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"Hallo", and hi, My name is Martin Duerr and I live in Germany, nearby Munich in a town called  Neugreifenberg. 


Updated Selections are here:

new scary dude

More of my artwork: 

@my hideout: 

@my shoutout:
General Cat

Recent WIP: COMTESSA (PD Pro 5)

What are you looking at?!...
monster eyes

do you dare to click here & animate me? or are you too chicken!?

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Seite 4

the famous French detective -
Arsene Lupin

Arsene Lupin -
                  top French detective

all images copyright Martin Duerr
a portfolio of cartoon sketches -
animals (click to enlarge)

Portfolio of cartoon
                  sketches by Martin Duerr
a tree on a stormy day -
Autumn Leaves
a tree on a stormy day -
                    Autumn Leaves

The Chicken and Mr. Calamary:

Mr Calamary

all images copyright Martin Duerr

The Robot Queen, a Woman in space suit, and the Duke:

all images copyright Martin Duerr

just a "quick" test showing what's possible with gertrudis pro  and project dogwaffle 3.2....For me it was very important to see how fast I can get presentable results in best time. And starting only with a pencil sketch on heavy weighted color.... Then scanned it in, and applied the magic.

The base coloring was done in Gertrudis. I've painted the image in two different versions and combined both in dogwaffle. Then I added some structure in watercolor and added some highlights. Finally color emboss....
click image for larger version


musical kitty - from Martin's Portfolio
portfolio - musical kitty

Fan Art Mania sets in
with the new movie

Recent additions to Martin's gallery: 

big fish

Samurai Cat

There's a lake nearby (Ammersee). It's nice here, a lot of nature around (I hate the crowded city). Now the snow is gone and the sun is shining, Spring is in the air, hopefully more time to paint...

I discovered Dogwaffle through the web with version 1.5 initially. Now I use version 2, and all I can say is Wow!!!

The program is incredibly easy to handle and the way it “paints” is the way I like to paint.

I was born as a native illustrator :-), over the years "forced" into 3d, but my real profession is illustrating and painting. I work with popular and high-end 3D programs, mostly on modeling & texturing.

I run a CG business at ....mostly Photography now


Why use Dogwaffle?

It's the only product in my opinion which is near "real-world painting". 

It behaves like I prefer to, better.

 I'm a lazy illustrator often ending after I made the first pencil sketches.

Dogwaffle helps me to get my drawings colored.





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