The Dogwaffler of the Moment - June 2005 - Anime Fan Artist Becca Chan
Cyrwrynn -
Amirynth -

Otherwise known as


Anime Fan and Artist, breathing the dry air in San Diego while getting ready for the next AnimeExpo - it's all about the AX!

I get some of my line art from
other artists, and use Dogwaffle
to colorize and shade it.

"I love to go to Anime Expo.  You can sometimes see 
me there showing tipos and tricks for painting
and drawing Anime with Project Dogwaffle."

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In 2004 I spent some time drawing 
and coloring in thebest3d's booth.

Perhaps you'll see me there doing some drawings and sketches.
I love to dabble with PD to sketch
my own new ideas and line art.
The Penny plugin is particularly
enjoyable when using my
Wacom tablet.

The new multi-page scanning and
traditional animator's cleanup
and blue removal tools are marvelous.
When I sketch something on paper
 and then scan it in, it's a snap.

here's an example of the coloring
& shading which I like to do, starting
from the line art:


I hope you'll find your perfect drawing companion for your PC too. I've used other programs and still do at times, but Dogwaffle has become one of my very favorite tools. Thanks for looking and visiting my website for more.

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