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issue #16 - December 2010

AREA 5.1
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Hello again wafflers, digital artists and users of Project Dogwaffle digital painting and animation - here's yet another last-minute issue of our newsletter about digital painting and animation with Project Dogwaffle and other related 2D&3D Graphics tools & topics. This one is all on PD Pro 5.1

Note: if you're interested in purchasing PD Pro 5.1, note that it is on sale
through December 25. Use the discount coupon found at

It only applies to the full purchase of the standalone installer.
If you own an earlier version you can get better pricing by way of upgrading.
If you already got v5.0 stay tuned for more news for a free 5.1 update.

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the 5.1 TGE
new tools for pattern designs!

take a peek at what's coming with PD Pro 5.1

Find more tutorials here:
Visual Arts

VA Illustrated - Visual Arts Illustrated

cowboy shorts #10

cowboy shorts #9

are you a horse? cartoon animation in Project Dogwaffle

cowboy shorts #7

  PD Pro 5.1 is here!

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Digital Painting has never been
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A Reason To Survive

A Reason To Survive

PD Pro 5.1 has been released! It is currently available as a standalone installer. Current users of 5.0 will be

contacted with a free upgrade offer soon. If you have a legit copy of PD Pro 5 and don't receive an email

from us about the free update to 5.1 by late December then please check your spam box or contact us.

To learn more about PD Pro 5.1, go here:

Please help spread the word, tell others about 5.1, use your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc... and forums such nas Daz, Cornucopia and Renderosity or other art communities to tell other artists about 5.1:
Perhaps the biggest & coolest new feature in 5.1 is the Mirror modes, which helps in creating awesome textures, especially because they not only mirror your brush strokes but also most filters, including such filters as the Transform filter and displacement filters. Thus, you can have awesome mirrored replication and tiling effects as you move, scale and rotate or otherwise deform the base pattern.

Another great feature is the Frame Painter, a tool for animators. It is also available as a free plugin for earlier versions of PD Pro.

There's more of course, such as a preview mode for custom brushes so you see the image that it carries as you get ready to paint with it.

Here's more info:

  • Some requests from users of version 5 have been integrated into version 5.1
  • Zooming has been improved. There's now a zoom bar on the context strip. Also, zooming functions a little different and more intuitively when the canvass is in a maximized state. Also, using the keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out would pop the canvass out of its maximized state.
  • Some bugs have been addressed in the exposure sheet that would cause a crash or unexpected  behavior with stereo samples. Some of the new tools are also accessible through the exposure sheet: Audio  recording, Frame painter
  • There are numerous new medias.
  •  HOT! There are new options under the symmetry tool menu, which has been moved near to the  pressure tools. The new options include mirror horizontal and vertical modes. These let you paint in real time while seeing a symmetrical mirror image. The new modes work with more that just drawing, so that you can  do symmetrical effects on particles, and filters too.
  • We've done some fine tuning to the interface so things fit a little better on various screen sizes  including wee little netbooks at 1024x600 and big O' screens of 1600x900 or so.
  • Particles and bristle brushes are now accessible from the media browser.
  • Windows positions are stored and retrieved for panels that are tacked, including the brush settings panel and particles panel.
  • There's now a media category for 'paint on alpha'
  • The program should provide a warning now if a high precision timer is not available for animation playback.
  • Included a newer lua just-in-time compiler.
  • HOT! There's a button for "brush preview". When using Custom (image based) brushes you now get a  pretty good idea of where it's going to stamp down as you get ready to paint with it.
  •  Smear mode (and paint smear) has been overhauled so it doesn't gradually get darker and darker.
  •  "Might" have fixed bug with brush strokes being drawn from bottom of screen (while anim painting, for  example, or when zoomed in our out)
  • "Might" have fixed a crash when resampling an image up (say 2x) (not related to crash when resampling with layers)
  • More great new features(!)related to the Exposure Sheet for character animation and Lip Synching, audio recording and such. See the tutorials for samples coming soon.
  • An Audio Recorder has been added to quickly record voice bits into Wave files. The audio recorded can be accessed from the killer plugins panel (Misc category) and also from the Mouth plugin (aka the Exposure sheet). (see the tutorials)

  • Frame Painter was added also to further support the creation of animations.
It works great with short anims, say just one or two frames, that you want to turn into  longer animations such as dialogues. Imagine you have 3-4 frames of various poses from a speech or dialogue, and you convert this into a lively animation that is seconds long at 30fps. Plus, it makes your still frames come to life with automatic wiggle mode(!) (see the tutorials)

Staiged Glass - texture design made in PD Pro 5.1  



Cowboy Shorts
Cowboy SHorts, animations created with PD Pro Frame Painter

If you couldn't walk, could you climb Yosemite's El Capitan in 6 days, by hand, over 15,000+ pull-ups?

 Steve did.

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Note: these are in most cases not created by Philip, they are simply presented on Philip's Dropbox gallery. If you seek permission to re-use some images please contact us.


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3D for the iPhone
Archipelis for iPhone runs on iPad
3D sculpting
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  Reminder: Gertrudis for Dogwaffle - Free!

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Enrique Nieloud at Gertrudisgraphics makes the Dogwaffle version of Gertrudis Software available for free:

In brief tests it appears to work well with PD Pro 5 and should also work of course with prior versions. Gertrudis 'PS' is there too, that's a standalone version. Neat!.

If you like Gertrudis for Dogwaffle, you might like the new GMX Photoshopainter even more. They have a WIndows version and now also a Mac version! See for more...

You can also see more about Gertrudis for Dogwaffle at

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Archipelis for iPhone/iPad
  3D sculpting
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3D sculpting in the iPad