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newsletter #11 - September 2007
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Digital Painting has never been
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Hello wafflers, artists worldwide and users of Project Dogwaffle free edition, PD Particles, PD Artist or PD Pro - here's another sporadic issue of our newsletter about digital painting and animation with Project Dogwaffle and other related 2D&3D  Graphics tools & topics:

 Latest news! PD Particles included with Comic Book Creator 2

DoggyFX 1.2 is here! > top <  

Are you into creating clips for video? animation?  Read about DoggyFX 1.2 at our Third-Party plugins page:

box closing, from a rendered 3D animation to a recorded video

DoggyFX is a video-effects plugin collection with hundreds of fades, doors, transitions and special effects as well as import/export filters for MNG, animated Gif and more, made for PD Pro (3 and 4) created by Paul Wyskowski - to learn more see the home of PJW-Productions:

 Here is a quick summary of some of what's new in DoggyFX 1.2:
  • Graphic Novel and Cell Shaded Color options to theHard Sketch Filter
  • A Color Sketch Option for Soft Sketch Filter
  • New adjustment sliders for Sketch filters for easiertweaking
  • Autoscaling added to all transitions
  • Autoscaling added to Combine and Composite Panels
  • Autoscaling added to Animated Alpha Masks
  • Many functions are now 2X-10X faster due to new DLL
  • Faster Preview Windows for Filters
  • New Transitions (X, Circles, 12 Stretch, and 6 Squeeze)
  • Improved Gif Import / Export
  • New Filter: GreyOut (Desaturates images by Channel)

Reviews: a Review at ComputerArts - PD Pro 4
> top <  

A review of Project Dogwaffle Professional 4 at Computer Arts magazine online

more reviews here

New Tutorials XenoDream users > top <  

If you use PD Pro and XenoDream together, here's a few more tutorials to get you started with custom brushes, animations and animated brushes.


More Dogwafflers of the Moment: > top <  

We have seen more cool sightings of artwork from users of Project Dogwaffle.  Here are a few:

Also, Attila Kohl, a Dogwaffler introduced in a recent newsletter, has sent us another great illustration: the Mongolian Warrior:
Mongolian Warrior - copyright(c) 2007 Attila Kohl

Do you have a some Dogwaffle art on your own blog or gallery?

3D News:  Poser 6 for $89.95 (boxed, free shipping in the US) > top <  
quick, hurry, before they're extinct!
see how to make
this video clips!

of Poser walk sequences
with Project

see tutorials

You may have seen some of the tutorials or examples of animations done with PD Pro and Poser, great stuff for video art compositions.
If you're interested in Poser 6, here's an offer you might want to check into: Purplus offers Poser 6 - boxed - for just under $90 and that with free shipping in the US! For more details, our information at

Poser & Carrara
& Project Dogwaffle

Poser 6 boxed version
Special offer for users of PD 2.1 from UK Magazines > top <  

If you found a copy of Project Dogwaffle 2 on a UK magazine from Dennis Publishing or others, such as

  - PC Pro Magazine
  - Computer Shopper magazine
  - Computer Buyer magazine
  - other bargain software magazines

 then you should have also had an upgrade discount coupon with these  in print or on the magazine's CD or DVD. If you no longer have the  upgrade coupon but are now interested in upgrading to PD Pro 3 or Project Dogwaffle Professional 4, please contact us through email and tell us what version you have, from which magazine you got it (if you recall) and which version you want to upgrade to. We'll then email you the upgrade coupon that came with the magazine so you can go Pro at last and enjoy the newest features of PD Pro.

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