creative bundle -Holy cow! PD Pro 4, Curvy 3D 1.6, Pixarra Twistedbrush Pro, Archipelis Designer, Digital Anarchy's Texture Anarchy, Genetica 3(!), AnyFX for PD and Dynamic Auto Painter, plus music, a combined total of over $663 --- for just $59(!)

cool tools for
                        cool artists
animated smiley
                            created in Dogwaffle free animation program Project Dogwaffle 1.2
the freeware version

...for humans who love to Draw, Sketch, Animate or Paint,
but without the costly mess, occasional spills nor
funny fumes.

there's more
wait, there's more...

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Free Music Sampler!


by Jose Luis Suazo

Find a lot more relaxing and mediation music here
Perfect for waffling and experimenting with art tools

PD Howler

v8 is here!

PD Pro 6 = PD
                  Howler 1

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Welcome to the
Freeware Version!

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Version 1.2 is Free!
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no spyware, no gimmicks, no way you won't like it!

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This is freeware and you may freely distribute it with your commercial projects, cover CDs/DVDs in magazines, on a CD with a book, for download from your website, etc...

"Any reproduction in whole or in part is totally cool - Daddyo"

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Getting started with Digital
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PD Artist
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Digital Painting has never been
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PD Particles

A fun companion for your
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DJ D'Artagnan's new Music CD
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DJ D'Artganan's new Music
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There are many more free and some paid tutorials for other versions of Project Dogwaffle, much of which also will help you learn the free version and tricks, techniques or tools included with it:

Planet Dogwafflia
Another primer on making textures

More tutorials:

The August 2004 collection
The July 2004 collection

Here are more examples of
what to do with Project Dogwaffle.
What's Possible?

Calling all
Software Developers:

Make your own filters, new plugins and enhancements to Dogwaffle. We have a well documented, easy-to-use, VB-accessible Free SDK

See examples:
3rd party plugins

Sample Artwork
More Dogwafflers here:
Dogwaffler of the Moment

                      for 3D

Support v1.2 - Donate! (pretty please :-)
Help keep it free, please support us with a small donation if you can spare a few bucks (or Euros):
Your generous donation will help cover the cost of hosting and maintaining the free version of Project Dogwaffle.
 We also create new free tutorials

Will Project Dogwaffle 1.2 run under Windows Vista? Windows 7?

Yes it does. Here's a screenshot of it installed and running on Vista Home Premium with SP1. It was the easiest installation. more info

Also free:
Penny Spline based paint engine as a plugin to Project Dogwaffle

"the paint program within the paint program!" (tm)

Can't afford
PD Particles?

Someone else is willing to pay for your copy of PD Particles, if you buy something from them first - and there are many products and services to choose from!
Can't afford Project Dogwaffle 2?

Someone else is willing to pay for your copy of Project Dogwaffle, if you buy something from them first - and there are many products and services to choose from!
Can't afford
PD Artist?

Someone else is willing to pay for your copy of PD Artist, if you buy something from them first - and there are many products and services to choose from!

Project Dogwaffle 1.2  is a freeware version of the paint & animation  program Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro Digital Painter, developed by Dan Ritchie - version 1.2 is based on a subset of version 2.0 ....... If you think this is pretty good, then you should see what you can do with the latest full commercial versions - read the user testimonials here. What can be done with Project Dogwaffle? See the user galleries and sample artwork.

animation by
what is Project Dogwaffle, what's a Dogwaffle...?!
ok, so it's funny name, but what does it do?

Project Dogwaffle lets you be creative without the fear of mom or wifey yelling at you because you messed up your clothes again. No sudden spills, no funny fumes. You can paint, erase it, and try again, and again, and again......

                      art of dogwaffle tutorial collection 2Project Dogwaffle version 1.2 (this freeware version) is based on the powerful achitecture of  Project Dogwaffle 2.0.  It's a light, yet powerful tool for artistic expression.  We felt that the aging prior free version (v1.11b) was in need of an update, since it was written for earlier operating systems and we wanted our new users to have the speed and power of our newer software architecture.

Dogwaffle 1.2 is not just a stripped-down save-disabled time-expiring trial demo of our full software - it's a fully functional version with some new features too. It is not save-disabled, there's no time-limit, no need to register, and there's no spyware or adware coming with it.

Decent Downloads
For users who want to get even more powerful tools, there is a choice of commercial versions at low prices.  There you will get even more more advanced features, more filters, more special FX and more animation support. That said, the freeware version 1.2 is a great tool for young artists who are just getting started, and for seasoned professionals alike.

artwork by
                  Cedric Trojani
Programmers will find that our plugin interface (SDK) supports all but one plugin command, so they can develop applications that work with either the full version or this free version. Additional features can also be found by way of the new Lua scripting gateway.

We have eliminated some of the fat from the program, to keep it lite: things like bulky help files have been excluded. However, help and tutorials are available online for free viewing and downloading. 

For graphics support, we have included internal support for BMP files, as well as the native Targa format.  Single images as well as brushes and animation frame sequences can be loaded in these formats. If you have images in other formats you can easily convert from other formats to BMP or Targa with Irfanview or XnView and other image viewers, editors and converters.

Please keep in mind that v2.0 came out in January 2004, while v1.2 was built a month later. Since then, numerous patches and free updates were released for v2.0. This has added many more plugins, filters and features for the commercial version 2 which was at version 2.1b as of  August 2004. In February 2005, even more new features were added with the release of v3.0, which has in turn also received several new update patches since (v3.1, 3.1a, 3.2). For more of what's new, click here.

see more screenshots of
Project Dogwaffle 1.2 at

what are the
the Free v1.2 and
the Full Commercial versions?

deep sea creature by

a great companion to Project Dogwaffle:

is on sale!
buy anime studio - it's
                                    on sale!
Regular price: $59.95padSale price: $39.95

My boyfriend
doesn't know
I'm n-sided

I'm a Manga cutie
New! Human Figure Modeling, Posing & Dressing
  with Quidam
export to Carrara and other tools for Game Design, Illustration and professional Animation

In a word:  too many to list them all (ok, that was in 6 words).

Below, you will find a very short a list of just a few of the differences between version 1.2 and the full, commercial version 2. Since then, numerous 2.0x  and 2.1x updates were added through 2004 to the 2.0 baseline, and version 3.0 (PD Pro), 3.1 and 3.2  updates have emerged with even more new features. And even more are coming. Update: as of May 2007, we're at version 4.0c). For the latest news see what's new
  • The internal (simple) lens flare engine has been removed from the free version. The full version includes the simple lens flare engine as well as  the more advanced  Radiant lens flare engine.
  • The "Make seamless brush" filter has been removed from the free version. There have been further improvements on this tool in a recent patch 2.1b patch (see: Seamless-Plus) for the full version, and even more so in version 3.
  • The brush Post FX tab found in Brush settings of the full version has been removed from the free version. This Post FX tool allows for various special effects coming directly from the brush, such as embossing, shadow casting and more.
  • The full version includes additional natural media settings as well a media
    manager (media media) and animated brushes.
  • The free version has a simplified text tool. The Text tool in the full version is more powerful and feature-rich
  • Twain is an included menu item  in the File... menu of the full version. (support for scanners and digital cameras with Twain interface). It is not included in the free 1.2 version.
  • The free version features some  animation capabilities including loading and saving frame sequences, however the full version is much more robust with features like the Timeline editor, exposure sheet, onion skin, Animated Brushes, Brush manager (menu: Brush->Store), new tools for modifying animated brushes with the Brush-timeline (a timeline editor for animated brushes), a Brush Keyframer (to apply and interpolate animated brushes against a backdropmad cat by Martin
                                Duerr animation) and much more. You can even apply animated filters on animated brushes!
  • The free version supports a simplified layers panel, with only 2 layers (aka Main buffer / Swap buffer).  Unlimited layers are supported in the full version, including a native layered file format (*.lay files).
  • The free version is fast and light, at just over 4 megs, and it's free, no
    strings attached. No spyware, no registration needed, no time-expiration, not save-disabled. Simply enjoy freedom of artistic expression!
  • There is a very handy, customizable color Mixer (like a painter's palette) in the bottom-left on the Tools panel of the full version. No such tool in v1.2.
  • There is also a new type of color mixer in the full version 2, the Red-Yellow-Blue (RYB) color mixer  instead of RGB.
  • There is a 'Shading' checkbox on the Optipustics panel (fractal particle brushes) of  the full version, to mimic sky lighting from above when generating foliage, grass, trees, etc. No such option in v1.2.
  • This is not a complete list. There are other things, some of which were added over time in several subsequent patches and updates for v2.0 such as v2.0b, v2.0c v2.0d, v2.1, v2.1a, v2.1b... 3.0, 3.1, 3.1a, 3.2, 3.5...

The Freeware version 1.2 is pretty good for a freeware program.
But if you're not happy with the limitations of v1.2, t
get the latest full version!

So, Dogwaffle v1.2 really free?

Yes. Plain and simply and in a word: you betcha! 
(ok, so that was 2 words if not 3). But it's free nonetheless.
This is not the first time that a free version of Project Dogwaffle is released. It's been a while though (read the story further down below). The prior free version was v1.11b from early 2002. A lot of things have been improved and enhanced since, both with the commercial and the free version 1.2. For a list of recent updates, patches and bug fixes, see what's new.

But,... What is Project Dogwaffle 1.2, Exactly?

acquerelle by Filigrif
Project Dogwaffle is a paint and animation program for PC.

Project Dogwaffle 1.2 is a subset of version 2.0, which was released in January 2004. The latest version is version 3.6 as of May 2006. It sells for next to nothing.

However, this version 1.2 is a free version with no strings attached, with no time limits, it's not save disabled, really, just plain free paint software for starving artists of all ages.

<<< artwork by Filigrif

If you haven't seen examples yet of what Project Dogwaffle is used for,
see DOTM-Dogwaffle of the Moment or what's possible and here (what's cool).

animated snow filter
And if you happen to be a programmer with Visu
al Basic 5 or 6 or VB .NET, you'll be glad to learn that there's a free SDK, and that you can further enhance Dogwaffle by making plugins and filters of your own. The free SDK is here.

Why Free Image Editing / Digital Painting Software?

Just because it's been a little while too long since the last free version. Honestly, for over 5 years, Project Dogwaffle was a free paint software. When things got tough with work  (or the lack thereof) and paying bills and we lost our former domain name because we couldn't renew the $35 domain name registration fee, we realized it was time to go commercial, at least in part. So version 1.11b was the last fully free version. In August 2002 version 1.15 came along at $35. In November 2002 came v1.5, still using DirectX and GDI mixed. In version 1.6, released July 2003, pure GDI became the norm for the graphics output, and along came significant speed improvements which we put into the code. A few more patches later (October and November 2003 Doggybags), version 1.6 was selling for $45, and the free version 1.11b started to look really old and weak. It was time to get a new free version out. NOTE: Version 2.1 and PD Artist is available for around $19 to $29 if you want to move up from the free version! PD Particles is only $19 and even available for free with other popular software. For example, it is included with Comicbook Creator 2.

Come on now, really... Why Freeware?!?

....why not? if it makes you happy, and this world a better place?...

We also did this in the spirit of promoting art worldwide and giving back to the community, and because we know we're not the only starving artists out there.

But really, if you just can't trust free software we also have a very affordably priced commercial version. The free v1.2 is in fact a subset based on the core 2.0 release from January 2004. It was built in February 2004 and released as freeware on July 4 2004 (Independence of expensive Software Day, or so we like to think).

The commercial version PD Pro 3 sells for just around US $59 here. That's roughly the cost of a cheap Sushi date and a night out at the movies with popcorn and soda for two.

Even better than v3, the latest really powerful commercial version PD Pro Digital Painter 4 is available for a mere $89 here.

Ok, but is it really that good?
After all, if it's free...

in a word: yep!

Well, you be the judge of that. There are professional writers and illustrators who have been using the free version for years for their book illustrations. See for example Doug Higley in the gallery called Dogwaffler of the Moment:  DOTM.

Project Dogwaffle started 8 years ago and has been developed by an artist, for the artist in you!  If this tool can't do what you
need as an artist, then we know we still have work left to do. Don't be shy, tell us what you need. Join the Dogwaffle forum at Yahoogroups

A Brief History :
What's changed since January 2004?

creepy forest cavityThere have been many updates since the initial release of January 2004. February saw the 2.0b patch, March came along with 2.0c, and the 2.0d patch came in April.  In May 2004 we released the 2.1 updater.

In January 2005 version 3.0 came out, followed by numerous free updates again: 3.1, 3.1a, 3.2, 3.5...  then 4.0, 4.0a, 4.0b, 4.1...

>>>>>>>>> See what's new for the latest versions!

If you liked the free v1.2, then you'll LOVE v2, and be even more exstatic about PD Pro 3 and beyond.

 The latest commercial versions are more affordable than you might think!

Can't afford
PD Particles?

Someone else is willing to pay for your copy of PD Particles, if you buy something from them first - and there are many products and services to choose from!
Can't afford Project Dogwaffle 2?

Someone else is willing to pay for your copy of Project Dogwaffle, if you buy something from them first - and there are many products and services to choose from!
Can't afford
PD Artist?

Someone else is willing to pay for your copy of PD Artist, if you buy something from them first - and there are many products and services to choose from!

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