The Dogwaffle 2.0c Patch

It's time for another free patch... just because.


This is a free patch for users of Dogwaffle 2.0. You can either apply it directly to the 2.0 (full or updated) version or even if you already had the 2.0b patch applied.


Note: a more recent patch or update is now available

What's New in this 2.0c Patch?
What's new with this patch? Like always - a lot of things! This is primarily a bug fixing and feature-enhancement release. Here are the most noteworthy improvements:
  • A handful of plugins that didn't work with alpha now work.  Not all of them still, but more.
  • The ones that are still hold-outs are ones like spherize, globe and black hole. 
  • There's a new error diffuse plugin for 1 bit dithering.
  • There's a new plugin command to retrieve the bounds of the alpha selection - very usefull for optimising filters.
  • Several plugins now work within the bounds of the alpha selection as appropriate.  RGB cube for example fits the cube inside the bounds of the selection.  Video/slate fits so you can draw a box and render the slate into selection.
  • There are menu items for a number of plugins that didn't have them.
  • There's a new checkerboard plugin for making checkerboards.
  • Changed icon imagery on the animation panel, because people were confusion
    the + and - buttons with the < and > buttons.
  • Removed some things from the zoom panel so it has a better chance of fitting
    under the tool panel, and it no loger sticks to the tool panel.
  • And my favorite change, the Mystic Vision plugin now has an interface just
    like zoom blur.
  • Also added super secret experimental feature that turns off undos and all features that contribute to slugishness on mouse downs.  (Activated by the END key)
  • Made 'level' in the light diffusion filter a linear value so it's more intuitive (and consistent with the timeline now)
  • Added interface to mystic vision plugin and updated zoom plugin so it refreshes when you change the quality and factor settings.