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This is issue #120 of the Dogwaffler of the Moment, a sporadic, artsy newsletter for and about users of Project Dogwaffle.

Mother's Day: we're on Steam with PD Howler 10

Hello again,

here is another update from the "Dogwaffler of the Moment", our sporadic newsletter about digital painting and animation as well as visual effects and exploring 3D creativity with Project Dogwaffle. If you want to catch up on recent or prior issues of our newsletters and announcements, start here:


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  PD Howler 10 is on Steam

PD Howler 10 is on Steam

At long last, we have finally released Howler 10 on Steam. If you are a game developers, or enjoy casual gaming on Steam and also like to dabble with PD Howler, this may be your chance to grab it at great discount, especially if you already got PD Howler 9.6 on Steam. There's a 57% discount for upgrading, for 2 weeks.

You can access the Steam store from here:

Here is a look when using the Steam app:

Get PD Howler 10 on Steam at steampowered.com

Even if you don't have the prior version from Steam, this may be a welcome opportunity for you to grab v10.

If you don't use Steam, no worries, we're offering a promotional, celebratory discount too. See below for more.

looking down the valley

Dogwaffler of the Moment: Decisive_sloth, aka Jaakko

Our newest member of the DOTM, Dogwaller of the Moment, has just recently discovered PD Artist/PD Howler. He's originally from Finland, lives now in Yokohama, Japan, and has experience with Photography, Music, creating textures, and creating 3D models. He uses Lightwave a lot for his 3D work.

His name is Jaakko, and he also is known as decisive_sloth.

If you're a game developer, you might be interested in some of his 3D models too, which he shows on Turbo Squid:

Jaakko says he is particularly interested about the possibilities of making the rendered models look like paintings with PD Howler. We're looking forward to seeing his artwork, enhanced by Howler.

Regardless of where this will take his art, be sure to read his blog, visit his Photography site, and learn more about this multi-faceted artist. Start here:


Here's an example of a rendering done in Lightwave with his Solar Sail Ship model:

And here's a composition done in PD Howler by us, using another one of his model, the radio telescope.

composition with radio antenna

Steam Launch Celebration Sale - 30% off our Regular prices!

We're offering an automatic discount of 30% off for the next 3 weeks. This applies to PD Howler 10 and PD Artist 10.

- for PD Howler 10: (regular price $74 - discounted price = $51.80)

- for PD Artist 10: 
(regular price $27 - discounted price = $18.90)

This promotion is good through Monday May 30th - Happy Memorial Day! (and Tuesday the 31st in fact)

If you already have a prior version of Project Dogwaffle, be sure to contact us if you need a discount coupon for even better savings. For example, from v9.6 you can get 51% off.

PD Artist 10 is also on DAZ30

PD Artist 10 has been released to DAZ. If you have some DAZbucks waiting to be used, here's where to spend them:


Using PD Howler on Linux?

If you use Linux, you'll be interested in reading this update:


It looks like it works. Here's recent feedback from a user on Linux:

I've managed to run Howler 10 on Ubuntu 14.04 under Play on Linux. I've downloaded the latest version of both Wine and Play on Linux and it works!

I must admit that it crashed on first attempt but I switched to CPU
graphics (disabling the GPU option) and it was fine. Speed-wise it is OK with some minor delay but nothing I can't live with. Looks like things are looking up.

For your information I'm running an old twin core 32bit AMD 3gb of RAM with on-board graphics. I do have dual boot with Vista but that isn't much better.

Thanks for a great program

There may be some limitations, some features might be unavailable, as you may need to disable the use of the GPU. But apart from that, this might be good enough for you to use it on Linux.

New Tutorials

are new videos and tutorials in our YouTube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/pdhowler

Newest tutorial:

transparency 03 - creating foliage assets with transparent background in PNG


creating foliage assets

Sneak Peek - What's under Development

We're making enhancements to Puppy Ray at the moment, for better looking, crisper results. We also are adding a glowing 'Sun' in the Sky, which is positioned to appear where the sunlight is coming from.

Below are some recent tests. We can't promise yet when this will become available as a few free update, but we hope it could be coming within a few weeks to 2 months, give or take a few weeks. We hope nonetheless that it will inspire and encourage you to use PuppyRay from PD Howler 10 or PD Artist 10.


That's it, for now. Thanks for waffling and howling!  

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