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Attila Kohl - Page 2
an talented illustrator from Hungary
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PD Pro 5 new!

If you missed the intro in page 1, view it here.

On this page, I am showing some of my most recent new artwork created with PD Pro 5. I also sometimes use Poser, and other softwares, some 3D  and some 2D tools. I hope you like it. If you want to hire me for work please contact me.

Little Eve with little Bird

One of my friends who lives now in Switzerland has a little sister named Eve. He sent me a fotograph from his sister's early age, she was 4 I think.
It is only a portrait, but I did add her hands,  in Poser, and a little bird... I only try to create a painting that is not very highly detailed.. she has a narrow mouth..and little sad as she looks..there a some little mistake on face  painting, especially around the mouth  but i  send it.. I just tried this to see how I can do painting relatively new style../ concept art..

The original photo of Eva did not have her torso or hands, just the neck and head, as you see here.

Here is a small image of the pose which I made in Poser to add the hands and her body Then I painted clothes and everything else....

Here I send you the " Roses " Painting:
I used Particles brushes / I made many with changed options, and tha made wash on them... because I realized from earlier that can with paint with particles brushes directly.. if changed some options on tools.. of course can not paint as we can with tradionally brushes, but can used for painting... and than made wash and blend on it for ex with M.clay, Roller but other brushes too.... if changed them " Washing" mode.. changeing on  some original options

I created this cover for my backup CD ....for my  dogwaffle softwares to store.