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issue #14 - late August 2010
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Hello wafflers, digital artists and users of Project Dogwaffle - here's another sporadic issue of our newsletter about digital painting and animation with Project Dogwaffle and other related 2D&3D Graphics tools & topics.

As you may have read or heard, we have shifted gears into developing a new major version of Project Dogwaffle, PD Pro 5.  This newsletter is to announce two related topics:

Thank you again for your trust and support and for using Project Dogwaffle, and we wish you happy painting, animating, sketching, modeling and sculpting with Project Dogwaffle an related tools!

-Philip Staiger - beyond digital painting

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Doggybag #5 - free add-ons for your Project Dogwaffle

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  - free(!) Doggybag 5: a collection of Lua scripts and new plugins for PD Pro

   Doggybag #5 is a collection of new Lua scripts and a few plugins that
   are being developed for PD Pro 5 but that we thought would be great
   to give away already even if you don't upgrade to PD Pro 5 any time
   soon. Here are the highlights:
   1. DRMisc.dll              
   2. General file converter_px.exe     
   3. Graphic Halftone_pf.exe     
   4. Keyframer_pm.exe         
   5. tunnel_pf.exe         
   6. LuaScripts:  

Pre-Ordering PD Pro 5 before Labor Day Sept. 6

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Reminder: pre-ordering PD Pro 5 before Labor Day for best discounts

If you buy PD Pro 4 at full price now or if you bought it at full price on or after July 4, then you'll get a free upgrade to v5 when it becomes available. If you already have an earlier version, such as PD Pro 4, 3, or even other versions, then you can still take advantage of tremendous savings by pre-ordering the upgrade.

Don't delay, if you want to save. The best discount is being offered now through Labor Day September 6. After that, there will still be discounted pricing but not as attractively priced. This best offer is limited and expires September 6.

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It is true: this has been a very sporadic and occasional mailing. But you might still prefer not to receive our newsletter at all, and we respect that.

If you no longer wish to receive our rare and occasional email notifications of news related to Project Dogwaffle, please accept our apologies and feel free to unsubscribe here