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The above image was rendrered in Puppy Ray, currently under development for Dogwaffle 9

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Hello again, here is another update from the "Dogwaffler of the Moment" newsletter.

See more and learn more in recent online editions with HTML formatting, with images and links to related videos. Start here to see all past newsletters:


- Howler 9.6 is available on Steam(!)
- Andreas Maschke has added export to Dogwaffle's animbrushes to jWildfire 2.4
- Howler and Artist on Sale
- Sneak Peek: PD Particle 9
- Recent tutorials on YouTube


PD Howler 9.6 on Steam!


We're pleased to announce that PD Howler 9.6 is now available on Steam.

What is Steam?

Steam is a platform for playing games, created by Valve Software  (

- The ultimate entertainment platform.
- Play, connect, create and more.

Steam was initially created to facilitate buying, trying and playing games. But now it is also a platform for finding tools to create games. In other words: both gamers and game developers hang out on Steam. A lot of independent game developers are releasing their new games on Steam, where it gets the thumbs up or thumbs down, and sometimes becomes a huge success.

For example, Curvy 3D (  is available on Steam as well. See

This is in fact a very good example of what Steam was meant for: Curvy 3D is indeed created by a game developer, Simon de Rivaz, who also makes games, see  (Note: aart with two 'a's!)

Simon created Curvy 3D for his own needs in making content for his own games, and gradually it became a great modeler for other game developers. Ok, so maybe that was not the exact chronology of events, but it's still a good story :-)

Learn more about Curvy 3D and how it also ties into Project Dogwaffle too with a plugin connector:

If you play video games, you know Steam. If you don't yet, discover it at

Howler is currently available for around $50 there. Check the presentation here:

PD Howler 9.6 available on Steam


jWildfire 2.4 now Exports to Dogwaffle .anb Brushes!


What are ".anb" files, aka animated brushes?

Animated brushes made for Dogwaffle are stored in files ending with .anb extension. Those can be used in Howler and also in Artist and earlier, older versions such as the free PD Pro 5.

An animated brush is essentially a sequence of images, called frames. If you have just one frame, one image in the brush, it's not an animated brush yet, but it is a custom image brush. The moment you add at least one more frame, whether it contains the same or a different image, you are in the presence of an aimated brush.

When you paint with it, Dogwaffle advances frame for frame through the images of the loaded brush and eventually, when it reaches the last image, cycles back to the first frame to continue painting as long as you drag the mouse. The image sequence in such a brush can represent a clear animation, such as a dancing character rendered in 3D or drawn by hand. Ir can also be a short video clip from an AVI file. When you save it as .anb file you make it easy to be re-used as a brush.

jWildfire is a free program developed by German programmer Andreas Maschke. See
for more about jWildfire. That's also his blog. The main official site for jWildfire is at

Who uses jWildfire? In short: anyone with a love for pixels: colors, shapes, depth and passion are words that come to mind when you experience creative moments with jWildfire. The program is free, it is great, and it can stand alone or be used as a companion for creative elements to be re-purposed and used in other programs, including of course PD Howler and PD Artist.

For example: A few weeks ago we presented the artwork of Mary Ferguson, aka  "just plain ol mary", who also use both PD Howler and jWildfire. See here if you missed it:

So What is jWildfire?

JWildfire is a free and user-friendly image-processing program, software mostly known for its sophisticated flame-fractal-generator. It is Java-based, open-source and runs on any major computer-plattform. There is also a special Android-version for mobile devices.

Main website:

Andreas blog:

jWildfire Forum:

Here are details from Andrea's announcement about this most recent 2.4 release:

JWildfire 2.40 release: now with documentation Wiki
Just released JWildfire V2.40. Beneath many small additions there are two major new features:

  • there is ... finally ... yes! ... an official documentation! It is hold in a wiki ( ) and continously evolving. There is not only conventional documentatiuon, but also tutorials. For the release there a 4 tutorials for beginners and one advanced tutorial.
  • the possibility to create animated brushes for use inside a painting program for "painting with fractals". Currently, the native format of the painting software PD Howler is directly supported, for use in other software the generation of image-sequence is supported.

Complete list of changes:

  • now with official documentation-Wiki! See the "Documentation"-button at the Welcome-window or just visit it directly:
  • 4 new beginners tutorials in the Wiki (Basic flame-editing, Basic color-editing, Basic formula-editing, More on formula-editing)
  • ability to create animated brushes (to be used in a painting-program) from within the Easy Movie Maker. Currently the ANB-format from the super-cool painting-software PD Howler ( ) is supported.
  • added the possibility to have different types of output in the Easy-Movie-Maker, there are currently three choices:
  • FLAMES (create flames)
  • PNG_IMAGES (create flames and render them as PNG-images)
  • ANB (animbrush in PD Howler's format)

Maybe I will add direct video-encoding as additional option, currently looking for a component who can do this job...

  • advanced tutorial for creating animbrushes in the Wiki (not only for PD Howler)
  • the action performed at a double-click in the main-flame-editor can now be changed in the prefs. There are the following choices:
  • RENDER_FLAME: render the current flame, this was the default behaviour until now
  • ACTIVATE_TRIANGLE_EDIT: activate "triangle"-editing
  • SWITCH_TRIANGLE_CAM_EDIT: switch between triangle- and camera editing (this is the new default)
  • NONE: do nothing at all
  • the default fade-to-white-level for flames was increased from 200 to 220 to create more smooth defaults. You can change this in the prefs by modifying the value the property tinaDefaultFadeToWhiteLevel
  • new "cpow3"-variation by Gregg Helt
  • new "post_heat"-variation by zephyrtronium, transcribed by chronologicaldot
  • added an instancing-option the the IFlames-editor, does not wortk for all flames, but when it works, much less ressources are needed
  •   emoved the FAQ-section from the software
  • FIXED: some fixes the startup scripts on Mac by Gregg Helt
  • FIXED: a bug regarding the hiding of samples (affected only "crop"-like-variations)
  • FIXED: after cancelling the Batch-renderer the cancelled image was saved, though (and was in the most cases a blank image)
  • FIXED: a problem regarding saving render-state of iflames
  • FIXED: a problem regarding projecting invalid points (which sometimes appeared at points with random color at coordinate (0,0)), thanks to chronologicaldot for the reminder!

Here is the download link:

                            with jWildfire to animated brush to Howler


PD Howler and PD Artist on Sale through the end of March


PD Artist 9.6 is on sale through end of the month. Get 30% off automatically, or use your discount coupon for even better savings when upgrading from a prior version. Contact us if you don't have your coupon. Note that you'll get a full installer, so if you've had an earlier version you benefit from the discount even if the old version doesn't run anymore on your current PC.

To celebrate the launch of PD Howler 9.6 on Steam, we're also offering a discount here. It is not as good as what's on Steam, mind you, but still very strong: 40% off, automatically gets you down to about $53 and change. If you're looking for the absolute best deal, the slightly better deal is still to be had at Steam as of this writing.

To order PD Howler, start here:

To order PD Artist, start here:

Getting Ready for the Easter Bunny?

Here's a bunny in the cloud - modeled in the Particle Modeler, rendered in the 3D Designer

bunny cloud over my mountains (raw render, no post)


Sneak Peek: First Look at PD Particle 9 - "From Outer Space"

It's been very long since we had any update or news about PD Particles, apart from the occasional new pictures or price reductions. PD Particles is currently still at version 1, with the latest free update to v1.2 dating back several years.

If you don't remember PD Particles, here are some refreshers and reminders:

The home of PD Particles:

PD Particles on Windows Vista

PD Particles 1 is currently priced at $1.99 and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Ok then, it's been silent around PD Particles for far too long, so let's make some noise!

We're happy to announce that we are working on a new version of PD Particles: Particle 9 Particle 9 logo (Rev2)

This will be based on the core code from Project Dogwaffle 9, and adds some new interface designs. There will be no dropdown menus at the top of the window, but a tabbed dialog to expose the options, giving fast access to the desired options. There will be media choices at the bottom. And the rest is still TBD. 

Below is a picture of what it looks like in its current, preliminary and unfinished early stage.

We are in beta mode.

Another (painted) Bunny - coming Soon!

First sneak peek preview of PD Particle 9 - from outer space.

first sneak peek at Particle 9

Notice that we don't call it PD Particles, but rather Particle without the 's' at the end. Being French myself, I might say that the 's' is silent. Being German-speaking Swiss, I'll be picky and say it is missing altogether. Being American at heart, and a dreamer at best, I'll say that it is a particle from outer space. Particle 9. Now, don't confuse it with Element #9, as seen on the periodic table of elements, aka Fluorine. Sure, Element #9 has some descriptive similarities with the spirit of our Particle 9: Element #9 is the lightest of the Halogens, while Particle 9 is the lightest of the Dogwaffle programs.  Element #9 however is a rather toxic gas, thus unpleasant, and has a slant towards a pale yellow appearance. In contrast, our Particle 9 is very user friendly, colorful and bubbly in a naturally positive sense, and it has a slant on dog themed creativity. So there.

Stay tuned for more news in coming weeks, as we come closer to releasing the new PD Particle 9. If you save a quarter a day, you'll be ready to buy it without tapping into your reserves. That's a promise. We haven't finalized the price for Particle 9 yet, but frankly, how much would anyone pay for just a single particle?



We've had a bunch of new tutorials posted to our YouTube channel:

We also heard of new tutorials in the works by several users of Dogwaffle. This is exciting and we hope to bring more examples of these to you in coming weeks.

Here are some of our recent additions, some specific to what's new in Howler 9.6, others useful also for users of PD Artist 9.6:

Thanks for waffling and howling!



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