The Dogwaffle 2.0b Patch

A performance boost patch with mouse caching and new plugins to
bring you more power for painting, even on slower machines.


This is a patch with enhancements, bug fixes and new plugins. It requires Dogwaffle 2.0 already installed on your PC and checks for its validity.

It is a free patch. The size is about 1.25 MB

It was released  on  Febr. 9, 2004 -  about 1 month after v2.0


What's New in this 2.0b Patch?
  There are quite a number of enhancements and new things in this patch. Here are a few noteworthy ones:
  • Fixed bug where copying to swap and copying alpha to swap didn't refresh layers panel.
  • Basic painting with internal brushes/default mode falls back to simple model of internal engine.  Now supports painting with alpha.
  • Optimized inner loop of simple model (internal brushes).
  • Optimized large model (internal brushes) so that opacity for paper, brush, and alpha is done with one calculation.
  • Minor code cleanup.
  • bug fix:  Couldn't shrink a window with "Ctrl -" when the program first started because scale wasn't initialized.
  • Added SmudgeStick filter plugin.
  • removed titlebar refresh while drawing.
  • Added option for mouse caching.  Should help with segmenting on older/slower systems.
  • Made a number of changes to the mouse handling system, reworking the stroke recorder to better work with the caching system, and general cleanup.
  • Made a small adjustment to dynamic range compensation, so it ignores image borders, since convolution operations often leave incorrect borders.
  • added 'cold lava' plugin
  • When resizing buffer, Brush settings panel was accounted for when it wasn't visible.
  • Added support for pressure to stroke recorder.
  • Made sobel filter faster
  • Added color sobel filter
  • Merging layers didn't clear the merge layers checkbox after merging, even though mixing was turned off.
  • Added Quilt plugin
  • added Error diffusion plugin
  • Fixed mosaic to center the blocks.  made a bit faster
Come back soon to see some illustrations and images too.