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This is issue #141 of the Dogwaffler of the Moment, the newsletter about Project Dogwaffle.

Scarry October: Boo!

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Hello again,

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In this issue:

Update 69 - Release Candidate RC69 is here

We have released an updated version for both PD Artist and PD Howler. They are now at RC69, and the codename is Tide pool!

PD Howler and PD Artist 11.1 RC69 - Tide pool

If you ordered your v11 or v11.1 through our online store at BMTmicro, you can simply return to your download links, which are good for a while, and re-download the newest. Be sure to keep your olw installer of v11, just in case something turns up being incompatible with your PC, you never know.

The prior version update was RC56. What's new in RC69?

It may seem minor, but some of it is benefiting a number of filters.

What do we mean with "a lot of threads"? Think of a number such as 32 threads, and we can even go up to 64(!) - have you ever worked on a PC with 32 cores? let alone 64? The day is in sight, right now. AMD Ryzen's new line includes ThreadRipper which can have 16 cores, times two for the equivalent of what Intel calls hyper-threading. That's 32 logical cores showing in our Task Manager! Come home to pappa, baby, Dogwaffle has been waiting for you! Woof woof! You can bark that again, 64 times!
Is this it?

No, we continue to develop, even greater things are coming. You ain't seen nothing yet. Thanks for continuing to waffle and howl and for supporting our shared passion!

October Sale - 33% off

(oddity, by Dan Ritchie)

Are you ready to upgrade from an old version? Or jump in for the first time?

Sale on! 

Through end of October, including Halloween, we're offering a 33% percent discount - automagically taken of the regular price of PD Howler 11 or PD Artist 11, no discount coupon needed. This expires after Halloween, so hurry and don't miss it.

As usual, if you have an earlier version, such as v10 or 9.6, contact us for a discount coupon with even greater savings. It doesn't matter if you lost yours long ago, you will receive a new full installer. And if you have several PCs, you get to install it on all of them if you like to have it handy and ready for your creativity outbursts.

SDPSUG discount - 50% off

We had a presentation at the San Diego Photoshop User group early this month. If you are a member of the SDPSUG, you're entitled to a 50% discount. Contact Philip to request your coupon,  ...and please pass the word to your fellow 'shoppers.

Also, always check with the author directly, Dan Ritchie: He may have a flash sale on occasion - check it out at www.squirreldome.com

Order here:


Also notice that we have dropped the price of PD Howler 10.  Now only $19 - not the latest version, still one of the greatest!


Coming Soon: 3D Stickers for your messaging on iPhone & iPad!

 How scary is that? We don't even have a Mac version of Dogwaffle, and we don't have an iphone or ipad, but that's no problem, we still can release a sticker pack for your enjoyment on iMessenger.

We've worked with Michel Agullo to release the first of a series of sticker packs. This introductory pack is free. It contains, of course, a set of scary pumpkins, based on new 3D creatures from Michel's world of 3D stickers.

Don't remember 3D stickers? Start here: www.thebest3d.com/3dstickers

Want to read the scoop? check

Jamaican stickers - stickas

Now on the app store for iMessenger only. You'll need an iPhone or iPad with recent iOS to support iMessenger.

New Tutorials and Videos 

Looking for more tutorials, latest examples, renderings, animations and videos?

For latest tutorials, look here:

If you want to learn about creating landscapes, start here and check the tutorials link:

To model, erode, enhance with sediments etc..., check 3D Designer related topics:

If you want to learn about rendering with Puppy Ray, you can explore here:

Be sure to check for latest additions on our main video channel on YouTube:

There are many playlists in there to, for various topics and products.

Here are a few more, recently added:

Post Correct Curve - the silent movie edition


Curves Tutorial with Project Dogwaffle 11.1


How to combine two renderings with Filter or Swap mixing


How to store assets, and why


Coming Soon: how to work with the GIMP and Dogwaffle for animated MNG videos, animated stickers, and all that magic!


The Last Draw: Recent Sightings from Mars

From tiny creatures to the big water worlds. Learn and see more here: 

Here's a recent image you may have noticed:


And a variant where we composited explosive fire and smoke into it (with brush-through mode)


 See a few more in the slideshow:


These are mostly driven by our own imagination, and powered by Dogwaffle. If you'd instead like to see the real thing, driven by Mars rovers such as Curiousity, powered by NASA/JPL ingenuity, and insanely inspiring, check the newest Google Earth... er, Mars, for exploring Mars through the eye of the rovers.




And now for something completely different:

This little fellow is our friend from Mars (courtesy of www.morguefile.com). His name is Buster.
Buster is visiting from Mars. Vacationing.  Here he's taken a selfie on Earth.

Suddenly, Buster remembers he forgot something, and calls his significant other.
Meanwhile, on Mars:

Buster decides to stay on Earth and goes incognito.

And that's a wrap, for now.
Thanks for waffling and howling!  

the goddess of sadness, painted with Project Dogwaffle by nBT
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