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This is issue #138 of the Dogwaffler of the Moment, the newsletter about Project Dogwaffle.

Howler v11.1 is here: Summer Splash!

Is it Real, or is it Puppy Rayl?

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What's New in Howler 11.1, Summer Splash?



Here are some key elements of what we've added to Howler 11 to make it the new 11.1:

- as of this writing, the latest is RC53 (release candidate 53). The original v11 was around RC16 or thereabouts.

- much focus is on using the GPU, and recognizing which GPU is in use by Dogwaffle (when you have several graphics subsystems, such integrated graphics etc...)

- Puppy Ray GPU has received great new features for more realistic water:
     - caustics
     - absorption in deep waters, loss of red first, then green and eventually blue channels
     - scattering for murky waters
     - fog over water (in addition to fog into the distance)
     - improvements in quality of rendering
     - better indirect lighting and sky lighting
     - Antialiasing is improved when using the multiple frequencies on water surfaces.  (the Multifreq option)
     - Fixed a bug in specular reflections.  Specular reflections were isometric instead of perspective.
     - Detail textures (bump maps) now use the fog depth distance instead of rendering only in the first unit, so that objects far away can still have some texture.

- Particle Modeler supports your own Sprites, even animated sprites. More realistic clouds and a lot of other things are possible with it

- a new Default color picker

- a rounded look for interface items like slides and buttons; select among 3 styles

- The L-Systems feature has been internalized, replacing the plugin version, and further improved too, using XML format for the saved settings instead of binary file format.

- Stroking and Painting or even Animating a brush along a curve now also supports the animbrushes. For example, if you have a looping walk sequence coming from DAZ Studio or Poser, you can now render it across an animation along a predictable, previewable, controlled path

- We added a number of new watercolor media presets in the Media browser. Maybe you'll find some that you like? Happy painting!

- Shading on particles and foliage brushes is now an adjustable slider instead of an on/off checkbox.

- Fixed a bug in foliage rendering.  Ambient color was not properly initialized, resulting in foliage being darker than expected.

- Fog color indicator was in the wrong place on the particles brush panel.

- 3D Designer... We removed the "reverse" checkbox because it had little impact on erosion.  We replaced it with "Viscosity," which is another parameter in the algorithm that already existed, but was not displayed from the interface. It was already shown in the interface of the separate Erosion filter under Filter > Stylize. Now it is also accessible in 3D Designer. Subtle as it is, you may find it useful for the different look, such as that difference between lite rainfall erosion on hard marble or granite vs. heavy wash erosion on sandstone.

- Other tweaks and fixes

Learn more here:

Here is a rendering with 300 anti-aliasing passes:

Howler on Sale through ComiCon (and SIGGRAPH too!)

Also, if you wish to upgrade to PD Artist 11 or PD Howler 11, use these links to get an extra special discount:

PD Howler 11: 25% off through San Diego ComiCon and SIGGRAPH (sale ends August 3, 2017)

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The discount is automatic, no coupon is needed, but you can do even better if you are upgrading from an earlier version with your discount coupon: 50% off when upgrading from v10, 38% off when coming from from v9.5/9.6

If you have an even earlier/older or different version (not PD Howler) or if you don't have your discount coupon anymore please contact Philip or Dan depending on how or where you bought it. Contact Philip if you want to upgrade through the bmtmicro order processing system that is the online store for thebest3d.com. Contact Dan if you had ordered your current version from squirreldome's site or Paypal through Dan.


DOTMUser Feedback

Have you seen the other users of Dogwaffle? Have a look at some here:


If you've got some artwork you're proud to share, let's see it! Contact Philip or Dan at http://www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/about

We're always looking for the next Rembrandt, the unknown Picasso, the inner artist in you!

In fact, sometimes we get feedback, but the artist doesn't have an online presence yet, no forum, no facebook page, no blog or website.... but we know that sooner or later, you'll get to enjoy some of their art on various digital art communities too.

Here is one just received a few days ago, late June/early july, before the v11.1 update:

I have recently purchased Project Dogwaffle Howler 11 and it has been the best creative purchase by far for me in regards to getting the creative images from my head into something more concrete on my computer. 

There are so many variables in the program from brushes, filters, effects, renderings, animation etc  that there is NO LIMIT to what you can create!

I am also greatly appreciative of the time and effort that has gone into the online tutorials that have been created for this software.They are very thorough, precise, and clear and really do help the user master the software to create amazing art. If one is a novice like myself these are almost as invaluable as the  software itself in helping one  begin to see the endless possibilities that are in this incredible painting program. 

I will definitely be passing on Project Dogwaflle Howler 11 to my friends.


R. Vigliotti

Curious about other feedback? FInd a list of user's feedback here:

Ok, but we want pictures, don't we all? Ok, so let's go back to the DOTM page, www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/dotm

In fact Tiffanie Gray, aka Dakorillon, has recently displayed a new piece called "Early Snow". Considering how many of us are going through summer heat waves at the moment, you might find this very refreshing:

Refreshed yet? To see the whole image and more visit her DevianArt page here:

Keep an eye out on her YouTube channel too:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCokbGIIM9CTT35_B2erkjIg

New Tutorials

Looking for more tutorials and latest examples of renderings or animations and videos?

For latest tutorials, look here:

Be sure to check our main video channel on YouTube:

There are many playlists for different topics. If you want to learn about Puppy Ray, you can look here:

We particularly recommend the new videos from Immortal Moments:


The Last Draw: Heatwave? What Heatwave?!

Take a howling splash and keep cool.

Is it real, or is it Puppy Ray?


And if you are more into the canyonlands and such:

And that's a wrap, for now.
Thanks for waffling and howling!  

the goddess of sadness, painted with Project Dogwaffle by nBT
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