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This is issue #145 of the Dogwaffler of the Moment, the newsletter about Project Dogwaffle.

How to Create Stunning Landscapes


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This month, we focus on creating stunning landscapes. 

They may contain a mix of 3D rendered terrains in the background, and painted foliage nearby. Clouds may also come from various sources: Perhaps a Photograph, painted, rendered... For example:

Here are some essential links to get started:

This is focused on making the elevation map more realistic by adding erosion, sediments, and color texturing based on slope and elevation. Of course, some of these can also be applied separately with other filters. (such as Filter > Stylize > Slope shader, or Stylize > Erosion )
3D-Designer also lets you export the resulting mesh to 3D file format OBJ.

If you've never seen 3D Designer, you'll also want to go back to release 9.5:

The PuppyRay renderer (GPU version) will focus on more realistic rendering, including a water plane, various skies, bumps for rocks and riverbeds and more.

You'll find extra samples and tutorials here that may interest you too.

Putting it all together - the webinar by Tiffanie Gray: Coming Saturday, January 13!

Webinar: Creating Stunning Landscape Scenes

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About Tiffanie Gray: Meet the Dogwaffler of the Moment
Here is information about Tiffanie Gray, who will present the webinar:

Don't miss her great tutorials also here:

Here are more samples of her art:

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The River Canyon Tutorials
This is a collection of tutorials on the theme of creating landscapes like a river canyon, using 3D Designer.
If you're new to Dogwaffle, this will be a great starter kit:


Here's one more: The foreground tree and bird are real, slightly blurred from a photograph. The background mountain was created (modeled with erosion and sediments, and rendered) in 3D-Designer.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Team Dogwaffle.

the goddess of sadness, painted with Project Dogwaffle by nBT
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