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Cedric Trojani

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March 2004

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My name is Cedric Trojani, I live in France, and have been involved in many aspects of graphic arts for many years.  My work is shown at and includes 2D work, photography, and 3D work. I also run the site I hope to see you there!

I also recently wrote a review of v2.

I have only recently come across version 2 of Project Dogwaffle and already I am finding that I like it more and more every day. The most amazing thing I think are the fractal particle brushes. All I can say is Wow.  I have found this to be a very interesting feature to dress up 3D models after they've been rendered. For example, to give them fair and fur.

When I wrote a review I experimented with the particle brushes for just a few minutes to produce this simple "japanese garden" feeling. C'est magnifique :-)


Here are a few more I did just for fun. And fun it was!
"Rouge" (red) is a very old man in the Moon.Perhaps you've seen a total eclipse of the Moon  once?


I'm really discovering how I like to use Dogwaffle to quickly and easily create concept art. This was done just for fun but I can see using this for future 3D models or animations, and storyboarding. 

brush test

I like to experiment with facial expression, with aliens and cartoon characters and the likes. It's important to have many brushes and colors available quickly and to be able to customize them. The color mixer in Dogwaffle is nice for this. And making my own custom brushes is a snap.  
Here are a few more of my recent scribbles and dabbles with Dogwaffle:

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