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This is issue #150of the Dogwaffler of the Moment, the sporadic newsletter about Project Dogwaffle.

 October... er,... 8ktober Revolution


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In this edition, we introduce a few new features with another new build.

- Announcing Howler 11.4 - again! Hello RC157

- Rendering in 8k

- Promo for October: 51% off

New Release: free update 

Howler v11.4 - again - now as RC 157

What's new? 
    New Release: here we go again 
    Howler v11.4 for the second time - but now RC157

We had a release of v11.4 in August. 
We found a few bugs and fixed those.
We also added more great new capabilities.
We did not have time to change the name or the version number.

We we we ... omg so many wees.

When you're trying to survive, this type of detail slips through the cracks, so it's still lovingly called 11.4 - it is what it is, deal with it. Hey, no complaining. It's still a free update. Please spread the word, before it's too late. If you still have your bmtmicro delivery email, use it for the new download. If you have trouble with it, contact us at www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/about If you didn't order from the bmtmicro store, contact the person or organization where you got it from. That may (should) be Dan Ritchie. In some rare cases Philip Staiger. If you have it from Steam: sorry, no update yet. You might want to switch to the bmtmicro delivery. Ask for an 80% discount coupon. Ask Philip. If you got it from Daz3D: same thing, no update yet. We may have an update there some day though, if you can be patient.... If If If... OMG so many Ifs.

In short, here's what's new: 

        https://youtu.be/I3ZLkFPG9P4         https://youtu.be/VsmZjZ0M2Qs

8k Renderings in Dogwaffle (thanks, JSplacement!)

  Yes, it does take a lot of RAM and a bit of savoir-faire. But you can load or create 8k images (8192 pixels wide, 8192 pixels high). Here are a few tips. And you may be off to rendering images in very high definition.

JSplacement is a free software that can create excellent maps for use as displacement maps, heightmaps, bump maps, normal maps,... you name. And they look great when rendered to 3D in Puppy Ray, for example. JSplacement creates high-resolution maps, and they are 8k x 8k in dimensions. You can of course sample them down afterwards, perhaps you prefer to work with 4kx4k, 2kx2k or even lower resolutions, or subsets from the original.

But you can work with the 8k original too. Not all tools in Howler or Artist are capable of it, some will run you out of memory. But Puppy Ray GPU is happily rendering it.

If you already use JSplacement, you'll finally realize that you're in nirvana. JSplacement PLUS Dogwaffle's Puppy Ray GPU. Nice!

If you're not yet using JSplacement, we just told you about it. What's keeping you from starting to create the most awesomest 8kx8k heightmaps ever?
sample renderings in PuppyRay GPU:

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October is 8ktober - the Promo: save 51% off the regular price

Enjoy 51% off their respective regular prices on Howler and Artist. Not sure which one to pick? If you want the latest and greatest, go with Howler 11.4 RC157



Quick test - This is a 512x512 preview of a 2k x 2k rendering. Click it to view the 2048x2048 (2kx2k) version

 2k by 2k, a nice start

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And that's a wrap for today. Thanks for howling and waffling!

Team Dogwaffle.
squirreldome.com / thebest3d.com

the goddess of sadness, painted with Project
              Dogwaffle by nBT
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