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We've had another update!

Now shipping Build 25 for PD Howler 2019 and also for PD Artist 2019

PD version 12 is also known as 2019. There have been several builds over time, and some of them have been released.

We just released build number 25, for PD Howler 2019 as well as for PD Artist 2019.

The testing has been limited. If you notice new issues, please report them so we can keep improving.

If you already ordered from through our BMTmicro store, you can simply re-use your existing download links that you received with the delivery email. They last 365 days, unless they get blocked for some reasons. If you are connected via DSL and the IP address of your internet service provider changes daily, that may explain it. If you moved or travelled and download from different place, that also could do it. If you downloaded too many times, it could explain it. If you gave the downlaod link to someone else, that definitely will block it. Regardless of the reason: 
If you are having difficulty with your downloads from your legitimate bmtmicro links, please contact Philip:


If you find our current pricing out of your budget, don't despair. We also have lowered the prices of the older version 11.4.
Plus, see below for a 1-day free giveaway of v11.


What's new in build 25?

Here are a few notes:

You can see shortcut links or scroll down to see the news for various builds, including #25.
Build 16

Build 17

Build 19
  • The effect of paper textures is now shown in the media preview.
  • Other various bug fixes.

Build 20
  • Build 20 adds the media name on the media preview.

    You too may like having the media name in the preview, it's one of the things that kept some of us from using the side media preview. On lighter media, it tends to disappear, but there is not much that can be done with that. That was predicted.  We just hadn't had time to engineer the perfect solution for everything.  Just throwing things in there and seeing if they stick.

  • You can hover over the medias and get the name in a tooltip, too.
Well, it got cut a little short, guess we could roll out version / build 21, ....

Here's the features:
  • A number of bug fixes and performances improvements related to media preview
  • media preview now shows the effect of paper texture
  • media preview was incorrectly affected by zoom and pen color
  • media preview is about 2x faster
  • preview now shows the name of the media
  • media preview could occasionally show corrupted results
Build 23 focuses on flood fill.
Rebuilding The Flood - Fill (Library) with more stack memory.  Tested in up to 4k.
Not sure if this affects (preferably benefits) magic wand selections, or just flood fill.
Let's test some more.
Build 24
  • increases stack size for flood fill so it shouldn't crash in higher resolutions.
Build 25 - release it, babiiiie!

Fixed a crash in Quick Color Picker if media was different than the one selected on the sidebar

Hi to all our Howler users!

Today, we are releasing build 25 of Howler 2019.

Today's build includes a slew of bug fixes and refinements. Here's a recap:

  • Media preview now shows media name
  • Media preview is about 2x faster
  • Addressed issue with flood fill and selection stick running out of stack space on larger images
  • Addressed issue with corrupt scanline showing occasionally when zoomed
  • The effect of paper texture is now shown in the media preview
  • Fixed corrupt media preview showing with certain media
  • Fixed issue with media preview incorrectly scaled
  • Fixed the occasional flash when selecting certain kinds of media
  • Fixed a potential crash if the selected media category was different from the quick color picker
  • Fixed a potential crash if image was smaller than the media preview

For the Howler edition, here are checksums so you can see that you have the proper, right version. Don't accept fakes.

Filename of the installer = Name: Howler_2019_0025.exe
Size: exactly 109,776,894 bytes (about 104 megabytes)
CRC32: E7D02AD9
CRC64: B17C37034F6DA1A6
SHA256: 10B7BE95C816AF31BD6656940B2E13AC036C6539FFEE30F705C537C4A35345F7
SHA1: 9FD61CB3B860B362BBBC32AE44FD41BB1460EE50
BLAKE2sp: 1E7225267382B5ECB2956F8C894BDACCF07E472F5747BCF07B037AE8046383DD

We will show the same info for PD Artist 2019.25 as well online.

One of the key improvements is better handling of very high res images, such as 8k x 8k. Sample 8k heightmaps at

It's not endlessly perfect yet, but making good progress. We hope you like the experience.

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