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This is issue #118 of the Dogwaffler of the Moment, a sporadic, artsy newsletter for and about users of Project Dogwaffle.

PD Artist 10 RC30, and RC30 for Howler

Hello again,

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Apologies, we made a snafu - the King is dead, RC26 R.I.P., Long live RC30

It seems like only a week ago we had a great new update 1 for PD Hwler 10, with RC26. But then it turned out we had a glitch, and a bug, and it wasn't as pretty as imagined. So we went to fix it. Well, Dan did, he's the brain. Me, I just spread the word. Sort of.

Anyhoo, we quickly realized that some of the issues were show stoppers. So now we've got an even better update. The latest build is RC30. And it is beauuuuuuuuuutiful. Well, as far as we can tell, so far. We like the new features and we hope you'll enjoy them too.

If you already downloaded your free update 1, RC26 from the BMTmicro server, your download link from BMTmicro may still be good for a re-download, give it a try. If you didn't exhaust the allowed number of downloads, it should work as is. But if for any reason you can't access the link anymore, or it still serves the older and now defunct RC26 installer, please don't hesitate to contact Phil to request a new download link. http://www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/about  - If you obtained your installer RC26 from Dan directly, please contact him.

Latest release: RC30

In addition to what was announced as new features with RC26, we have done a few more fixes:

We also lined it up with PD Artist 10. Both releases are now at RC30. Which brings us to......


Announcing PD Artist 10, RC30

We are now shipping the Artist edtion of Project Dogwaffle 10. It is derived from the same build as RC30 for Howler.

PD Artist is primarily for digital painting. It is priced more affordably than its full-featured big brother, PD Howler. What it doesn't have are the tools for working on animations and video (with one exception: you can have animated brushes). If you don't work on animations or videos, PD Artist may be a smarter solution for you. Why pay money for tools you won't use?

PD Artist is priced lower than PD Howler. The regular price for PD Artist 10 is $27. If you bought PD Artist 9.6 within the last month you will soon receive a free upgrade.
Before anything else, PD Artist is made for painting. There are a lot of brushes. And a lot of types of brushes. This program is brush-centric, brush-focused. Brushilicious. Have a look here in our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/6vkpAwgF9T0

What's New in PD Artist 10?

For further detail, check the information here:



Here is a summary of the most significant new features:

* New media browser (
  All new code. Adds previews for media types that weren't previously supported including particles/bristles/orbicles/foliage. Large or small icons. Thumbtack is remembered between instances. Refinements and fixes)

* New color picker
  Integrated color themes and pigment profiles. New options, plus copy and paste

* New undo system
  Compression to save memory. Exists in memory or on disc. Undo browser

* Foliage enhancements (Foliage painting comes into its own with big improvements)
* More memory efficient (Undo memory is reduced using our new compression API. Undos can be saved to disc to allow more memory for animation)

* Modernized GUI (Big improvements inspired by the redesigned PD Particle 9 released a few months ago)

* Autosave/crash recovery (Automatically saves your work once a minute with the options to recover if a crash occurs)

* Cinemascopic filter (Simulate the look of color film stock from the 1920's-1940's based on a 2 color die process)

* Simplified brush size (“Allow brush transforms” is automatically turned on if you change a brushes size. No more headaches)

* Enhanced curve tool.
  Store multiple curves.(!)

* Adjustments for 1600x width screens. Fewer stacked panels

* Quick access to a number of store and undo features.
  Look for more mini-icons in the upper right zone. We lovingly call it the healthy zone, where you'll encounter a healthy dose of happiness.

* Bottom-up coordinates in Puppyray for GPU instead of top-down.
  Now you can predict the readability of text, no need to pre-emptively flip it vertically. Or as a game developer, if you have a feature such as a street making a right turn upwards, it won't anymore turn into a right turn down or left turn, it won't be flipped upside down. Happy faces stay happy. And that's a good thing. The coordinate system is now consistent with the initial view also seen in 3D Designer. "Up" in the main image (or swap image) is up forward (into the scene) once it is in the 3D rendered scene.

* New brush key panel.

* New lens flare settings: Mirror elements and Oblique elements.

* Expanded use of mouse wheel throughout the program.

* Plugin integrations
  raw support/batch processor/brush transparency tool/load brush image sequence/Scan frames/Array to animation/Lua browser. Some are for Howler edtion only, if animated.

* Simplified batch processing

* Layers panel simplification and enhancements.

* Enhanced “merge down.” for layers

* New settings panel. Lots of new options, less confusing.
and many more...


Launch Promotion - PD Artist at 25% off the regular price

Save 25% off the regular price.

For a limited time, we are offering PD Artist 10 at 25% off the regular price.
This comes to about $20 and change, for a great paint program and then some. Many visual effects filters, 3D landscape creation tools with erosion, sediments, shadows, and the Puppy Ray raytracer!

This introductory launch promotion ends March 14.

This discount is automatic, no discount coupon is needed. If you however have an earlier version such as v9.6, v9 or earlier, be sure to use your discount coupon,
to save even more. Contactus for a new discount coupon if you don't have yours. If you didn't order through our BMTMicro store, such as if you ordered on Steam, Daz3D, Renderosity or elsewhere, please let us know.


New Tutorials / Videos / Images


AA Pen - the improved Anti Aliased pen of Dogwaffle 10



Here are other recent images created in PD Artist or PD Howler 10




For a look at more images, created in PD Howler, PD Artist and PD Particles, visit our slideshow:

That's it, for now.
And Thanks for waffling and howling!  

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