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Exploring the creation and use of special brushes to paint cities.

PD ArtistPD Howler also supports
                                      digital painting, animation &
                                      video, 3D and visuall effects

Here you can find the latest free demo version, a trial version of Project Dogwaffle, Howler edition.

Limited saving:  up to 40-50 saves

Limited features: some features are disabled

No time limit: it will not expire. You can play as long as you want.

Specs may change without notice.

Recent Demo version / Trial Edition:

PD Howler 2024

PD Howler 2023

PD Howler 2022

(this one was not available on Steam)

PD Howler 2021

(was also available on Steam)

Earlier versions may still be available too, perhaps of interest if you have a very old PC that doesn't run avx or other goodies needed for dogwaffle coolness. :-)

When you have tried it enough and are ready to order the full version, start here to buy

The snowy peaks and mountains of your dreams are not so distant anymore.

the mountains of your dreams are in reach

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