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 About Philip &
Philip Staiger  is the founder and owner of, and authorized reseller and partner/co-developer of Project Dogwaffle, including PD Artist, PD Particles and the top-of-the-line PD Howler.

Philip has partnered with Dan Ritchie on many aspects of developing, promoting and marketing Project Dogwaffle.  He has worked for 30+ years in the 3D industry, with graphics hardware designers (Megatek, Digital Equipment Corporation) for use in CAD, simulation and visualization, and software (TGS-Template Graphics Software, Eovia ) for 3D modeling and animation (Amapi, Carrara).  Phil also has several years experience in the security software (ESET) and translation software industry (SYSTRAN - try He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Swiss Federal Polytechnic Institute (EPFL) with major in computer graphics, has experience with programming and scripting, is fluent in
several languages, but also has an insatiable admiration and passion for digital art and the tools to create and communicate.

great tools for happy artists If you would like Phil to present Project Dogwaffle to you, your team, online or at a user group or school or other venues, or to hold a training webinar, please contact him. Philip is multi-lingual and loves to educate you about Project Dogwaffle in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and other languages.

Do you have a question for Philip?
We're based in Southern California, between Los Angeles and San Diego.

Email Phil here:

clouds in 3D Designer - with Howler


 About Dan & Project Dogwaffle (now at

caws and fx Dan Ritchie is the creator and brainchild of Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro Digital painter. He is the programming department. For a more in-depth description of why and how Dogwaffle came about, read his welcome message.

Dan has been known amongst the 3D community for making plugins for 3D tools such as Lightwave 3D as well. Some of his plugins were later integrated into Dogwaffle.  He has worked in 3D animation on special effects at Foundation Imaging and other fine production studios on projects like Star Trek Voyager, Starship Troopers, and other ex
citing sci-fi productions involving 3D animations and special fx.

Dan has a blog at

In fact if you're interested in sponsoring and supporting Dan, with donations to help him keep a roof over his head at night and food once a day in his tummy, from an artist to a starving artist with love, he will say more than one prayers for you. (There is a Donation box link on the bottom of that page there). Thanks for spreading the word, thanks for helping, and God bless you!

And thanks again for waffling and howling with Project Dogwaffle's PD Howler or PD Artist -  You can learn more about Dan on his new site at

Note: is currently down - the hosting company went out of business.

landscape, created in PD Howler 9.5

Nature painting has evolved....