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  the "Dogwaffler of the Moment"

PD Pro, Howler edition Particle 9 - from outer

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Donald Cantrell

Dog waffles and Prints

Val Kosky

An educator, creating illustrations for a curriculum with 3D in Lightwave, and using Howler for backgrounds


Xavier Legendre

from Saint Malo, France
Photography, painting and animation

... oh and let's not forget, translations of the User Guide

The Warp Hole

by Joana Faith Jones

Animations, screensavers, and the Tunnel Filter. There.

the art of Peter Moonen  The Art of

  Peter Moonen

  WOW! PD Howler is a great program!
Using PD Howler with DAZ Studio and other tools

the Art of Don Decker - Dogwaffler of
                    the Moment  The Sculptures and Digital Art of

  Don Decker

 Real World Landscapes


  My objective with digital landscapes is to revisit some of the beautiful places I've lived, worked or played.


  Tony Kohlruss

   new found hope, and thankful for life



   by Ricky Crespo


   Attila the Hun (garian) Kohl

   Hungarian Illustrator extraordinaire!


Greetings from Switzerland!

Hannes Wiesendanger

I love to paint. Painting is my passion. 

                    by dave
Dave Devoe

   "I've seen mother nature..."

Samuel Zimmermann

(...) Through my teens and twenties I studied classical painting methods on my own and assimilated many “old master” techniques into a personal style that is also influenced by expressionism, surrealism and Art Nouveau. During my thirties until now, I've created a broad variety of personal works and commissions including portraits, landscapes, fantasy art and science fiction related themes. (...)

Game Artist: Kiskara, aka No Cookies for Zombies

My artist name is Kiskara. On Steam you will see me as No_Cookies_for_Zombies.
I work with a team on a game with a lot of science fiction content. Space stuff. Landscapes...

                      sail shipAdolfo Padilla, Science Teacher in Mexico

I use Lightwave for my 3D work, and various other tools for environments. I'm specialized in environment modelling for 3D environments. I have also done animation work and rigging. I am especially interested about possibility of making the models look like paintings with PD Howler.

                      Watermelon portraitsChloe Watermelon

I like to draw portraits, humans and animals, especially cats and dogs when it comes to 4-legged creatures.
I draw with pencils on paper, then scan it into Dogwaffle and colorize it or apply fancy filters for new effects.

                      sail shipJaakko - the decisive sloth, aka yaschan

I use Lightwave for my 3D work, and various other tools for environments. I'm specialized in environment modelling for 3D environments. I have also done animation work and rigging. I am especially interested about possibility of making the models look like paintings with PD Howler.

the art of
                    Joan Scarbrough

Joan Scarbrough

My Paintings celebrate my love of the natural world.  Fundamental to my painting is the desire to create a work of art that evokes a sense of peacefulness and serenity, drawing the audience into the images I create.

Is it a tree or is she a beautiful Elve?

Aelin Namarie

What do you see? Do you see the trunk of an old tree? I see a young, beautiful Elf!
Welcome to my fantasy world of elves, fairies, knights...

Axe Eel Games

Indie games developer uses Howler for foliage, skies and more in this game that plays in the skies and under water!

dibble dabbleJon Fryett

dibble-dabbling with Howler, to stay even healthier

kitty with
                  howler and jwildfire

just plain ol mary

the beautiful art of Mary Ferguson, powered by dogwaffle, enhanced by jwildfire

green alien by
                  Dale Hemenway

Dale Hemenway

Using PD Howler along with Hash Animation Master, Hitfilm and other great tools to create the official music video to "Night at Shangri-La".


Art by Mike Updated!

Pop Artist Michael McDonald

Frank Bonacquisti

western style paintings

Space between Whispers

Newly updated! new film song - "If I Cross"

alternative rock, pop, smooth jazz & blues, instrumental...
music by

Mike Hutchens

CD cover art powered by Project Dogwaffle

Tillie Tuppet is
                  blowing bubbles

Children books by

B.J. Bradley 

BJ Bradley is a writer of children's books such as the series on Tillie Tuppet and uses Dogwaffle for her illustrations

Greg Taylor 

Game Developer Student: from PD Particles to the Cool Creative Bundle with PD Pro

tree painting

Pierre Fontaine 

 Illustration, Animation, Paper Model design

Millenium Wars




  water color paintings with PD Artist and Howler

Danas Anis

Danas Anis

Photography - Carrara - Dogwaffle


Fine Line Web Design, LLC


PD Howler:

PD Howler screenshot


know your doat
                            the Dorpus


"These are the continuation of my discoveries into the vast world of digital abstracts."

Artee Studio
Mexico & Costa Rica

Never too late to live your dream

Isher Mactan
PD Particles, Poser and Vue
oh, and some traditional media too


Bruce Polk
exploring colors and moving pictures

"There was a time when I used other tools, but now it's all Dogwaffle..."


frames, tubes, pps, psp, and pd pro

Zebra Oz CP

Tiffanie Gray

Sci-fi/Space art, Fantasy and Second Life

Racing 9

Jerry Jeffress:  JaMworks
3-time Academy Award winner, now retired, living in the remote Australian Bush, and enjoying digital painting with Project Dogwaffle

Mark Hamilton

Oregon nature

Gamer Printshop
Michael Tumey creates and prints maps for RPG game masters

Dwayne Jensen

Canadian animator loves using PD Pro with other popular animation, 2D and 3D tools as well as imaging tools

[show me more...]

Robin Pirez

Project Dogwaffle & Fireworks
the best of both worlds, Raster and Vector
[montre moi plus...]


caricatures by


Belgian waffles, anyone?

[show me more...]

Canadian-Swiss cartoonist
Oliver Brupbacher


"I love Penny!"

[zeig mir mehr...]

Avishek Sen Gupta
Concept Artist in Bangalore, India


aka Burt Abreu
making foliage and shrubbery for games

aka Christina Brooks

Becca Chan, Anime & Fantasy

Phoenix Rial
" I LOVE this program!"

" I want more free stuff!"

Sailor Hitaru
aka Helen Dias
"I love everything about this software"

Carmen Keys
"this program is pure genius"

fiddler by frogdot

Dave Garlick

Jennifer Goss

Once I found the new site and downloaded it (...) I was hooked :)

the games

The Gamesworks
Game developer in Malaysia
"The painting of the skins and applying of details such as rivets, rust and battle scarring is something that Project Dogwaffle lends itself very well to."


Nic Squirrell's
Chillies and Chocolate
I'm a Dogwaffle convert, and the more I learn about it, the more I like it.

Wizard's Space Art and more
"if I were limited to having only one graphics program on my computer it would have to be project dogwaffle"

no. 3 is alive
aka Karel Maes

"Ik ben een Hondewafelaar"


Doug Higley

the Duke

Martin Duerr



Frank Rodgers
Frank Rodgers
Traditional Painting w/Oils, Acrylics

CeD - Cedric Trojani

3D graphiccs, Cartoons, Illustrations, Photography

Michael Lundie

Forgotten FantasyTM

Bjorn Kristinsson


(re)discovering fun with painting

fausse aquarelle



the art of Philippe Delvigne:  Aquarelles, Music and Flash

Cj's Sketches

"I'm 15 years old, ... I'm usually more into traditional drawing, and can often be found with a pencil and sketch pad- but Dogwaffle lets me come close to the real thing, "

Iman A. Omar

..shares her love for the great masters like Picasso, Gauguin, Matisse...
"I am Iraqi electrical engineer woman, resident in Germany, as hobby I draw my pictures with your program,  I find it so easy & free for me drawing with P.C is more easy . "

goddess of


aka Mattijs Middag
"I LOVE IT! (v1.6) it's fast now, that is the best improvement"

              EyeBill Fleming

...painting backdrops for fantasy art and for use in animations

Dan's welcome message
The very first waffler - The Grandmaster of them all,
the author, creator, programmer, artist, the visionary of Project Dogwaffle himself

Dan Ritchie

Silver Squirrel

DL Smith

Fire Woman


Jannis Labelle

Leonardo's Horses

birth of
                a river


The Doctor knows best what's good for your eyes!