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Dogwaffle wants to Give a Doggie:  

a D.A.D. for Fathers Day

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For Father's Day - help get these kids a DAD?

We usually focus on Project Dogwaffle. Oh, yes, on occasion, we focus on other products, tools and techniques, 2D, 3D, video and animation tools, that complement Dogwaffle, or to which Dogwaffle is a companion. But it's still usually about colorful pixels. About the art in our lives.

This is different. On rare occasion, we take a break, and we ask ourselves: what's it all about? What really matters? What really would make a nice difference for someone?

It's all about life. Art isn't art if it doesn't relate to life, doesn't create a reaction, an emotion based on your memories, about your own experiences, your own life.

And when it comes to life, we see every day that we can't just take it for granted. It's a rather precious gift, and it is very fragile. A lot of things come in the way.

Such is the case with these two young kids, who have type 1 diabetes: Emy and Luke. If their blood sugar level gets to dangerous levels, it's a life-threatening condition. It's happened a few times. They've been to the hospital a few times.

Listen and Learn more here on wsradio

Link to the Fundraising Campaign:

This month we're trying to help them get a Diabetic Alert Dog - a DAD. It's Father's Day, after all, and Dogwaffle likes all things that are dog related, especially when it helps protect the lives of young kids. Nobody knows the future, and what will be their future. Will they be successful, will they be happy in their lives? Perhaps become a teacher, a fire fighter, or an explorer in space? There are a lot of things that can go right, or wrong, for young lives at that age, at any age in fact. What we can do is hope they'll be blessed with a little bit of luck, a dose of love and compassion, and encouragement from those whose lives cross their paths. A few guardian angels perhaps to watch over them and guide them. In this case, one of those guardian angels has the form of a dog, a special dog, specially trained to detect the dangerous levels of blood sugar that can develop in these kids' bodies while they sleep. This is an alert dog for diabetic people. Yup, a Diabetic Alert Dog. A DAD in their own right.

If you'd like to read on and learn more about this opportunity to make a difference in a total stranger's life, in fact in two strangers' lives, please see below for more. We're running a special promotion through Independence Day, in which not only you get a discount for all of the latest versions of Project Dogwaffle (PD Particles 9, PD Artist 11 and PD Howler 11), but we also will contribute a big part of the revenue from these sales to helping Emy and Luke get their DAD. Woof woof!

20 years from now, who knows where we'll all be, and what will become of them, Emy and Luke. We'll likely be focused on our own lives in coming days anyway. But for a brief moment, we'd like to tell you about this chance to make a difference that could turn out to be a huge difference. Imagine: imagine if the alert dog wakes them in their sleep, and saves their life one day or another, thanks to your contribution. Imagine if years later, Luke or Emy turns out to be an important person in your life too. Perhaps a teacher to your grand kids. Or, who knows, a doctor, a state senator, the president, an award-winning writer, a film maker who gets to entertain you in a movie theatre?  an Olympic medalist, a Nobel prized winner? explorers on Mars? A lot of possibilities are open. And gifting them an alert dog may just make it possible.

You can also learn more about Emy and Luke's ongoing fund raising effort here:


Promotion for Father's Day through Independence Day

Project Dogwaffle's PD Particles is on Sale!  (ok, PD Artist and Howler too)

Regular price = $7.99
Now 44% off - pay just $4.474 through July 4.
My my my, that's a lot of 4's. That's just our way to make digital painting more a-4-dable 
No coupon needed. VAT may apply. Check your final cost and order here:


Plus: enjoy big discounts to upgrade to PD Artist or PD Howler.
33% off for PD Artist (regular $27 - now pay just $18.09)
22% off for PD Howler (regular $49 - now only $38.22
Scroll down to see below for details about PD Artist and PD Howler.

Hold that thought: you also get to help Luke and Emy?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, and in true tradition of our dog-themed paint app:

For each order of PD Particles received between June 10 and July 4,
we will donate $2 to this fund raiser: one mighty dollar of love to each of Emy and Luke!
Plus, if you upgrade to PD Artist or PD Howler, $10 of your order is also going to their fundraiser.

Think about it:

For less than a cup of coffee the size of a venti,
you get to enjoy painting with PD Particles (and you can draw a dog, of course),

- AND -

you will help Emy and Luke get a Diabetic-Alert Dog.
No matter how good your drawing skills are, this should feel really good in anyone's heart.

Want to know more? Learn about how Luke wants to use the force when he grows up,
and discover the most beautiful eyes and smiles ever to grace this planet.
Please help spread the word with through your friends in your social media:

Also, if you wish to upgrade to PD Artist 11 or PD Howler 11, use these links to get an extra special discount:

PD Howler 11: 22% off through Independence Day

Regular price $49 - Now only $38.22 for limited time.
VAT or sales tax may apply for some regions. Click this link to see our promotional offer:

$10 of your order will go towards helping Emy and Luke get an alert dog.

PD Artist 11: 33% off through Independence Day

Regular price $27 - Pay only $18.09 for a limited time.
VAT or sales tax may apply for some regions. Click this link to see our promotional offer:


$10 of your order will go towards helping Emy and Luke get an alert dog.



DOTMthe Doctor knows Best

While the above notes are made to look into the future, it's good to also look back, into the past.

It's been 14 years since the very first entry in the DOTM pages, the Dogwaffler of the Moment. That was with a German eye doctor, Rolf Hilger. Have a look at the great images he mad back then, using Project Dogwaffle along with Bryce:



Have you seen the other users of Dogwaffle? Have a look at some here:


If you've got some artwork you're proud to share, let's see it! Contact Philip or Dan at http://www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/about

We're always looking for the next Rembrandt, the unknown Picasso, the inner artist in you!

New Tutorials

How to fix a few bad pixels after a rendering with Puppy Ray GPU

Elevation maps - from grid to cityscapes


Tutorial on Color Relationships: Split Complement

How to print your artwork from Dogwaffle's PD Howler or PD Artist

Painting tutorials on Color Relationships: Analogous colors

How to map windows and brick textures to walls with Perspective Warp - part1

And here's one that is part of a new free plugin - for L-Systems in Dogwaffle
More about it below.

L-system plugin for Dogwaffle

Looking for more tutorials?

For latest tutorials, look here:

Our main video channel on YouTube:

We particularly recommend the new videos from Immortal Moments:


The Last Draw: peeking ahead

L-Systems for Dogwaffle

We mentioned the L-systems plugin above. We're adding a built-in enhanced version to a future update for PD Howler 11. So, you can use the free plugin version now, but if you upgrade to use version 11, you will soon have access to the more complete and more powerful internalized version.

To learn more about L-Systems for Dogwaffle, start here:


More to Come soon

We are adding other features, and they'll soon become part of a Summer update for v11. Stay tuned for more news in upcoming issues of the Newsletter.

Here's a sneak preview:

- a new color picker
Animating a brush along a curve now supports animbrushes.  
- New Watercolor media presets
- Adjustable shading levels in Optipustics Particles and Foliage brushes

Here are some previews:






Learn more about the Summer 2017 update here:  Howler 11, Update 1

And that's a wrap, for now.
Thanks for waffling and howling!  
And Happy Father's Day to you or your dad.

the goddess of sadness, painted with Project Dogwaffle by nBT
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