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The Dogwaffler of the Moment - Newsletter 102 -

Easter Bunny Specials



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The above image was rendrered in Puppy Ray, currently under development for Dogwaffle 9

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Hello again, here is another update from the "Dogwaffler of the Moment" newsletter.

See more and learn more in recent online editions with HTML formatting, with images and links to related videos. Start here to see all past newsletters:


- More News for users of PD Howler 9.6 on Steam
- Easter Bunnies? Any Bunnies!
- Bunny Love: Howler and Artist Sale Extended through Easter Monday
- More Sneak Peeks: Particle 9
- Recent tutorials on our YouTube Channel
- Dogwaffler of the Moment: Dartenbeck's tutorials
- Cloudy, with a chance of .... waffles!


More News for Users of  PD Howler 9.6 on Steam


As recently announced, PD Howler 9.6 is now also available on Steam, - Steam is a popular gamer's and game developer's portal. If you're an avid gamer or a game developer, there is no doubt that you already knew about Steam, where you can find a number of other great software tools made for game development, in addition to many popular games, especially indie games. 

As a reminder, this is where you can see us on Steam:

PD Howler 9.6 available on Steam

Now, if you already have PD Howler, you might also want to get Howler 9.6 through Steam.

  • Perhaps you have an earlier version of Howler or Artist, such as version 9.2, 8.2 or older, and are interested in upgrading to Howler 9.6 on Steam? We currently don't offer an upgrade path directly for purchase the upgrade on Steam, but you can contact us to request a discount coupon for the upgrade through us, and then request a Steam key from to also enable access to Steam Discussions, Artwork, Forums etc.... Or, you might look at the price on Steam which is somewhat discounted already, and just buy the full product there. It may be a better deal than the discount you'd get for example when upgrading with us from PD Particles 1, or PD Pro version 4 or 5, even 6 (Howler or Artist editions).
  • Or perhaps you already have Howler 9.6, and just want to be able to post artwork and participate in the Discussions on Steam? We can help you with that.
  • Or perhaps you have Howler 9.5, and want the free update to Howler 9.6 through Steam? We can help you with that too.

Keep an eye on the Steam offer also because occasionally, you may see some extra promotions there too. Today, for example, it is down another 10% off, part of a 1-week long promotion. It might be the last day though.

"Unexpected Error: Quitting" - seem familiar?

One thing that may happen on occasion is that you may want to uninstall and later re-install Howler through Steam. Or, you may want to jump back and forth between the non-Steam product and the Steam-served PD Howler 9.6. When you do that, you may need to re-run it once again as Administrator, just once, so that its components may get properly registered again. OWhen you do that, the Steam version may now be the disabled one. So, you may need that one run as Administrator the next time you wish to run it. Again, just once.

Generally speaking, the most recently installed product is the one that will work, while the others may display the "Unexpected error: Quitting" error message and fail to launch.

To help you work around this possible issue, we've set up a Steam-focused page here:

Bookmark and look for news and tips and tricks as well as tutorials there in coming weeks and months.

For Example, here is a new video that shows where in fact Steam installs its copy of Howler 9.6 by default, and how you can uninstall and later re-install it, or what you may need to do after re-installation (or after installing a non-steam version), since Steam may not run Howler as Administrator automatically for you the first time after re-installation.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Howler 9.6 under Steam


Easter Bunnies? Any Bunnies

So, Easter is coming up soon, and of course it's not about the bunny, but then again, it is also about the bunny.

Over the years, we've seen various bunnies drawn or painted in Dogwaffle. Here are a few memorable ones.

This one was painted by Dan Ritchie himself, back in the days of Howler 6:

Here's one that dates back to Dogwaffle 1.6 (!) - Wow, that's like an eternity.

Here's one from a DOTM - Dogwaffler of the Moment: Bunny by Jennifer Goss, NewMoonStudios:

This one is the Goddess of Sadness, by nBT - Is it a bunny? or a dog? a teddy bear?  you decide.

We've also shown a bunny-shaped cloud, modeled in Howler's Particle Modeler animated and rendered inside Howler's 3D Designer:

Bunny cloud over my mountains (raw render, no post)

And finally, last but not least, you will find a bunny or two amongst the many 3d sticker images provided for free to users of Project Dogwaffle by Michel Agullo:


Bunny Love: Sale extended through Easter Monday


We've had PD Artist 9.6 on sale for a few weeks, to celebrate its recent launch. It was going to expire end of March, but seeing that Easter is around the corner, we've decided to extend that sale through Easter Monday, April 6.

PD Howler was also put on sale, to celebrate the launch of Howler on Steam. This sale will also be extended through Easter Monday.

To order PD Howler, start here:

To order PD Artist, start here:


Particle 9 - More Sneak Peeks

As announced in the previous newsletter, we're developing a successor to PD Particles 1. This will be known as Particle 9.

Here are a few more sneak previews.

Work in Progress: Particle 9 on Windows 10

Particle 9 on Windows
                        10 - sneak peek

Here's a dibble-dabble, playing with Circular Gradients and more:

dibble dabbles in Particle 9 - gradient grabber and circular gradients

To learn more about Particle 9, visit this site:




We've had a bunch of new tutorials posted to our YouTube channel:

Here are some of our recent additions, some specific to what's new in Howler 9.6, others useful also for users of PD Artist 9.6:

- bunny cloud over my mountains (raw render, no post)

- Working wth Transparent PNG in Dogwaffle - used as displacement map

- cloud modeling re explored - pirate head

- Text to Cloud - the Easter Bunny goes sky high

- Howler 9.6 ParticleModeler - EasterBunny with Post - Sharper and slow-motion


Dogwaffler of the Moment: Dartenbeck

We're taking a look at an artist who's been using PD Howler for a few years now, and been quite vocal and supportive on the DAZ3D forums about its merits: Dartenbeck

Dartenbeck uses Carrara for 3D work, such as character animation. He uses PD Howler for post work, and then some. He has a few tutorial on his YouTube channel, mostly on Carrara work, but some and more to come on Howler as well. Here are two tutorials that show how he uses Carrara and Howler together, with rotoscoping and other tricks.

To learn more about Dartenbeck, visit his YouTube Channel here:

Dartenbeck's YouTube channel

Howler Motion Trail

Direct YouTube link:

This one shows a motion trails effect for a sword swing using rotoscoping tools. The first twenty or so minutes shows him tracking the sword motion by hand. Then he smears the motion with Mystic Vision, using the Timeline editor to change keyframed settings that evolve over time.

Steam Dragon Post Work in Howler

Direct YouTube link:

You will also find Dartenbeck in the Carrara Forums at In fact he also offers some items for sale that he has created for Carrara users. Here's his store at Daz:

Dartenbeck at Daz3D

And, talking about DAZ: just a reminder that PD Howler is also available at DAZ:

Check for special pricing there too, you never know if or when you can catch a bargain sale.

Howler 9.5 at Daz3D


Cloudy, with a chance of .... Waffles!

Reading the feedback on Steam, we've seen comments about how old the cloud or sky generation system appears to be in Howler. Indeed, the tool:

Filter > Render > Sky....

is not the latest generation. But, it is also not the only way to create clouds. And, it can still do some magic.

Here are a few old tutorials:


Here's another final rendering, done with the Sky Render filter but with additional slight displacement for added noise on the clouds. There are also a few things flying softly from left to right, done with the snowfall filter, to make it look like pollen and such carried in the summer wind. And of course there's the grass waving in the wind. Overall, not too shaby, don't you agree?

The methods and results vary a lot depending on what's needed, case by case:

- are you standing on the ground and looking up at the sky?
- or are you in orbit and looking down at a planet?
- should the clouds be animated?
- do you want them to look realistic, or to the contrary, stylized? cartoony? different in other ways?

You can paint them, you can render them in various tools, even by abusing the 3D Designer and turning mountains upside down to make them look like clouds on a sunset sky. You can even use the Particle Modeler to create shapes like bunnies and faces, and use them during renderings in 3D Designer.

We thought this would be a good opportunity to see a collection of some of the many ways to make clouds of different types for different reasons. To that effect, we looked through all the videos and tutorials we have on our YouTube channel, and if they had some sort of clouds inside, we listed them in a new PlayList.

Here's that playlist: Cloudy with a chance of waffles

Cloudy, with a chance of Waffles

Total Howler - 3D modeling of terrain, clouds, rendering, postwork, animation

And that's it for this issue.

Thanks for waffling and howling!



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