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Howler 10 is coming soon

and you can have and use it (well, some of it) now...

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Here's news from Dan Ritchie, the author of Project Dogwaffle.

He is doing a first special pre-order offer, and here's what you'll get.

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The First Pre-Ordering Offer for v10

You'll get a stable beta build we are internally calling Howler 9.7, and you will be notified with a download for your Howler 10.0 installer when it is ready, likely around January. You'll get $15 off the full release price of version 10, or $10 off the upgrade price.

That's $59 for a full version of Howler 10 (new full price is about $74-$77), or $24 for the upgrade ($34-$37 normally). The final pricing hasn't been carved in stone yet. But it's going slightly up higher from the current v9.6 pricing which has been at $67 for a while.

At this time the initial pre-orders are only available through the author, Dan Ritchie. See below for details on where to order. If you want to ask Dan any questions about your eligibility for upgrading with the pre-order, contact Dan Ritchie here via Squirreldome.

Place your order now, and reserve your copy of Howler 10 at a great discount here:

For a First New Look at Howler 10:

Top 10 new features of Howler 10 -- well, so far.

Ultimately it will be you who decides what is the most important new feature for you.

New media browser (All new code. Adds previews for media types that weren't previously supported including particles/bristles/orbicles/foliage. Large or small icons. Thumbtack is remembered between instances. Refinements and fixes)

New color picker (Integrated color themes and pigment profiles. New options, plus copy and paste)

New undo system (Compression to save memory. Exists in memory or on disc. Undo browser)

Foliage enhancements (Foliage painting comes into its own with big improvements)

Block interpolation (Fix a missing or bad blocks of frames in a video using interpolation)

More memory efficient (Animation operations that use the swap disc are 25% faster and more memory efficient. Undo memory is reduced using our new compression API. Undos can be saved to disc to allow more memory for animation)

Modernized GUI (Big improvements inspired by the redesigned PD Particle 9 released a few months ago)

Autosave/crash recovery (Automatically saves your work once a minute with the options to recover if a crash occurs)

Cinemascopic filter (Simulate the look of color film stock from the 1920's-1940's based on a 2 color die process)

Simplified brush size (“Allow brush transforms” is automatically turned on if you change a brushes size. No more headaches)

Includes artwork from early release, Howler 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.x as wellas some sneak previes of v10

But wait,... there's more:

Here are a few of the many more areas where we've improved and dabbled to make it even better.  If you already use an earlier version of PD Howler, such as version 9.6, you'll relate to these topics and special mentions:

Improved selection for blocks of frames in an animation. Click-and-drag across a few frames to intuitively select them. For example to interpolate them from the outside neighboring frames. Or to delete them, copy/paste etc...

Enhanced curve tool.

Store multiple curves.(!)

Adjustments for 1600x width screens. Fewer stacked panels

Quick access to a number of store and undo features. Look for more mini-icons in the upper right zone. We lovingly call it the healthy zone, where you'll encounter a healthy dose of happiness.

Animated brush support in Puppyray for GPU. The GPU edtion of Puppy Ray takes the lead and won't look back. Use animated brushes to define a sky texture. So the sky can be animated too now, above, the heightmap can of course be animated too, allowing for your mountains or sand dunes to move and shift and change shape. And any stored animation can act as the animated color map as well. This makes for great correlations between the animation above and below, enabling new underwater sceneries like never before. The ripples from the water surface above will not just appear to cast the caustics refractions to the ocean floor, but you'll see similar animations above when you take a peek up over the horizon.

Bottom-up coordinates in Puppyray for GPU instead of top-down. Now you can predict the readability of text, no need to pre-emptively flip vertically. Or as a game developer, if you have a feature such as a street making a right turn upwards, it won't anymore turn into a right turn down or left turn, it won't be flipped upside down. Happy faces stay happy. And that's a good thing. The coordinate system is now consistent with the initial view also in 3D Designer. "Up" in the main image (or swap image) is up forward once it is in the 3D rendered scene, into the scene's distance towards the horizon.

New brush key panel.

New lens flare settings: Mirror elements and Oblique elements.

Expanded use of mouse wheel throughout the program.

Plugin integration (raw support/batch processor/brush transparency tool/load brush image sequence/Scan frames/Array to animation/Lua browser)

Simplified batch processing

Layers panel simplification and enhancements

Enhanced “merge down.”

New settings panel. Lots of new options, less confusing.

New Orbicle painting options. Get ready to say "wow, now that's cool!"

Onscreen Orbicle previews as you move your pointer. Cool as ever! Get ready to say "now that's crazy funny"

Loading and saving for Bristles and Orbicles settings. 

Selection/overlay setting is now remembered between instances.

Layer thumbnail size is now remembered between instances.

Puppyray GPU "grid render" size is now remembered between instances. This is an important optimize.

Fixes in Bristle brushess. No more paint smearing off screen. (as sometimes seen along the edges)

Age decrement setting is now saved with particles. Roots will be roots.

Right/left painting/erasing for foliage. Yes! Paint a big bush or tree and then dabble around to remove some of it and make it lighter. Get ready to say "ok...this alone was worth my hard earned money. Thank you Dan!"

Colors-by-name now allows web colors in addition to pigment colors. The digital world meets ,, digital.

Stability improvements.

And of course untold little details and more big news, still under development.
You ain't seen nuttin' yet.

preparing for a long cold winter, with Project Dogwaffle at your side

Tutorials and Videos

We have a few videos and tutorials already adorning our pdhowler channel on YouTube. At this time we'd like to send a big shout out and thank you to  YouTube and Google for making this possible. We have hundreds of videos there accumulated over the years. Wow!

Here are just a few, with focus on new tools and cadgets from the ongoing v10 development.

Block extrapolation (or interpolation?)

Consistent coordinate system - Puppy Ray now displays text without vertical inversion

Coming soon with Dogwaffle 10 - Visual browser of Particle brush presets

Animation 101, A peek into v10 with animated skies in PuppyRay

dibbledabbles - stuff #01   --- Skip the first 3 minutes, here comes the good stuff

And to finish: a touch of nostalgia.  
Part 5 of a series of paintings with Howler when it was between v9.6 and v10 under development, at around the so-called v9.7 stable build.
Timelapse, part5 -Andersen
If you want this version, pre-order v10 from Dan at Squirreldome now. The best deals will be had by those who already have v9.6. If you're not ready for v10 yet, at least get into v9.6 and stand bye for more exciting news.

Music: "Andersen", by "eMaya" - Mayan music for the Computer Age --- by Jose Luis Suazo from Honduras, the land of many beautiful national parks

In Other News...

Reviewed by Software InformerThere's a new review on PD Artist 9.6 - see it at Software Informer.

(a word of caution: there's a minefield of links and downloads there, many unrelated to Dogwaffle. Be careful what you click.)

Also, PD Artist 9.6 is on sale. This is a big sale, automatic 61% off the regular price, upon checkout from the online store at bmtmicro, no discount coupon needed. This promotion runs through the Monday after Thanksgiving, aka Cyber-Monday, November 30th 2015. Get it here.
Or discover PD Artist here.

And that's it, for now.
Thanks for waffling and howling!

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