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Space Art

It's a big universe, someone's got to paint it....


on a sunny day
out of this world 

on a not-so-bright day - as featured on
the cover of the Swedish Astronomy magazine

Project Dogwaffle offers many tools for artits to help them create space art including the spherize tool for mapping planetary textures onto a sphere, the plasma noise tool for great nebulae, a starfield tool and numerous brushes for lights and stars.

learn more:
tutoria: Dooms day planet - tutorial:
Planet Dogwafflia - many more tutes
 PD Pro 4 - PD Artist - what's in 3.6?

Awesome Lightning effects:
crazyplanet2.jpg crazyplanet1.jpg example of lightning
DJ D'Artganan's new Music CD powered by Project Dogwaffle
cosmic eye - featured on a music CD
"AEON" by Dj D'Artagnan
Earth, 5 billion B.C. - let there be Life!  (a heavenly split-second decision) The First Day - with Popcorn
a (the?) big bang
skyblast wallpaper 5 big bang

using the spherize tool
returning home, by Wizard Universe, by Wizard another space scene, by Wizard
cosmic view 1

 space art by Kelly Christiansen
lens flare effects:

No unauthorized reproduction please.

Some art shown here is (c) copyright Dan Ritchie, Kelly Christianson, Philip Staiger and other artists. Cosmic View 1 by Wizard.

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