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Hello from Lithuania!!!

Thanks for visiting. I'm Danas Anis, and I have used a few products for digital art for many years. My favorite all-round 3D tool is Carrara, and I also run an online managazine called Carrara 3D expo. Come see our tutorials and reviews, it's free and a great value. Even *WE* learn something amazing in every issue we put together.

I got familiar with Project Dogwaffle a couple of years ago and I use PD Pro with other tools like retouching my 3D artwork made with Carrara. I find it to be perfect for creative touchup of photos, and enjoy turning a photos into paintings and with PD Pro I find lots of room for exploration into fantasy art.

These days I do a lot more photography, I also occasionally paint, sometimes I paint over my photographs, or over my 3D renderings. Project Dogwaffle is a great tool for post work in this and many other ways that I have yet to explore. I feel a little overwhelmed by how rich PD Pro is, it has so much packed under the hood. I think it's great for the top Pro users to have animation (video)


capabilities, and even better that they offer the PD Artist solution at a much lower cost, for those who don't need and don't want to pay for Animations. I compare it a little bit to PS Extended versus the standard edition. With both editions both PD ARtist and PD Howler, you get the 3rd dimension: you have a 3D pipeline included, for such things as 3D Perspective transforms and multi-lighting effects which can create phenomenal new styles and textures out of a seemingly dull image like a fade xray image of a broken bone...... even better, with the extended (PD Howler) edition, the "howling fast" one as they say, which includes support for video/animations, you also get yet another dimension: time!

If you have a chance please see more of my art here:


As of this writing (October 2011) I also work for this Studio:

If you need photography work or other artwork, please contact them and ask for me ;-)


I hope you truly enjoy and get inspired with my samples below. Please consider hiring me for your next gig ;-)

C3DE Management 

Some of my Dogwaffle artwork:




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