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The Dogwaffler of the Moment - Newsletter 109 - Halloween is coming fast and furious

Underwater is Scary enough




The above image was rendrered in Puppy Ray, currently under development for Dogwaffle 9

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Hello again, here is another update from the "Dogwaffler of the Moment" newsletter.

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We sort of missed the traditional mid-August back to school events. Now we're smack in the middle of Labor Day celebration. Let's have a sale!  But let's also not forget Pluto, Earth, and the other wonders of nature worth documenting in your paintings. Even if just imaginary.

Forget Pluto, It's Mars for me baby!

Just a reminder: we're still flying through Space way out there, getting farther and farther away by the second, and yet still transmitting tons of new data that was hastily recorded during the July fly-by.... be sure to keep looking for new discoveries, new letters from Pluto.


Even more exciting is that announcement the other day, confirming that water still can be found in some areas and during some times of the year on Mars! Very salty water, mixed with brine, but water nonetheless, melting in late Spring/Summer and disappearing, freezing or evaporating by Martian Fall. Notrmally, water freezes at 0 centigrade and on Mars evaporates around 15 degrees Celcius, but thanks to the salty mixture from brine it lowers the freezing point to around minus 70 and even slightly raises it to 24 degrees before it evaporates. Nippy! That's luke-warm enough to enjoy bathing on the slopes of Olympus Mons. And it will carry you just as if at the shores of the Dead Sea or Salton Sea.

Yes, it's water, liquid, and then some.

Lots of imagination unleashed around the sandy red planet that needs to be captured in Dogwaffle paintings and renderings. Stay tuned, if not duned.

More Tutorials

Here are a few recent new tutorials:

Keep looking, we have a few new ones for PD Particles and beyond.



Area 52: Another peek ahead for v10

  We're continuing to make advances with our development underway for the upcoming v10. If you are not on Howler 9.6 yet please upgrade soon, as there will be great incentives to upgrade to v10 at big discount.

We just had an internal build 52, for what will eventually be released as v10, still looking to be around late 2015/early 2016. Let's hope the flu season cooperates. Our dear programmer just went through the experience of being an early adopter of "hey buddy can you manufacture some anti bodies the old fashioned way? like, you earn it!". So with any luck, he's all set for the rest of the flu season, barring some silly mutations, coming from Mars no doubt.

'nuf said, so here's area 52 update:

The big change in this build is that undos are completely re-written. Undoes are now object oriented and are more self aware of how they are created. They now support RLE compression. In the future they may support saving to disc. Initialization of undos are now separated from image initialization, so in the future it may be possible to undo size changes.

Thanks to the compression for undo images, Undos now use less memory, making more free for animations. 20% or better should be common.

Undos now have more precise options in program settings. You can now have a minimum and maximum number of undos as well as a memory target. The best of both worlds.

Unrelated to compression, animation and layer operations using the temp folder should be 25% more memory efficient and measurably faster. sizing, rotating, cropping of animations and layers should all be affected, as well as the motion prediction module. Wait,...that was already lightning fast, did we just break the speed of light?

Howler now boots (launches) to just around 40 megs of RAM (depending on default image size) compared to 200 megs before, and will use more as needed for undos rather than pre-allocating it all upfront. Compression should still help keep it lower than previous versions.

Layers thumbnail is now remembered.

Under photographic filters, there is a new filter to simulate the look of 2-color film processes from the 20's-40's and into the 50's. These processes were used by early technicolor and other processes. So in essence, while we're moving in the future, we're also letting you experience the past... but seriously: They usually represented color using red-orange and blue-green died negatives, sometimes on both sides of the film, or sometimes 2 pieces of film glued together. The results were a "pretty good" representation of the color spectrum with good flesh tones and reds, and some blue greens and mild yellows. Greens were often subdued or missing. (it looks all very real for us in SoCal, no water = no green)... Another example is the early 1920 color Ben Hur, which represented reds and greens brilliantly, but had poor flesh tones. Not so good for spaghetti carbonara. But ok for Linguini al pesto! Mangia. What can I say, I'm a dog, I love waffles, I like pasta too,... I could eat this stuff up all day long.

what else?
numerous bug fixes.

To summarize:

In the past, undo memory was calculated by a desired amount of memory to use.  We did this to optimize usage between undos and animations.  But it was inflexible for users who worked on very large images, who only got one or two undos to work with.

The new undo system uses compression for better memory handling, but it is also more flexible.  In addition to a desired memory target, there are now minimum and maximum clamps for undos.  This way, when working with very large images, you still get a good number of undos, and when working with very small images, you don't get way too many undos.

Here's a sneak peek at the controls for the new undo:


A while earlier we reported adding animated brushes to the raytracer, PuppyRay, at least the GPU-powered version. Expect some snazy underwater scenes where we take a peek at the water surface above and see ripples and lights animating, skies animated, not static. Nice!

The end of the Delirium - PD Particles Sale ends in a day or two

We've had PD Particles version 9  (aka Particle9) on sale for a few weeks. At just $3.50, this was a promo with SharewareonSale.com - see here for other promotions to come or take advantage of this one while it still lasts a day or so.


Halloween is coming soon, so we feel it's time to do something scary: a Howling Howler sale!

Buy PD Howler now through October 31st 

and save 31% off the regular price!

Go here to place your order:  http://www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/sales/#Howler

New Artwork

Here are some new pieces created in PD Howler, PD Artist and/or PD Particles.  We hope it inspires! Click the images for full sized versions. Feel fre to use some of these as starting images from which to add more of your own clouds and trees, grass and foggy visions.





Find more here : in the Updated Slideshow of PD Howler:



  And that's it for now. Thanks for waffling and howling!

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The Slideshow
of PD Particles

Painting with Particles:
painting with particles

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