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This is issue #130 of the Dogwaffler of the Moment, a sporadic, artsy newsletter for and about users of Project Dogwaffle.

  Happy New Year

Hello again,

here is another update from the "Dogwaffler of the Moment", our sporadic newsletter about digital painting and animation as well as visual effects and exploring 3D creativity with Project Dogwaffle. If you want to catch up on recent or prior issues of our newsletters and announcements, start here:

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Price Drops on PD Howler 10 and 9.6

You can read more about it here:  http://www.thebest3d.com/sales

The recent holiday sale which we had through late December is over, but if you missed it, you can still catch a great deal on PD Howler 10 or 9.6. We are announcing a big price drop on PD Howler 10: Now only $49 $39 (down from $67).

PD Howler 11 coming soon - pre-order now at $49. To pre-order PD Howler 11, click this link:

PD Howler 10 is now just $39.

To order PD Howler 10, click this link:

PD Howler 9.6 continues to be available for a short while, now also at lower price. It is now only $29. This was the first update to follow the release of v9.5 that introduced erosion and sediments, shadows and ambient occlusion shading, clouds and coloring based on sloe and elevation, all together for more realistic landscapes in the 3D Designer module. Remember this?

PD Artist 10 is still only $27

To order, click this link:


Also available through the developer's site, Dan Ritchie: Squirreldome.com

Upgrade from v9.6 to get an even better discount.

Do you have an earlier version, v9.5 or 9.6? Or even from before that? Do you want to upgrade or sidegrade? Missed the promotional discount?
Are you a student or faculty member at a school and teach programming,
 animation, paint, gamedev, 3D landscapes, and special effects with Dogwaffle?
If you have a coupon for an even better upgrade discount, be sure to use it.

If you don't have your discount coupon, contact us to request one.

Game Dev:

Every once in a while, even us graphic designers and busy game artists, programmers and content developers need to take a break, and playing a video game comes easily to mind. What better way than doing this at the computer, with a quick, fun video game that may even bring back memories from 40+ years ago?

Dan has created a small video game, inspired by the famous Atari title from 1979: Asteroids. It started as a plugin version, i.e. a plugin for Dogwaffle, which you may read about here - the Dog Rock Sooty Game - http://www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/download/Dog_Rock_Shooty_Game/index.html

There is now also a standalone version, tentatively named Scorpion X7 Blaster - the Game. It's free to download and play here:  http://www.thebest3d.com/games

retro game, Scorpion X7 Baslter - the game

It's still under development for further fine tuning, so be sure to occasionally come back to that page to look for an update.

As of this posting, there is no sound in this version. But then again, in space there is no air so you couldn't hear much of those asteroids getting smashed....

Dan's site has it here: http://squirreldome.com/scorpion.htm

Here is a screen capture of the gamehttps://youtu.be/iabShQePC6Q




As a reminder, many more tutorials can be seen here:

and: also here:


More new tutorials for working with city blocks and painting cityscapes can be found here:


The next release of PD Howler is only a few months away. In coming months, you'll discover new features and capabilities that will make you wish you had the current release, to be eligible for steep discounts upon upgrading.

Here's a first very early teaser: Puppy Ray GPU will have a reflective water plane. Mountains reflect in it, and so does the sky dome. Plus, the water can be displaced with waves, to show more realistic effects like lakes and oceans. Have a sneak peek here:

Animated water and other new features in puppyray11 early tests2

And here's another look at animated water in Puppy Ray. Note also the animated Sky. That is not new. We've had the ability for a while to carry the current custom brush as a skydome, and when that custom brush is in fact an animated brush, well this is what happens. The clouds get to move.


The Last Draw: Winter is definitely here

Holiday wishes from an alien, wintery world  - created in PD Howler


And that's a wrap, for now.
Thanks for waffling and howling!  

the goddess of sadness, painted with Project Dogwaffle by nBT
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