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Beyond Painting with Halftone brush


(ab)using the Halftone mode on custom brush

Start with the Brush tool and open the Settings panel (1), then go to Custom Tab (2).

Set the size of the brush image (3).

In the same Settings panel, use the FX button, and enable Halftone, the newest option near the buttom.

You can then start painting with it.

Adjust the Scale parameter, and perhaps use different colors too.

Also play with the Steps value (distance between dabs) of the brush. Keep using different colors, or shades.

Remember you can use it as an elevation map in P{uppyRay or 3D Designer, even if it's still colored. But you can also convert first to your greyscale.

When using it as elevation map, a bright feature will be high elevation. You can add the look of sediment collections around those 'pilars' with the Light Diffusion filter to spread and sprinkle some light shades around the brightest.

When you use it in side-by-side mode you get to compare before and after the filter's effect.

Here's an example of a quick dibble-dabble - if it looks somewhat nonsensical, it's probably perfect.

The next step is of course to try this image as elevation map in Puppyray.

And here are some renderings created with this image as elevation map, or with similar images, and a variety of options and/or compositions. Hope you enjoy! If you liked it, please forward this page link to your favorite social media. Much appreciated!

Elevation map:

More renderings: