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PD Howler - Happy New Year 2019 - Here we Are!


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We've had another update.

Now shipping Build 0015 for PD Howler 2019

If you already ordered it on our BMTmicro store, just reuse your download links. They last 365 days, unless they get blocked for other reasons. If you are having difficulties with your downloads from bmtmicro, please contact Philip:

If you find our current pricing out of your budget, don't despair. We also have lowered the prices of the older version 11.4

Lower Prices for PD Artist 11 and PD Howler 11

Both v12 and the older v11.4 are now on sale through end of year. Welcome 2019! You get 33% discount off the regular price automagically.
No coupon needed. If you have a discount coupon that's for a better discount, use it.
If you don't but you feel like you should, such as when upgrading or sidegrading, contact us.

What's new in build 0015?

Here are a few notes:

Reminder: in build 0011 we added the brush stamp tool. Have you tried this little Gem yet?

Do you want another tutorial?

(December 2018)

Build 12 
  • Added initial support for loading much larger images. Tested up to 8k x 8k. It's still a good idea also to configure the undo image stack to use the disk instead of RAM.
  • Fixed crash in array to animation 

Build 13
  • improved GUI speed when working on large images, but broke the curve tool.  Build 14 fixes it.

Build 15
  • This is a refresh build to test the build process on a new machine.
  • However, there may also be several bug fixes.
  • This version is shipping as of 12/16/18 - check and re-use your download links. Contact us if any problems.

What does (some of) that mean?

yes, for build 0015, we had to get a new development system, and it takes a little bit of work to redeploy the dev system. But it looks like we've got all or most of it.
Enjoy 2019.0015 and please do let us know if you found bugs or new issues. They'll be temporary,most likely.

One of the major take away points from this is that you can use File > Open... to open an 8k x 8k image more easily now. Before, you'd be better off using File > General File Converter

You might still like the GFC approach better. You decide.

We still recommend you configure the system to use the disk for undo memory in such case of very large images.

Did you learn from Tiffanie's Webinar?

Tiff had another successful webinar. Learn more about it here:

Keep watch for more. She's had 3 webinars so far, on painting, landscape designs, and now urban cityscapes.

New Dogwafflers of the Moment:

Peter Moonen - Wow!
PD Howler is a great program!

Coming Soon: Joshua Peters, writing about his experience as a game developer


We've had a few new tutorials, check

Here are some new ones:

And once again, that's all folks, well for now. Happy holidays and a safe and prosperous and very happy New Year! Thanks for waffling and howling! Team Dogwaffle

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