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Back to School already?!? 

  Got some stories to tell, memories to 'draw' from?

    Howler 2020 to the Rescue!

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Where to find Project Dogwaffle's PD Howler

    The home of Dan Ritchie's Project Dogwaffle:

    If you wish to get PD Howler or PD Artist and want your payment to benefit the developer mostly, please order from Dan directly.

    PD Howler and Artist are also available where this newsletter comes from:

    We use BMTmicro for secure transactions and fast, safe delivery of your order. We can re-enable your downloads if needed. You can order a copy on disk too if you still prefer to use a CD ROM reader. Contact support at for initial help on your account. You can manage your own account there. But we may also assist or help with re-issuing new downloads. If you lost your installer and need to recover from a crash hard drive or got a new PC, no worries. Contact us.
    For example, the last v12 build was in June. If you didn't see that one and are not ready yet to upgrade to v13, let Phil know - see  for contact info. If you had ordered yours from Dan at please contact Dan directly.

    Digital Art Competition - Memories of your Summer Vacation?

We're preparing to participate in another round of art competition hosted by Pixarra, maker of Twistedbrush. Another chance to win a free license of PD Howler.
Summer is almost over, (is it really ever?) - so the theme may have something to do with your summer vacations. We hope you had a memorable one, with lots of material to paint about!
Keep an eye on here:
and here:

    New releases, new features- PD Howler 2020 build 23 is shipping

    We have started to ship the new series - Howler 2020 is here. We also call it v13. Is 13 your lucky number?
We haven't gotten a whole lot of descriptions about it, yet, but it is loaded with new features.
And we're starting to see video tutorials and sample artwork.
    Check here:
    More from us at
    You can now order PD Howler 2020 at and at

    See below for a launch promo - open to all, whether you had an earlier version or not.
    Even better with a discount code when you already have used a prior version.
    And see further below also for more details about what's new.

    PD Howler 2020 - On Sale through Labor Day!

    This is for all students and kids at heart, age 5 to 155 :-)
    Regular price:    $79
    Discounted price:  44% off  -  automatic  -  you pay only about $44 and change
    This promotion is throughout the month of August and through Labor Day, Monday September 2.
    If you already have any(!) earlier version, contact us for your 50% off discount code.
    Order here:
    The promotion also applies to earlier versions 2019 (v12) for Howler and PD Artist edition.
    This is meant for those who are on tight budgets and not able to get to the latest and greatest just yet. You can upgrade later.
    If you're heading back to school soon, we now how the cost of supplies may cut into your budget. :-)

    New Features & Free Demo for Trial

    There have been a lot of new features added in recent prior months for Howler 2019, up to late June.
    and of course
    for everything about PD Howler
    We're starting a new page for the new 2020 series:
    It is still a little in its infancy.

    --- Free Demo/Trial:

    It does have a link to a Demo Trial version you can try for free right now:

    To see what's new, visit

    Here are a few essentials:

    Natural media painting, video, animation, 3D, visual effects
    Cinematic visual FX in a familiar painting environment
    Breakthrough real-time howling performance

    - New media browsing experience
    - Rewritten Brush Shape panel with larger brushes and easy multi-frame brush creation
    - Paper textures for bristle brushes
    - Improved Rub-Color painting mode for making paintings from photos
    - Apply gradients to animated brushes
    - Removal of many legacy brushes
    - Improved selection of media
    - Separate settings for paper Drybrush and Bumpiness
    - Save paper with a media
    - Automatic docking of stored images
    - Map an image to a gradient while you adjust it in real-time
    Much more

    - Howler 2019 and earlier...
    - Export H264 and WMV video formats
    - Improved Exposure Sheet, Frame Painter and Brush TImeline.
    - New freehand dotted drawing mode makes stamping easier
    - Auto-magic feature replacement with Poisson Blending
    - Improved blemish / feature removal, color matching
    - Match the palette of one image to that of another image
    - Animate with the line and circle tools
    - Polar designer for texture creation
    - New stamp tool
    - Rewritten text tool
    - Visual Recently Used Documents list
    - Search and sort images by similarity
    - Media browsing and histogram on the sidebar
    - Physically plausible global illumination in Puppy Ray ray tracer
    - Rewritten input stabilizer
    - Improved curve and rotoscoping tools

If you've never read about or learned about Project Dogwaffle, you may also want to read this:

    Main Features:
    Key features:

    New Tutorials & Videos

    As always, check here -

    A great place for new features and videos about them is here:

on Vimeo:

A look at Howler 2020, an introduction by Dan Ritchie

Howler_2020_Introduction from Dan Ritchie on Vimeo.

Improvements with Mapping to Gradients  -  yes it's realtime!

Rub Color Mode

Rub_Color_Mode from Dan Ritchie on Vimeo.

on YouTube:

Browsing Media in Howler 2020

Brush Shapes in Howler 2020

And here's a beautiful TimeLapse by an artist, drawing a doggie (how fitting for Dogwaffle :-)

By Thimble Folio:

Painting a puppy in PD Howler 2020 (part 1 of 2)



And Last but not least, here's a few more renderings created in Howler 2020's Puppy Ray GPU


Thanks for waffling and howling!  

Team Dogwaffle


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