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 (Un)Link your Color Pickers?
PD Particles is great for quick
                                    painting, drawing and sketchingPD ArtistPD Howler also supports digital
                                    painting, animation & video, 3D
                                    and visuall effects
  Wait, wait just a moment.... this thing  -  a PAINT(!) program - it... can also render a 3D landscape?


Have you seen a crash of PD Howler (such as the 2023 edition, standard release or on Steam) and you feel it was just around using one of the many color pickers?

Here's a possible workaround / fix. (to be confirmed)

In menu: View > Settings > GUI, you can Unlink color pickers so they don't interdependently update each other, which is maybe the cause of the cache overflow causing a crash.  This has not been confirmed.  TBD.

There is some condition on some systems which cause a cyclic loop of refreshing.  I have not been able to reproduce it so far, so I do not have a confirmed solution, but this has been reported to solve the problem in at least one case.  We're  working from a very small number of reports.

Here's the interface where you can check the box to unlink the color pickers.

If your installed version doesn't have that option, contact us.


 we provided "Unlink color pickers' as a last resort fix, because all the color pickers in Howler are linked together.  It might be a loop somewhere of pickers trying to refresh each other.
Or it might be a dependency issue.  it might be both. Or neither -  It's like the mark 14 torpedo.  Failure is an onion. (it makes us cry)

People also want to know:

What is the reason in the first place for them colorpickers to be "linked", what's the reason/goal/benefit?

So the same color will be shown in each color picker. 
You can have more than one open at the same time and it helps if they're all showing the same color / the currently working primary and secondary colors.

 W O W