This is issue #158 of the Dogwaffler of the Moment, our sporadic newsletter about Project Dogwaffle.

    Howler on route 66 to July 4


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Where to find Dogwaffle

The home of Dan Ritchie's Project Dogwaffle:

If you wish to get PD Howler or PD Artist and want to make sure your payment benefits the developer directly, please order from Dan Ritchie directly.

PD Howler and Artist are also available where this newsletter comes from:

We use BMTmicro for transactions and order delivery.

Digital Art Competition - Wildlife - an update

This is the art competition organized by Pixarra, maker of Twistedbrush. You can win various great software tools, including PD Howler.

A great number of awesome artwork has been submitted. Is there time for yours? Check it out.

If you need some ideas of inspiration for your painting, may we suggest a visit to this DOTM (Dogwaffler of the Moment)?

New releases, new features- PD Howler 2019 build 66

Recently we announced build 58. Read about it here:

PD Howler is now at build 66:

If you want to upgrade from any earlier version through bmtmicro, use the discount code for 50% off - if you can't find yours, contact Philip at

Note: the regular full price is $79 - at 50% off you pay just under $40 to upgrade. You'll get updates, if any, for free - for 365 days - even free upgrade to v13 (v2020) if it falls within the 365 days since your order.

Additionally, we are updating the demo to reflect recent changes, and it can be found at

New Features - In this latest build 66 update:

As always, please take the time to let others know about us. It really helps keep us going. Please, just do it. Remind folks that we still exists. Thanks big!

To see what's new, visit
We'll be updating information and videos.

July 4 Promotion: 40% off

Use this discount code: MMXIXXL

It will get you 40% off the full price.

Order PD Howler here:

Limited time! Expires after the weekend after July 4.


 As always, check here -

Here are some recent additions:

Brush Timeline - re-discovering the magic beyond single-frame brushes

Brush Timeline Improvements

Frame Painter Split

Exposure sheet Project

Last but not least, a first tutorial that is being made for a class in San Diego

Lesson01 - discovering Puppy Ray GPU

Thanks for waffling and howling! Team Dogwaffle

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