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This is issue #140 of the Dogwaffler of the Moment, the newsletter about Project Dogwaffle.

The September to Remember:

Cassini at Saturn, AniRhythm at DOTM, Howler at Daz

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In this issue:

All products on sale through end of September  (and Howler 11.1 also on Daz3D!)

No discount coupon needed. CHeck details, it's around 30-33% off the regular price for all products currently in our store at http://www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/sales


PD Howler 11.1 - regular $49 - your cost: $32 and change  (that's like paying for PD Artist 11 plus treating yourself to a 'Venti')

Older versions also still available, including PD Howler 10 and even v9.6. With discount:  $19.43 instead of $29

Similar discounts for PD Artist and PD Particles

As usual, if you have a prior version already and it's time to upgrade, contact us for your best discount coupon for even more savings. Even if it was on an old PC long ago and you don't have it working anymore. You'll get a new full installer at discount, it's that simple.

Learn more here too: http://www.thebest3d.com/sales

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New! PD Howler 11.1 is now also at DAZ.

Do you have a few Dazbucks available to get yours? Do you use Carrara, Daz Studio, Bryce and similar tools? We now also offer PD Howler 11.1 on DAZ:


DOTM:  Introducing AniRhythm, by Ricky Crespo

This user of PD Howler uses quite an arsenal of tools, for 3D animation too.


Check his latest music video too:   Never Ending - it is very entertaining!

Never Ending - https://youtu.be/K0GJRjMJKOY

Here's one where the background was easily done with PD Howler: do you recognie the effect created with the Swirl tool and lighting in stylize filter?

See more here:   http://www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/dotm/AniRhythm

New Tutorials and Videos 

Looking for more tutorials, latest examples, renderings, animations and videos?

For latest tutorials, look here:

If you want to learn about Puppy Ray, you can look here:

New: Say hello-again to 3D Designer!

We've talked a lot about Puppy Ray GPU in recent months. Let's re-focus a little on 3D Designer, which is often used in conjunction with Puppy Ray, to create the elevation map, add erosion and sediments, colored texturing, export the light maps for baking or other uses, create selection masps, depth masks  for Z-depth-based blurring and other effects in post work, as well as exporting the terrain mesh in 3D's OBJ format, and more.

3D Designer got a big boost in features around v9.5, and v9.6 is still available for limited time at very low cost, in case your budget (or your PC) doesn't allow getting and using the latest v11.1 at the moment.


Below you see a terrain, exported as OBJ from 3D Designer, imported into WIndows 10's 3D Builder, and also in one of our favorite tools, Carrara, by Daz3D.

We also particularly recommend the new videos from Immortal Moments:

Here are some recent videos, animations and tutorials:

lizzie the lizzard monster


Do you like to render citiscapes? PErhaps for backgrounds and street scenes in a game? Check this:

experiment 903


notes and observations on video compression - it's not always what you see


This one is pretty gnarly: you've got an elevation map and generate a rendering based on it, using Puppy Ray. Then you don't stop there at this "final" rendering. You say to yourself: it's never final. It only is abandoned. But you can do another rendering, on top of what you just rendered, using the rendred output as the new elevation map.

surprise surprise....

experiment 904: re re re re rendering from your rendered render


experiment 906


Here's one you might also find of interest: How to combine two renderings. It can be done at still image level, but also with animations.

combining two renderings


Be sure to check for latest additions on our main video channel on YouTube:

There are many playlists for different topics.


The Last Draw: more creepy creatures from the deep oceans of Mars, and

a word on Saturn's Cassini mission and Jupiter's Juno mission

Did you see the end of the Cassini mission, see it plunge into the atmosphere of Saturn?

Did you also hear JPL indicate that one of their biggest areas of focus for possible life on other planets are "ocean worlds"? These are planets or moons that have some form of liquid ocean, made of water and other elements in liquid form. There are three to be mentioned at this time:

- Orbiting around Saturn: Titan, a big moon, with frozen ice water and liquid ethane and methane. Very cold! But hey, considering that Earth's atmosphere contains around 80% Nitrogen, and Titan's is very rich in Nitrogen too, it's not so different, from that point of view. If you've never heard of the lakes of Titan, you're in for a treat: read the Wiki here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lakes_of_Titan

- Also around Saturn: Enceladus, which surprised JPL/NASA/ESA with its frozen water ice shell, and liquid ("warm enough") water underneath. It seems that the water is kept warm enough to stay liquid (over 32 degrees Fahrenheit) even though at the surface, it is a shell of frozen shell. Underneath the ice shell, it is being tugged and moved by the gravitational pulling from Saturn, as Enceladus spins around its rotational axis. Yes, sinply the effect of tidal waves, todal forces moving the water from one side to the other side as it gets exposed to or hidden from Saturn. Tidal forces keeping the water warm enough to stay liquid Near the south pole of Enceladus, we've observed big cracks in the ice shell opening up to release water in huge geysirs. Occasional spewing, geysirs of water drops and water ice particles (as they quickly freeze)! And: detectable organic compounds, the building blocks of life! Could it be an ocean with some form of life? COuld it even have evolved to something similar to our beloved foraminifera we have in the Earth's ocean waters?

Learn more about Enceladus - put this on your bucket list:

- Jupiter has one one too: Europa! While Io is hot, sulfuric, and volcanic, Europa is the ocean world at Jupiter. That moon is also covered with water ice. While the Cassini mission at Saturn has ended, the Juno mission at Jupiter is in full swing, and Europa is sure to become an interesting target for search for life, past or present.

Let's not forget Mars: it's all in the timing. Had we looked a few hundred million years earlier, or better 1-2 billion years ago, we'd have seen a lot more liquid water on Mars. There are still some traces of it, a glacier or some packs of ice covered in dust and only slowly disappearing. Mars is coming out of an ice age at the moment, we may observe more warming there, perhaps revealing more frozen water as it melts and quickly evaporates, vanishing into the very thin atmosphere, disappearing into space. Such is the watery fate of Mars. It arrived there like it did on Earth 2-3 billion years ago during heavy bombardments by comets and meteors loaded with water. It didn't have enough gravity to keep it together. The core cooled down and stopped spinning. Massive quakes and ruptures, volcanic activity. And eventually, most of it gone back to outer space where it came from.

There is plenty of water in space, not only on Earth.

This is all very inspiring, and we continue to write and think, and draw and paint.

Here are some new images with creatures, out of this world.

Learn and see more here:  http://www.thebest3d.com/foraminifera/

And that's a wrap, for now.
Thanks for waffling and howling!  

the goddess of sadness, painted with Project Dogwaffle by nBT
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