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The Dogwaffler of the Moment - Newsletter 105 - June 2015

From Outer Space



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The above image was rendrered in Puppy Ray, currently under development for Dogwaffle 9

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Hello again, here is another update from the "Dogwaffler of the Moment" newsletter.

See more and learn more in recent online editions with HTML formatting, with images and links to related videos. Start here to see all past newsletters:


PD Particle 9 - How to add Spherize filter, and make Planets

When you start exploring Particle 9, you'll notice that there are a few filters showing in the Filters area:


Since Particle 9 is mostly focused on painting, these filters will be focused on enhancing such paintings: adjusting the contrast, saturation and brightness, adding some focus and various blurs, and a few artistic options. There is also a category called Misc., which some filters for Rendering, and some for Combining (with the Swap image).

One of the filters we find is missing there is the Spherize tool. Particle 9 is codename'd "From outer Space", and yet, how are we to create space art, without a spherize tool? We felt that this should be fixed. So we'll show you here how you can enhance the program by adding one of the older Spherize tools.

Essentially, Particle 9
has a tool that shows all installed plugins found in the folder where Particle 9 is installed. To see that tool, simply hit the keyboard shortcut:  k   (which we describe jokingly as killer plugins). Once you launch the plugins manager in this way, you'll see what plugins you currently have installed:

In the above screenshot, you will see that we have already added the Spherize tool. The file is named Spherize_pf.exe

There are other filters in this list that may not be part of the PD Particle 9 distribution. Most are included with PD Artist.

To add the Spherize filter to your installation, download and save this file:

Spherize_pf.exe   Size: 35.5 KB (36,352 bytes)

Save the file in the folder where you have Particle 9 installed. By default this is: 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Particle9

Once you've placed a copy of the above file in the Particle9 folder, quit and re-launch Particle 9. Launch the plugin browser (k).

Before launching the spherize tool, it's a good idea to have some type of image loaded, such as an interesting marble pattern, or some photographic pattern perhaps. Anything will go just to play and explore it. For example, try the Plasma noise filter:

Then double-click the Spherize tool from the plugins panel.

So there you are, now you can use the Spherize tool as a start in making space art, truly from outer space.

This version of the Spherize plugin is great, but it's not the latest and greatest. It dates back to PD Artist 7. If you want more of the great new features, consider upgrading to Artist 9 or Howler 9 or better.

New Tutorials & Videos

Now that we have the Spherize tool in Particle 9, we'll want to get started wth creating space art. Before we can put planets on it though, we'll need some techniques for creating star fields as backgrounds.  Click the images here to enlarge. Below you'll see a tutorial for that.

Here's the tutorial:

How to create Starry Backgrounds in Particle 9

Here is a tutorial from Alex Piola, the game developer we presented in the last newsletter.

Here he shows how he creates the skies that he then loads into his game engine, derived from Torque 3D.

Making Clouds for Torque 3D Game Engine

clouds from Howler added to Torque 3D
                          game engine

Another tutorial was posted to our YouTube channel. This one is also of interest to many game developers, especially arcade games, when working with sprites:

Animation 101, part12 - working with sprite sheets

Just a few more days: PD Howler 30% off

Even better... Price Drop on Howler 9.6!

We've just dropped the price on Howler 9.6, it is now at $64. You'll also find special offers at daz3d, renderosity, steampowered and of course the author's site,

You can save even more, an extra 30% that is, for a few more days, when ordering on or before July 4. No discount coupon needed, this sale is automatic. Once you access the shopping cart from and click on the link for PD Howler 9.6, you'll see the reduced price. This offer is good through the July 4 weekend. Happy Independence Day!

Of course, if you already had a prior version, such as v9.2, or v8 and earlier, or wish to switch and upgrade from PD Particles and PD Artist to PD Howler, you should qualify for even better discounts, 44%, 51%, even up to 72% off! Contact us if you need a new discount coupon to upgrade or sidegrade from PD Artist and PD Particles.

Also, you may see even better deals from the developer directly at or when ordering through Steam.  -  Be sure to check it out if these are options for you too.

And that's it for now.

Thanks for waffling and howling!



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painting with particles

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