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This is issue #149 of the Dogwaffler of the Moment, the sporadic newsletter about Project Dogwaffle.

 August Blues


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In this edition, we introduce a few new features with another new build.

- Announcing Howler 11.4 - now also on Steam, and at Daz3D

- New Renderings: Messing around with Quad Trees

- Tips and Tricks, new tutorials and fun Facts

- The Dogwafflers of the Moment

- Promo for August: back to school and Labor Day

- Dogwaffle's PD Howler on Twitch with Lightwave group

- The Last Draw

New Release: Late Summer 2018: 

Howler v11.4 - Plushy whales and snow cones (RC134)

(RC134) - filename of installer:   Howler_11_4_RC134_SSE2.exe

exact size:   106 MB (111,690,774 bytes)

Name: Howler_11_4_RC134_SSE2.exe
Size: 111690774 bytes (106 MiB)
CRC32: 6D272B1E
CRC64: 3621061D59610D74
SHA256: B68A49B5CD90AE38908B793718F84DF8FBBEB348ACCB196BEE436A89002D1602
SHA1: 5CE916E834DC99E3A212F7C50CD15D609FEA2C26
BLAKE2sp: 226B5C35FB5F04A95EC232587B0BE1A2D227F587A0E3275EB34B2373DA38157D

What's new: 

More on VB scripting
One of the recent additions is a feature that enables VB scripting. Dan has made a few new scripts. One of them renders a particle system. Another renders the particles along the path from the most recent brush stroke. See the example at the end of this newsletter.

Re-download what's yours
If you ordered PD Howler 11 through our online store at bmtmicro, you can re-use your download links, unless they are blocked or expired. Don't use download accelerators, they tend to launch 10+ download threads at once, easily exhausting your allowed downloads.

If your links don't work anymore, or you have lost or misplaced the original email from bmtmicro.... tough luck.

just kidding.

Of course we'll help you. Contact Philip (www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/about) and let him know what's going on, we can usually fix it with resending a new download delivery, good for another years of free updates, if any.

v11.4 - Now also on Steam

We have released version 11.4 for Steam. It's a free update for users of v11 on Steam. Check details of installation here:


v11.4 - Now also on at Daz3D

The installer for Howler at Daz has also been updated to v11.4


The URL still seems to show 11.1 (11-1) but the delivery brings you the new 11.4 installer.

New Renderings

Created with PD Artist 11:

Messing around with Quad Trees

Check this: 


Tips and Tricks & new Tutorials:  Did you know?

Are you just starting with PD Howler or PD Artist? Here's a tutorial for v11:

(created with 3D Designer - learn more about 3D designer here)

New mini-series on compositing / combining 2 images

Just added, here is part 1 of 4.


Find the rest (parts 2 through 4) at www.youtube.com/pdhowler

We also recently posted a quick Intro to animation with Puppy Ray - just the basics. If you've never done animation, or never in Puppy Ray, take a look:

Again, find the rest (part 2) at www.youtube.com/pdhowler

Tiffanie Gray posted a list of many more great resources with tutorials on the Facebook Dogwaffle/Howler pages. Check some of these if you're yearning to be learning. (slightly edited)

Immortal Moments Art YouTube Channel:

PD Howler Official YouTube Channel:   (note: look for the Playlists, there are hundreds of videos here)

Dogwafflers of the Moment: 

more from Kathie Berry

Our friend and beta tester Kathy Berry is opening a new forum for artists called At Critical Mass at https://www.pixelssochic.com/
Please join up and help others or get help from other artists.

Her main page on Facebook is at https://www.facebook.com/kathVE

the URL for the site's page is    https://www.facebook.com/ArtistsCommune/

"When I first began in the art world of computer graphics I had migrated from painting on canvas with oils and acrylics. I just loved the new medium and no cleanup!  Like everyone else, I had no idea of where to begin. Thanks to some wonderful unselfish people I had great guidance and the right assistance to help me move along. It was exactly what I needed and because of that, I was able to move forward. It's always been my wish to create that sort of resource for others, not just the brand new to art person with a desire as big as Texas, but the accomplished artist who needs a hand then stays around to help others. I am praying I get that unselfish help to grow the site and pay it all forward."

Kathy Berry aka for years, Damsel.

Stay tuned for more.

And a new tutorial collection from Tiffanie Gray

Tiff has released a new tutorial:

Wilderness Scenes - advanced painting techniques


learn more about these and other Dogwafflers here: http://www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/dotm

August Promo: back to school? not just yet! (you've got still some painting to do)

We had a promotion with SharewareOnSale - and we're extending it with them through end of August. See www.thebest3d.com/sos
PD Artist 11 is free through Shareware On Sale.

You can also order PD Artist or upgrade to Howler directly here: 50% off Howler 11 through Labor Day - ends Sept. 3, Labor Day


Back to School and Labor Day Special:

  • for PD Howler 11, Order here:

  • for PD Artist 11, Order here:


Dogwaffle's Howler on Twitch with Lightwave

We were invited by Stephen Burns to present some tricks with PD Howler, on the Lightwave Twitch channel. Watch the recording on YouTube here:


If you're interested about Stephen's Twitch channel and future broadcasts on Lightwave, Dogwaffle and digital creativity, visit this:


The Last Draw

Particles with brush-stroke script - this is done with a VB script that renders particles, and positions the emitter along the most recent brush stroke.

And that's a wrap for today. Thanks for howling and waffling!

Team Dogwaffle.
squirreldome.com / thebest3d.com

the goddess of sadness, painted with Project
              Dogwaffle by nBT
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