many more videos, docs, help and tutorials here

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Below are some of the new features coming to PD Howler 2022:

Reminder: What was new in the prior releases?

This is Howler 2023 (v16)
| Howler 2022(v15) | 2021(v14) | 2020(v13) | 2019(v12) | v11 | v10 |


Captain's Log - The Latest Developments, the News:

What's New in PD Howler 2023?

Here's a brief summary of the major new features and enhancements:


Howler 2023 requires support for AVX, shader level 6, about 700 megs of disc space, and a screen resolution of 1080 or higher for the best experience)

Below are various bits and pieces of interesting steps, developments, new features, improvements, bug fixes,... related to Howler 2023. 

We call it the Captain's Log:



It took a while but we're now able to make new builds of the software.

Most Recent updates:

Feb 23
Commited the final builds of 2023 lifecycle - Howler 100 / Artist 98

Feb 16
build 94
Feb 14
build 94 - released

Feb 13
Build 91, 92

feb 12
build 90

Build 89 released - starting support with Quads in OBJ files in addition top Triangles. More work to come.

A recap of recent developments:

Feb 12

Feb 7

Feb 4
Jan 31

Jan 29

Jan 27 --- build 80

Jan 25

Jan 24
Jan 22

Jan 21

Jan 20

See some intro videos about this development:

inside track / status check on 3d in Project Dogwaffle ---
3D in Project Dogwaffle's PD Howler - January 19, 2023 ---
under development - 3D loader to custom brush (sorry about the noise) -

Reminder: the old prior version lived in View > Utilities > Widgets > Render an obj...  (currently available in Steamversion of Howler 2023, and in PD Artist and Howler)


After loading the infamous 3D teapot model from the Geometry/Test subfolder: (modified version without the grid on ground)

Dec 30

Dec 24  - Build 67

Dec 23

Dec 22

Dec 18

Dec 4

Dec 2

Nov 8

Nov 5

Oct 31 build 61+

Oct 31 build 61

Oct 29 Build 60

Oct 24

Oct 22

Oct 21

Oct 12

October 11 2023 build 59

Aug 12

Aug 4 build 53

July 31 - build 51

Aug 4 build 53

July 30

July 29 - build 50

July 28 build 49

July 22
- build 45

July 13 - build 44

July 7

July 3

July 2

July 1

June 30

June 28

June 26

May 31 2022

May 30 2022

May 26 2022

May 21 2022

May 20 2022

May 16 2022

May 12 2022

May 10 2022

May 7 2022

April 21 2022

A couple of notes at this point and moving into the future...

April 13 2022

April 5 2022

March 12th 2022 ...

March 11th 2022 build 53

March 9th 2022 build 52

March 4th, 2022

Feb 11th, 2022 - Note: this was the last and final build released for Howler 2022

Build 48




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the Free Demo / Trial version of PD Howler 2023

Ready to try it for free? download and install this free demo version:
We now have a free demo version of build 44 - download it from the link below:

Name:        Howler_2023_0044_Demo.exe
Be sure to verify the integrity of your downloaded file - Compare the checksums here!


Docs & Help - the Documentation - and Tutorials

As a 1-man show, resources are a bit, shall we say, limited... there is not a tremendous amount of time available to do thorough documentation, keeping it updated with the many changes and new features, the user guides, reference manuals, etc... and we rely more on video tutorials on youtube.

But, there are also various guides, and with the help of some supporters we also are happy to show some translations. Here are English, French and Spanish documentation, and a few other options, to learn more about using Dogwaffle.

If you can write in German, Italian, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, ... any other language, please help spread the word and joys of waffling.

We have 1000+ free tutorial videos at youtube. (pdhowler channel and also the older staigerman channel).

We have a bunch of testimonials in the Dogwaffler of the moment (DOTM) and some with tutorials.

We still offer an old tutorial CD for getting started with Dogwaffle. It is a bit old but will bring back memories and joys of discovery. But of course, the best way to learn is to dive in and try things, and watch the many free videos on our Youube channel.

Start here:






YouTube channel:

Some Recent Tutorials:

The New Sky Filter - part 1


Latest versions - Checksums

Got it? downloaded it? Please take the time to verify that your download is authentic and complete. Make sure it's legit and hasn't been tampered with.

Never Download nor Install from untrusted or unauthorized sources.

Simply Right-click the icon of the downloaded  .exe program (the installer file), and find CRC SHA256 or similar information to compare with these shown below:

Below you see the expected checksums. If you see a different value on your copy of the file, your copy is corrupted or may have been tampered with. (perhaps containing a virus)

Checksums of the free trial demo version:

Name:        Howler_2023_0044_Demo.exe
Exact Size: 127,275,490 bytes (about 121 MB)
CRC64: 0A5F94AFD07E4FC6
SHA256: F63D1DC5716FF427ED11AFCB6A7E68D1856BEF4CA801E2192BAC236ADC1EBD1E
SHA1: 485CB25DD22D0A33F44D09811781A1A5C50F69D1
BLAKE2sp: E25058FEA50C400B4FB12CDCF315076C9EFA5F87935D27D61DC0E60D0E03FF0D

Checksums of the full versions, most recent releases of PD Howler and PD Artist:


The latest and greatest:

Name: Howler_2023_0100.exe

Size: 135309355 bytes (129 MiB)
CRC32: BF6961C1
CRC64: 1BDC286461ABC264
SHA256: 630E3D21D68BE71ECA218A0E0AF425AEDE7F7EB137E7DC4B67D3C571AFEFFDC5
SHA1: 2558A879FBEF929B1A1D3BC59A86BAE2C8570B7C
BLAKE2sp: C0196020AFBD2DE7FA635DAAC71A1CE39167EAEAC42A19224FAEE17E2885C2F6

Alternative download - For older PC without support of AVX:

Name: Howler_2023_0098_For_Legacy_SSE2.exe

Size: 133264018 bytes (127 MiB)
CRC32: D38B418E
CRC64: 8CFF7FB12F80CE47
SHA256: C0D5A0B075A322AD4C0F005A690D4F6BE2CED07277FAAEC87D6F3F7B9C45F787
SHA1: DF352A449E3DB81E1100184C35A8A8CBCB7B7A45
BLAKE2sp: 67D49ACD55D3BC61C5489CD82C7FDB3DC3228604651EB07A30C7FD45EA055165

Name: Artist_2023_0098.exe

Size: 133231760 bytes (127 MiB)
CRC32: 465214F0
SHA256: 1F9151B1C9C2753643D1A361CD56038A5C8F276F1B370FA846C7940AE45278E9
BLAKE2sp: CC50BDDF865A74041DF81FF8609D639EB721247C92BA46D87B8C5A8EAB7E2740



People are usually silent or very vocal ;-)

See a few examples of what they do with PD Howler and even lesser versions of Dogwaffle or early PD Pro -
- Dogwafflers of the Moment


Newsletters - the coverage of Howler 2023 in our Newsletters HERE