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v10 is Almost Here - Ready to Pre-Order and Save?

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PD Howler 10 is almost here - ready to Pre-order?

PD Howler is almost here, and you can pre-order it now, and already use a pre-release build. You will later receive the fully released version, once it is available. This will probably be mid January 2016 but it can potentially vary.

Note that the new full price of PD Howler 10 will be $74. Also, we're continuing to offer PD Howler 9.6, and have reduced the price of it from $64 to $49. Look further below for details on v9.6.

Pre-Ordering v10 - for Existing Users of PD Howler, PD Artist or PD Particles:

If you already have the current latest PD Howler you can pre-order with a discount code. If you have earlier versions you can pre-order too but with a lesser discount.

From Howler v9.6/9.5 to new Howler v10: 
enjoy 55% off the regular price when pre-ordering (will be 50% off after the release promo).
This is about $33 for a $74 product.

From Howler v9.0-9.2 to new Howler v10:
enjoy 45% off for pre-ordering (will be 40% off after release)

from Howler v8.x or sidegrade from Artist 9.x to new Howler v10:
enjoy 35% off for pre-ordering (will be 30% off after release)

from Howler v7 or earlier version, or sidegrade from PD Artist v8 and earlier,
or from PD Pro 5, 4, or 3 or Dogwaffle 2 or 1, or PD Particles (any version 1 through 9):
enjoy 30% off for pre-ordering.
(will be 27% off after release)

The above shown discounts are not automatic; you will need a discount coupon. Contact us if you need a discount coupon from your current  version. It does not currently have to be installed or working. Even if you ordered long ago and have since switched to a newer PC, or had a disk crash and lost the installer, you qualify for an upgrade discount if we can find your purchase record. Please include proof of purchase, best you can:  state what version you have, what email was used when ordering and whether it may have changed, and if possible include a confirmation email you had received from bmtmicro, daz3d, renderosity, Steam or other resellers, or indicate if it was a payment through Paypal from Dan Ritchie's direct sales. If you ordered from our store at BMTmicro we can very likely find your purchase record there.

Pre-Ordering v10 - for New Users:

If you are new to Project Dogwaffle and don't have any prior version of PD Howler, PD Artist, PD Pro or PD Particles, we are still offering a discount: 27% off for pre-ordering. (Hurry: this will be dropped to 24% off upon launch and only for a limited time launch promo)

This discount is automatic, no discount coupon is needed for this 27% discount to take effect.

To pre-order, go here:

What's New in v10?

As of this writing, we have not et put together the complete list of new features and capabilities in v10, and development is still ongoing. One way that you may discover some of the new features is by reading the past newsletters.

Price Drop on Howler 9.6 

If you're not ready yet to upgrade to Howler v10, but would like to get Howler 9.6, this may be a good fit for your tight budget. Once you have v9.6 you will qualify for the best possible discounts to upgrade to v10 through the new year.

Old price:  $64

New lower price:  $49

If you have an earlier version, you may still also use your discount coupon that you may have received upon your past purchase. If you need a discount coupon, just ask us. Order here:

What's new in Howler 9.6 and 9.5? Just in case you don't recall:

New Batch of free 3D Toon Stickers - batch 9 is here!

We have yet another collection of 3D Stickers, images rendreed from 3D models created by Michel Agullo. To learn more about his complete collection and what's available on vinyl stickers, check here:

To see and get the newest batch #9:  Medevial Times, and more

If you're curious about Michel's vinyl stickers, here are a few recent releases:

New in v10:

The Sound of (...Painting under the Influence of your own Voice, and) Music

You've seen painting under the influence of force fields. For many years, we've had that feature in our particle brushes. Any current image could turn into the force field, to deflect new particle brush strokes.

Now, with v10, one of the newest features, and still somewhat experimental at that, is an Audio Monitor that tracks sounds on the microphone. The volume of that is then used to affect the size of the brush. This can give you some new levels of exploring new brush stroke effects.

For now, the feature is implemented just in one brush category: the Orbicles.  It is made accessible through a new 'Style' option.

  1. In the Particles brush panel, select Orbicles
  2. Enable them, and load a preset from the 'Load...' button in lower right corner, or set your own parameters.
  3. There is a Style menu, which is new in v10, along with other new parameters such as using the gradient. (note: all of these styles are new in v10 - this is just a very special one :-)
  4. In the Style menu, use the new option: Audio Controller
  5. When you see the Audio Meter window, it will start showing the sound level, but it may not et be affecting the brush. Be sure to click Start. If you say a few words, the meter will show when it is picking it up.

It may be subtle. Try a variation from soft level to loud. For example: cough! Also, hard rock or punk music might be impressive, or anything with sudden and repetitive changes in volume levels. Imagine the drums in Also sprach Zaratustra! (2001 a Space Odyssey). Or Wagner's Dance of the Walkyrie! Or, very fitting.... Dan Ritchie's "The Big Reveal":

Or try while playing this: Primates with Guns Monster Mix

Or if you have some Celtic origins: Vibrant Legacy

Future releases may offer additional controls. In this initial implementation, 8-bit stereo seems to work best. If you are listening to some good music while painting, the volume level of that music will be picked up by your microphone and start influencing the brush size of your orbicles. Don't you love it when you're no longer in control? Now you can invite Beethoven or Mozart to paint with you!

Dogwaffle Sound level detection

Ok, so we're still experimenting and learning how to use this exactly. It will undoubtedly open new possibilities down the line, perhaps much more in 10.1, but here's a first image done with it. We hope it inspires to start practicing your vocal chords!


Sound Blast



New Tutorials & Videos

Here are a few new tutorials you may like to watch:

Scaling of the brush

Enhanced File Menu in Howler 10

A brief introduction to the Image menu of PD Howler 10

Cinemascopic filter intro with Howler 10

new Orbicle brushes coming to Howler 10 - with gradients too

travesia sagrada

And last but not least:
animated growing plants - Foliage brush and Stroke player

And that's it, for now.
Thanks for waffling and howling!

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