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News about Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro Digital Painter
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********* What's new with Project Dogwaffle? *********

- Dogwaffle version 3 update - PD Pro features
- What's new in  PD Pro?
- new mini-tutorials
- new brush set
- availability and Pricing of PD Pro
- recent artists, Dogwafflers of the Moment

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********* Dogwaffle version 3 update - PD Pro features *********

On February 7, Dan Ritchie, creator of Project Dogwaffle Paint and
Animation system, announced and released the new version 3 which is
also known as PD Pro.

The press release:
PD Pro takes Digital Painting to the next level

 the Press Zone

********* What's new in  PD Pro?  *********

New features: There are many new features, and some pre-existing features (like layering) have been rewritten to obtain speed improvements and enhancements, bug fixes and other benefits for future updates. For example, the Optipustics fractal particle brush system is dramatically faster!

Better integration of prior patches: Over the last year, several
patches and updates to version 2 had been made available for
free. Many of these were integrated into PD Pro, not only through the plugin control panel but in the form as new menu and submenu items.

Here are some items that might be of interest to you:

- filmstrip mode added to animation controls, with many options
  to manipulate and edit the frames
- reverse the animation back to front
- time stretch (add/remove frames, with blending interpolation)
- new gradient tools and modes
- new filters, including photographic FX filters
- speed improvements in the animation fx timeline tool
- buffer sizer is integrated, and supports layers and animation
- seamless texture panel: realtime feedback
- new panel for custom brush drop shadows
- scan frames: scan multiple images to build an animation
- Store buffer has new combines modes and alpha support
- Wave displacement on the timline can be animated.
- The stroke recorder now supports all tablet information.
- tablet support for the bristle brush, including tilt.
- The sky renderer has been tweaked.
- There's now a 'utility' menu with the RYB mixer, etc.
- And a spline mouse option on the prefs panel. (smooth lines for fast hands!)
- starfield plugin
- lightning fx
- etc...

This is only a short list of the many enhancements. You can find a  more complete list here:

Products Overview

********* new mini-tutorials *********

Two new quick-and-sweet mini-tutorials are already available here:

- creating outline text
- creating space scenes (star fields with nebulae)

more Tutorials

********* new brush set *********        

A new Brushset (GrimeSet) is available in the Files area of the Dogwaffle forum at Yahoogroups - it will soon be added to the collection of brushsets at

You can easily make your own brushsets. A Brushset for Dogwaffle
is a folder containing a number of bitmap (*.bmp) image files. They must be 35x35 pixels in size and can be greyscale. You can put your own brushsets wherever you wish. When you choose to switch  brushsets in Dogwaffle (right-click on the brush settings button in
upper-left corner of Tools panel), you'll get to choose the folder
where your brushset is located.

There is additional info on brushset metrics in the Yahoogroups forum.

********* availability and Pricing of PD Pro

Project Dogwaffle 3 is called PD Pro. It is currently available as an upgrade (the 3.0 updater) for those who already have version 2 (or a patched/updated version such as 2.1). There are also bundles available for those who don't have version 2 yet. The bundle is a zip file containing the installer of version 2 as well as the updater to v3 pd pro.

You can find the updater and/or bundle at online stores including, and Others may be added in the future. Please visit the main sales page for more:

The price of PD Pro as a bundle is $97 USD. However, for a limited time (through March 1 in most cases) you may see some discounts offered on several stores. If you are very price sensitive and on a tight budget and not in a hurry then you could take the time to shop around and compare. 

Either way we know you'll be very happy painting and animating with PD Pro!

********* recent artists, Dogwafflers of the Moment

One last word. In case you've missed it, there have been some additions to the DOTM (Dogwaffler of the Moment) page recently. Here are a few:

Thank you again for your support and for using Dogwaffle. Please don't hesitate to tell your friends and colleagues about it.

Happy waffling!

Project Dogwaffle at

just dog it!