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What is a Callout?  |  Create_your_own_Callouts  |  Free_Callout_Giveaway

New! PD Howler 11 and PD Artist 11 include Callouts!

We're adding Callouts to Project Dogwaffle.

What's a Callout?

It's a simple graphic element that is typically used to hold some text in an illustration, such as in comics and cartoons.

With Dogwaffle, you will simply place a callout over your image, and then add text with the text tool. The image might of course be something you painted here, or elsewhere, or even a 3D rendering, a photograph, etc...


Here's another way to look at it:

Note that our callouts will be vector based graphics that you'll be able to draw straight into the image, turning them into raster.
Or place it in its own layer, then pick it up as a custom brush, add drop shadow, change size and rotation, Hue/Satoration/Value, etc...

Also note that the text is added later. If you must.
Sometimes, especially with political satire, the best callout is an empty bubble.

Sneak peek: We've been busy making a large collection of callouts.

so many callouts

Can't wait for the real thing? Below are a few teasers. Free giveaways. Enjoy!

Free Callouts in PNG image format, with Transparency mask in alpha channel.

free callout - pink arrow pointing to the right

More Callouts are coming soon - stay tuned, subscribe to the newsletter.

Create your own Callouts?

See how we are exploring several vector tools to create callouts.
Watch the tutorials from Newsletter #127

New tutorial: making callouts with Serif Affinity Designer

or jump right into these videos:

Vector editing with OpenOffice, Inkscape or similar tools to create callouts

Introduction to Inkscape, and creating assets, including callouts