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Print multiple Images on a single sheet of paper


pdmprint = project dogwaffle multi-print
an intelligent printing utility for Project Dogwaffle and  PD Pro Digital Painter,
based on the 'mprint' multi-print tool by Martin Wright

powerful user interface for intelligent printing

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below: Single-page composition of multiple paintings and filter renderings from Dogwaffle, transferred into the multi-print plugin without saving to file. Sent back to Dogwaffle to pick up as brush and add shadow drop special FX over another image used in the background, then sent back to multi-print for easy printing.

What is Multi-Print for Dogwaffle?

pdmprint is a printing utility for Project Dogwaffle based on the standalone multi-print (mprint)  tool by Martin Wright. It has been enhanced with a number of new features, such as
  • grabbing an image from the current Dogwaffle buffer
  • right-click menu for options on each image, such as rotate, raise/lower, delete
  • up to 64 images can be assembled (up from 10)
  • sending the page composition back to Dogwaffle
  • it remembers the last used printer, for quick re-use
  • numerous keyboard shortcuts to speed up the workflow
  • integration with the Clipboard for additional functionality and transfer to other applications
  • TWAIN input from scanners, cameras and other devices
  • write the page composition back to file
pdmprint is offered for a small fee by download from some of our online stores. Look for it in the Regnow store, which accepts various payment methods including Paypal, credit cards, checks and money orders.

pdmprint is (c) copyright 2005 Martin Wright, - all rights reserved. This program is provided as is with no warranties whatsoever.  We've done much testing and believe this to be a great value-added for Dogwaffle and PD Pro when you want to print your finished artwork.  We'll continue to support and improve it as we find enhancements, bug fixes and other things we can do to make it work even better for you  (and us too ;-)

File Formats for Importing into Multi-Print

MultiPrint for Dogwaffle  not only supports image transfer from Dogwaffle to/from MultiPrint, and through the Clipboard, but also still lets you load existing image files as well. These are recognized in many file formats, as shown here to the left.

If you use the freeware version of Project Dogwaffle and need more image formats such as Jpeg and Tiff, then you could use Multi-Print for Dogwaffle as a gateway for additional formats since it's possible to load an image into multiprint and then send it back to Dogwaffle with the whole page layout. (you may need to reset the size of the imported image)

Installation Notes:

The file comes in the form of a zip archive, containing a full installer which also supports uninstallation.

User Notes - how to access MultiPrint:

mwgfx_MultiPrint_pm.exe - in the Plugins panel's  "Misc." tab.

Press 'k'  to open the 'k)iller plugins' panel, and select the 'Misc.' tab to see and select the mwgfx_MultiPrint_pm.exe utility. Double-click it to launch it.  You can also include it in the plugins list which are started up automatically when launching Dogwaffle.

mwgfx_MultiPrint_pm.exe will call up the multiprinter, and load the current buffer from Dogwaffle as the first image into the page composition. The program will stay on top so it is always visible and any time you  press the leftmost ("Load image from Dogwaffle") button it will add the then current buffer image to the collection for your page layout composition. If you need to get the program window out of the way then use the window minimize gadget to shrink it to the taskbar, or simply move it aside near the edge of the screen.

To add the current buffer to the print composition page at any time, either press the button (after activating the program from the taskbar if minimized) or run the mwgfx_MultiPrint_pm.exe utility from the Plugins panel again. Running the utility plugin again while the program is already running will restore its window (if it was minimized) and add the current buffer image as a new image into the page composition.

It can be used as a general single image printer if required (just run the utility, move`n`size and then use the print buttons) but will then require the user to close it manually after printing.

As a "multiprint" utility it can be left running and the user can add images whenever they like. And print as many times as they like. Images can be added to the composition from the Dogwaffle buffer or from a file.        

What's New in the latest Version?

New options on top of the old stand-alone version of multi-Print:
  • There is now a Right-click Context menu for each displayed image giving various options, such as "send to back" and "bring to front" options, so that overlapping images can be re-ordered any way the user wants.
  • The program has also been expanded so it will handle up to 64 images instead of the 10 of the original.
  • Because the program is not a VB program we had to include a VB intermediary (mprint_getbuffer.exe) which the program calls when it wants to access the current buffer. This file is included in the distribution zip file. Its counterpart, mprint_setbuffer.exe, allows for sending the composition back to Dogwaffle.
  • Now remembers the printer you used last time and the orientation.
  • Also tells you the current printer at the bottom of the window.
  • Warning message now displayed by mprint so the user can cancel the buffer overwriting
  • context menu added to the window so right-clicking over a non-image part of the page will bring it up
  • Copy image to clipboard option on the image context menu,  which copies the current image to the clipboard AND stores the other data about position and scale.
  • Load image from clipboard option on the main page context menu. Loads the image previously copied to the clipboard at a slightly offset position to the original. Keeps the scale as it was when the image was copied (user can load up one image, size it to how they want for best multiple fit and then paste multiple copies of the same size)
  • Snap to grid option on image context menu
  • Align all images with grid option on the main page context menu
  • Exit confirmation message
  • Some keyboard Shortcuts:
    • Ctrl-C  :  Copies the current image to the clipboard. If no image currently selected then puts up a message.
    • Ctrl-V  :  Pastes the image from the clipboard. If there is no image data currently on the clipboard then this option will be greyed out.
    • Delete or Backspace  :  If there is a currently selected image then offers to delete it. If there is no current selection then offers to delete ALL images. Both have a cancel option
    • r  or  z :  Rotates the current image 90 degrees
    • s  :  If an image is selected then snaps it to the grid. If no image selected then snaps all images to the grid.
    • Cursor Keys  :  move the current image
    • + / -  keys:   grow and shrink the image

  • Many more keyboard shortcuts added:                       

Download the free Multiprint plugin installer here:
(size= 4 MB)

Read the User's Guide
(1.4 MB)

read the PDF manual

Use Multi-Print for Dogwaffle to maximize the use of available paper space before printing to expensive glossy photo paper with highest quality inks.

You can transfer the images from the Dogwaffle main buffer to add it into the composition, and you can also add images from saved files.

Several common image formats are supported within Multiprint, as they are powered by the MWGFX runtime library.

Multi-Print can also easily be used to print just one image at the desired size over the page. The interactive layout and visual display of size and position are very intuitive and easy to use, as is the auto snapping to the grid.

Legal disclaimer:  trademarks and registered trademarks are the property or (c) copyright of their respective owners and are used only for identification purposes here. There is no affiliation or endorsement intended or implied. No unauthorized duplication permitted. All rights reserved.