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Teddy Bear
turn an image into a 3D model... in a few minutes

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free! teddybear model
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Here's an image of a cute teddy bear.

We're going to make a 3D model of it, in just a few minutes.

We'll use Archipelis 2

The goal is then to take that 3D model into another 3D environment. PErhaps a game, perhaps Second Life, or perhaps Carrara for 3D animation and rendering.

Of course, after we have created such a model, we can use it in many ways, different sizes, angles, whatever we want. With the 3rd dimension, the possibilities are endless


Bryce 5.5
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Below is an example where we took the model and replicated it on a piece of 3D terrain, using Carrara.

You can then of course spend a lot more time with further parameters for rendering, or animation.

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Using Project Dogwaffle's special FX filters we can add some drama to it such as light diffusion, distant fog and mystic vision as well as blur in the distance and sharpen nearby.

Getting Started with Archipelis Designer 2

First, we'll want to load the image of our teddybear into the background,. so that we may then trace its contours.

When you launch Archipelis Designer 2, you'll hear a short sound blib and see an empty workpace.

Along the left size's toolbar, look for the TEXTURES section and click LOAD

You can load an image which is in many formats such as Jpeg, BMP, Png and more.... and make it appear in the background of your workspace.

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Perhaps you have photos of your favorite babies, animals or what not. A head shot from front a d side will provide lots of details.

If you don't need a whole lot of detail, try a single shot that has the entire bear in it. Here we're selecting teddy.jpg

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And here it is: our teddybear image in the background of Archipelis Designer's workspace.

Note that you are looking along the Z axis at this time. You can switch to invert the viewing direction and look along the same axis in the opposite direction. Simply hit the 'z' key on the keyboard to toggle.

You can also use 'x' to toggle between X-axis views and 'y' to toggle between Y-axis views.

For further valuable keyboard shortcuts be sure to read the user guide online at

Zooming in to a specific detail

Time to get to work: In the view bar at the bottom you can click the magnifying glass, to select zooming mode.

You can then select a rectangular area from the screen in order to zoom into that region.

Note that you should start the selection with the upper-left corner of the rectangle. Drag it to the lower right and let go when you have your desired selection.

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Now we're looking at a close-up, and we can repeat the zooming ioperation again for an even closer look, for example if you want to focus on one of the ears.

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This is how to do it correctly: click-and-drag from an upper-left corner of your desired selection rectangle to its lower-right corner

Resetting the view while in Zooming mode:
If instead you drag along the other diagonal, such as from lower left to upper right, then it will reset the view.

 part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4