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PD Howler - Stardate '2019.0011' is herejust in time for Thanksgiving (and a Mars Landing, plus a landing in Singapore)


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This first paragraph is so important, it doesn't even have a title. Skip it, no time to waste.
As promised in the prior newsletter a few weeks ago, we should have more updates for the new 2019 edition of PD Howler. And here we are, here's yet another update, after 0006 and 0010. Plus, it is no longer the early adopter's phase or 'Alpha' build: this is it, the brand new shiny Howler 2019, currently at build 11 (or double-o-11 if your first name is (not) James).
And now, drumroll..., for the most important bit of news:
Happy happy waffling and howling, and happy Thanksgiving!

One of the newest tools added: The brush stamp tool. There will be more.


Thanksgiving Sale - 60% off - and an upgrade amnesty!

If you don't have Howler yet, get it now with this automagic dicount coupon: MMXIXLX
It will get you the latest. If you have an earlier version too, this is better than your usual 50% off to upgrade from v11, and much better than the usual 35% off 25% off from v10 or v9.x... and even less from earlier versions before those. So, hella better if you have a very old version which didn't get you a discount no more. You get the same, you pay the same. That simple.

This is for version 2019.0011 - on sale for 11 days, and includes free updates or even upgrades for 365 days from your date of purchase.

If you miss the deadline of right after Cyber Monday November 27, you can still apply your 50% discount coupon if you have it, or similar if you had an earlier version like v10, 9.6 or before.

Don't panic though, if money is tight for a few weeks, Christmas and Hanukah are coming, or other 'excuses' to indulge for sure, surely you've been good and Santa knows, and there's got to be a nice uncle or auntie who appreciates how much you like to waffle and howl.

If you need your coupon after the Thanksgiving promotion, contact Philip at or ask Dan for his best offer - support the brainchild behind all this. Order from him directly at

What's next after the Promo? We're landing on Mars!

Project Dogwaffle and a few million other names are on a storage device on-board the probe that launched 6-7 months ago, remember the newsletter?

Look it up. Did you get your family's name on it too? This was a community outreach program from NASA which we mentioned over a year ago. Earlier this year it was lift-off time, now we are getting ready to enjoy the red carpet treatment on the red planet. Which may explain why you won't see the carpet. Red on red, not easy to see. Just trust us. It's there. And we're walking it. Just fire a few neurons and let imagination do the rest.

Need more ideas for motivations on 3D rendering your very own Mars?

Watch it Live!
NASA will have live webcasts of the landing. Join to witness Project Dogwaffle land on another planet. Then let your imagination go wild, and start painting and rendering.

This is the real stuff:
Don't miss it, be part of the watch parties watching history in the making!

And this is your imagined world...
perhaps with a bit more water inliquid world and fancy skies? :-)

Or just play a slideshow -

Say hello to your next vacation spot on Mars!

our imagined Martian getaway when water was plentiful

Looking for the sounds from Mars? DJ D'Artagnan has some - or search for an older CD, the Winds of Mars.

What's after Mars? Back to Earth, landing in Singapore

Project Dogwaffle thinks there are beautiful reasons to visit the 3rd rock too, so we're coming back. We'll be in Singapore for a few days in early December. Are you there? Can you meet up and host a waffling session?

Contact us if you are in Singapore. If you're a software vendor. If you're an art teacher, or wth the water color society, or the various design media schools and want us to present at your venue.

What do you prefer, traditional art, or digital?

How about both?

Do you prefer hot chillies or smooth chocolate?

How about both, Chillies AND chocolate?

Wait, what?! how can it be both hot and chilly at the same time? hm....

Looking for a gift for the holidays?

Ok, ok, so Nic is not in Singapore, but they do speak English too (or variants of it) in England, ya know, and in either,... Same global village :-)

A Reminder for Animators:
Not world famous yet? Still have to learn a few tricks? practice more secret, shapely moves?

Learn to Animate - yes, from the animation master himself: Don Bluth Teaches Animation!
Want to learn to draw, sketch and animate? Learn from Don Bluth Don't know who Don Bluth is? As a Dogwaffler, you should know.... because all dogs go to heaven
Or the Land before Time. Or Titan AE.

And there are so many other movies he produced, that you probably saw or heard about.
And once again, that's all folks, for now. Thanks for waffling and howling! And again, Happy and safe Thanksgiving! Team Dogwaffle

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