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with 3D

Exploring the cool - or cooling the explorer

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   Chillax: Chill & Relax with 3D     |     More Cool ways to Chillax   |   Chillax with AR  

If you watch Tik Tok, if you produce video clips to see on Tik Tok that is, or Bigo, Twitch, Snapchat....
you've come here because you want to take the challenge:

produce your video in 3D

Well, no, not really. It's not like you're going to recreated a 3D model of fabulous you.
That's best done with - complete with AR and AI and ML controls.
Because the light at the end of the tunnel, well, it exists, an d it comes in many forms

remember lightforms -  because it will remember you

Back to chillaxing... 3D it is

If you want to re-shoot that short video clip but add a 3D component, simply do this:

record it with two cameras.

Mounted side by side on a rigid cros bar

Only about 1 foot apart, sideways. (2 feet max unless your name is King King - big head!)

The separation of the eyes, less than a foot. Keep it simple, make it a foot. or so.

If you prefer anatomically correct, closer to average people's eye separation, probably 3-4 inches.
If you wear glasses (sunglasses, prescription glasses), check the distance middle to middle, left to right.
or right to left.

So, two smartphones, preferable same models.
Two cameras.
or two GoPro lookalikes.

start recording, do your thing

edit video

show side by side in the video editor.


you have stereo.

hold one, I didn't say you see stereo

you have stereo

to see it, cross your eyes.

or look 'behind' the screen afar, to uncross them.

Yes either way will have your left and right image overlap and pop into 3D.

What if you have only one camera, only one smart phone, only one GoPro?

option #1:

Get a friend.
With smart phone. Duh.

option #2:
Or record yourself
and again

two times is the charm.

If you are really good. And I mean REALLLLLLLLLY awesome possum good,

then you can manage to make two videos that look identical as ou make your moves.

then just don't forget this little trick:

choose a slightly different angle between the two video recordings

Either step to the left or to the right a foot or two.
This assumes that you're not holding the camera in your hand.
Or someone else's friend (such as that above-mentioned friend but without phone).

The cam needs to be steady on a tripod or the floor or a table, whatever. Don't turn or move the camera, move your body side ways.
This will have similar effect to what two cameras see that are separated by the same distance. Except for the backround
SO use a plain single-color background.
plain white
plain dark at night
plain green screen,
blue screen
(except if you have blue eyes, cuz we're going to play games with that blue screen and you don't want your eyes to turn into bullet holes)

Another option:

stay where you are, move the camera slightly between the two shots

Yet aother option:
stay where you are, but turn (twist) a slight amount. That will reveal a slightly different side of you.

First shot: from front, slightly turned left. That exposes your rght cheek a little bit more to the camera view.
Think of what the camera man's (woman's) left eye will be facing.

Then for the second shot, turn (twist) your feet the other direction about the same amount,
now you've turned right and your left cheek is exposed to the camera.

are you with me so far?

good, because we're done.

For now.

have fun.

If you manage to create a side-by-side video composition in which you are seen twice, and with that oh-so-special slight parallax 3D stereo effect, let us know.

Email Philip, or call Guiness - if it's that good

Come back for more. We'll have samples.

we'll have 3D stereo still image

3D stereo video

3D stereo app

it's probably all out there already anyway.

now it's your turn to shine.

to thrive in cyberspace.


More Cool Ways to Chillax

Switzerland is a small country - but with big mountains.
Some are big enough to jump.

How to chillax in Switzerland:

Base jumping in Switzerland

- It takes 2 -

More like this:

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This music video has the view from the other side of the same valley.

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The Slideshow

The snowy peaks and mountains of your dreams are not so distant anymore.
Just a foot or two actually. If you're on a laptop.
If some serious gamer gear, perhaps 3-4 feet.
If on Xbox/Ps4, probably double-digits.
either way, you can do this, you can make it this far.

                  mountains of your dreams are in reach

Take a refreshing dip.....

...... or take a hike into Space

But wait!

didn't you say 3D? This was video, rendered, flat-world pixels.

So 2D, when you look at it.

2D or not 2D, that is the question?

What about really truly experiencing it - in 3D?


with haptic feedback

multilingual controls

AI driven - smarter than you

virtual reality

mixed reality

augmented reality

demented (!) reality




because at the end of the tunnel,
 the light comes in many forms

no more starving artists!

 Chillax with Chilton: