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Howler 10, Update 1 - RC26

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Howler 10, Update 1: RC26

We have released an update to PD Howler 10. It is now shipping as RC26. It is a free update for users of the original first release of v10.0.

We're still calling it v10.0 (not 10.1) but specifically RC26.

If you already have v10, you will soon receive an email with notification for re-downloading the current v10 installer. You can uninstall the old one first, or simply install the new v10 over the old v10.

Leap Year Celebration

To celebrate this new update, we're offering a short promotional discount. If you order Howler 10 by February 29 (Monday), you'll get 29% off the current regular price.

Use this discount coupon:   2016FEB29

To order PD Howler 10, start here:

The coupon is also good for Howler 9.6 and PD Artist 9.6. When you select the desired product and land on the order page at BMTmicro, be sure to enter the above discount coupon and hit Recalculate. If you have a recent version of Howler already, such as PD 9.6 (regardless of where you bought it), contact us for even better discount coupons. Just let us know what version you have and where you got it. We'll send you a discount coupon for up to 51% discount, in some cases even better.

What's New in Howler 10 RC26?

We will be adding more mages, videos and tutorials here over time:

Here's a brief summary of what's in it so far:

Automatic brush sizing while painting, based on Swap image
A new option under 'Grid setting' (where you also fine artist guides) which is called 'Z Scale Guide' allows the scale of a brush to be affected by the value seen in the Swap image underneath, while painting. This can be used in many clever ways to make the brush get smaller or larger automagically, based on where you paint. For example, a greyscale gradient that goes white to black from bottom to top will make grass brushes appear to get smaller further up, in the distance.

In the example shown here:
  1. Left side: no change in the Swap image, so the brush sows at whatever size it currently has. (which of course can also be subject to tablet pressure and/or random size and speed-controlled size changes).
  2. Middle segment: The gradient in the Swap image goes from white at bottom to black at top. The scaling by Swap (aka Z-scale) is making the brush image change size automagically. The darker the pixels in the Swap image, the smaller the brush size. This can be an efficient way to convey perspective size based on 'distance' for example for painting over a landscape photo or a 3D rendering.
  3. Right segment: Here we have hidden the swap image from view. The net result is that you only see the brush strokes you made, and the size was automagically adjusted based on the hidden Swap image.


click image to enlarge

The Brush size can be enveloped.
There's a post effect for the brush stroke that resizes the brush along the path, with a graph editor to set the progression. Look for it in the View menu. More on this to come soon.

The symmetry tool now has a interactive center handle.
This allows you to see where the symmetry line is, and to grab and move it. Very intuitive.

The palette mixer now uses bristle brushes instead of the former mixing brush.

Fixed a bug where colors weren't picked on mouse down: The mouse had to move to pick a color.

Editing pigment based themes on the color picker now has the option to pick an RGB color in addition to preset pigments.

A much requested feature: Optipustic particles can now be scaled.
This makes it very easy to change their size so you can quickly change from drawing, for example, tufts of grass appearing small in a distance, and big nearby. Furthermore, that also allows it to scale like other brushes based on the brightness of the pixels in the Swap image, mentioned earlier.

Fixed a bug on the “Open a new palette mixer” feature where the Use Brush/Open/Save buttons were hidden.

New feature in Bristle brushes: Salt and Pepper
With this extra control, you can adjust the level of embossing to give the bristles a deeper cut into the paint.

click image to enlarge

New Tutorials / Videos

This time it's not a tutorial, just one video to show some rendereings with Puppy Ray and 3D Designer, along with new musc by Jose Luis Suazo.


We hope you enjoy!

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Block interpolation


Particle 9


That's it, for now.
Thanks so much for your support!
And Thanks for waffling and howling!  

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