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An Impossible Challenge?

The Competing Competitor's Competition   -  Water!

It's a small planet, a tiny world. Let's share. And preserve what's good for us. Us all.

And let's keep water plentiful and good, clean, healthy and refreshing. Not just for you and I. For everyone. Water is life. Without water, no tears to mourn the loss of water.


We've done joint projects with Pixarra before. Remember the days of the Cool Creative Bundle?

This time, Pixarra and TheBest3D are running a competition, an art contest. Digital art. It can be 2D painted, 3D rendered, 4D imagined. All tools are fine as long as they're digital. And no, don't you just go using a digital camera. Be a bit more creative. The planet deserves that much.

Pixarra and - paint Water, render

Paint it, render it, something like that. You can use Twistedbrush Pro Studio or other versions, from Pixarra, or PD Artist, PD Howler, PD Particles, even the GIMP, and why not even Photoshop, Artweaver, ArtRage, MS Paint :-) ... Irfanview (?), or other beloved tools of the trade. PLUS a number of 3D tools, of course including PD ARtist/Howler for Puppy Ray GPU, rendering of water, but also Carrara, Bryce, DAZ Studio, Lightwave, Cinema4D, Hexagon, Blender, you name it... model it, render it, let it flow. Check the water colors brushes, try pigment lifting, add paper texture.... make believe. And don't forget to get out of your comfort zone, that computer chair, and grab a fresh glass of refreshing water. And scream your lungs out: Here we are!.... Thanks, H2O!

It don't matter if it's a Picasso or Rembrandt, or just some unknown digital foray... be there, be part of your future with clean water. Tell your story, share your dreams or nightmares. Paint!

Learn more at

Follow the links there to submit your artwork. And to read the rules. 


Yeah why not. There is a higher cause, but why not.... You
just might be the lucky winner of a great latest version of Project Dogwaffle or something else similarly awesome from Pixarra. And if you already have a great paint tool, don't forget that Pixarra also has isolated some of its tools into standalone gadgets, add-ons, such as the awesome Tree Studio, or blob studio. You'll see some references about it there too. We did use TreeStudio a while back with a tutorial video.


Another Surprise promotion!

Do you want to participate in the competion mention above? Is your mouth drewling with water yet?

If you want to use the latest version of Artist 2019 or Howler 2019, check with first to see if there's a promo discount.

Or check here too:

We'll be offer a 14% discount off of v11 and v12 (aka 2019) of PD ARtst and PD Howler from now through the 14th of February, Valentines Day!

You know, Water is one of the elements for life as we think we know it. The 5th, is Love! (great movie, if you haven't seen it, watch it. If you have, watch it again! And find someone to watch it with on Febr 14 for sure.


As always, check

Last but not Least: Broken Colors

What is ? It's a new thing - It's in the making.... But is it gonna make it?

Well, check it out, and learn to enjoy, or enjoy to learn. There is a blog - or it's coming. And lots more. Or less.

Bookmark it now, be one of the first to read it. To hate it. To loooooove it. But bee (!) warned, you might fall off the chair too.

You might even get butterflies.

Alan Walker Concerts in the US - World Tour
While waiting, stay updated on Alan Walker's music,
Alan will be in the US in February, Oakland, CA, Los Angeles / Pomona and then into central and Eastern states. Are you a Walker?

Here's something very recent (3 days as of 1/26/2019)

and our beloved Romy Wave of course on her YouTube channels - check her playlist, including the blind auditions on the Voice (of Switzerland) -

Don't know about the connection between Alan and Romy?

This is not just about Music. This is, in many ways, connected to the same message as what we see in the drawing contest: Water. It's about awareness, ecology, cleanup efforts.

A Different World:

Too late to cleanup our mess? Is Earth turning into Mars?

too late to cleanup our mess?

A Peek Ahead

Stay tuned for more awesome artwork by Dogwaffler's of the Moment. Here's one from a game developer, Joshua Peters.

And once again, that's all folks, well for now. Thanks for waffling and howling! And thanks for supporting your favorite artists too. Team Dogwaffle

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