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PD Howler 2023:
   New Frame Blender

Fast Digital Painting, 3D landscape Rendering and tools for Video  & Animation

Here is information about the new Frame Blender feature.

You will now find a new menu item in the bottom of the Animation menu:   Frame blender...

The purpose of the Frame blender tool is similar to what you may have seen already before as the Ghost filter in the animation timeline.

As a reminder, here are they side-by-side:

On the left side, the Ghost filter in the animation time line. Only one parameter is exposed, it sets the length of the trailing ghost images. The maximum number of ghost frames is 16.

On the right side, the new Frame blending tool.

The Interval currently can go up[ to 10.
You can adjust the decay, so the fartest image doesn't necessarily have to disappear completely.

There are more parameters. You can limit the range of frames upon which to apply the effetc: Range in and Range out

At the top there's an Operation menu too which can be useful for different results depending on the images contained in the frames.